The new Osprey website is coming - what this means for you

That is right - in early December the new Osprey website will arrive! An upgrade on our current, somewhat well preserved website - we can't wait for it to arrive. Some of you will have already spotted some evidence of the impending arrival in the switch-over to our new email newsletter system (which we hope you like).

So as we prepare to say farewell to a trusted site that has guided us through the last 7 years (and leave with one final big celebratory event) there are a few things that we need to make you aware of.

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British Infantryman vs German Infantryman – Somme 1916

British Infantryman vs German Infantryman – Somme 1916

From the snows of World War II’s Eastern Front to the mud of the Somme, Osprey’s Combat series pits history’s adversaries against one another, offering insights into how small groups of combatants were motivated, armed and led into action during a specific conflict.

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The Battle of Leuthen (4 December)

By the autumn of 1757 Frederick the Great was beset by enemies on all sides. The French had invaded allied territory, an Austrian army 110,000-strong had marched into Silesia and even the Russians had moved against him. Then within a month Frederick transformed...

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