What subjects should we revisit - ACE and COM

Over the last couple of months you have all been having your say on what subjects we should revisit in some of our classic series. Last month we covered Warrior - and the results of your suggestions are being put to the book vote over the next four weeks!

We have reached the last of our revisiting blogs now though - as many of our remaining series are simply too young to be revisiting titles quite yet. And this month we are also running a combination of series in one - Aircraft of the Aces plus Combat Aircraft.

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British Infantryman vs German Infantryman – Somme 1916

British Infantryman vs German Infantryman – Somme 1916

From the snows of World War II’s Eastern Front to the mud of the Somme, Osprey’s Combat series pits history’s adversaries against one another, offering insights into how small groups of combatants were motivated, armed and led into action during a specific conflict.

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Killers of Stonewall Jackson

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Suggested Osprey Seven Year War titles:

Campaign: Hastenbeck 1757 Hochkirch 1758 Quiberon Bay 1759 Kunersdorf 1759 Minden 1759 Fort Ni...

.George Washington    October 2, 2014 03:37 AM

The Korean War (28 September-9 October)

Having forced the North Korean forces out of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, by 27 September, the US Army then pursued the North Korean Army north. On 7 October following a UN resolution...

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