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‘Bomber’ Harris – an enduring enigma

Written by Jon Lake on May 01, 2002

Regarded by some of his detractors as little short of a war criminal, and as a war-winning hero by his admirers, Sir Arthur Harris, Bomber Command’s wartime Commander-in-Chief, remains an extremely controversial figure ...

Hunters of the Air: Nieuport and Albatros Aces of World War 1

Written by Norman Franks on May 01, 2001

Aircraft were used constantly on practically every front and battlefield of World War I. Whether engaged in reconnaissance, acting as artillery spotters or hunting other aircraft, they became an indispensable cog in the...

Fokker DrI aces of World War 1

Written by Norman Franks on May 01, 2001

When they are asked about aeroplanes used by the Germans in the First World War, historians and aviation enthusiasts more than likely think of the Fokker DrI Triplane first. This is due to the association of this aircraft with one man, Rittmeister, the Baron Manfred von Richthofen...

Malta: The Fighter Pilot's Paradise

Written by on July 01, 2000

Measuring just seventeen and a half miles by eight and a quarter, Malta is the largest of three main islands situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, south of Sicily and almost equidistant from Gibraltar to the west and Suez to the east...

Final Victory

Written by Tony Holmes on July 01, 2000

In late 1940 a bitter contest was being fought in the skies over the south coast of England. Helmut Wick was one of the Luftwaffe's greatest aces, famed throughout Nazi Germany for his skill ...

Rainey and 'Reggie': A Poacher's MC in Bosnia

Written by Simon Dunstan on March 01, 2000

The bitter and protracted war that precipitated the collapse of the former Republic of Yugoslavia remains an appalling and enduring example of the fragility of many modern societies. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe ...

12 O'Clock High

Written by Martin Bowman on October 01, 1999

Premiered on Christmas Day 1949, Twelve O'Clock High is the classic American aviation film. In the subsequent fifty years it has earned a revered place in the cinematic pantheon, and is sure to appear in anyone's list ...

When it Counted

Written by on June 01, 1999

When the Japanese attack force of level, dive, and torpedo bombers pounced upon the American fleet anchored in Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, they achieved an overall accuracy rate of 37% - a truly remarkable achievement. In training exercises the Japanese ...

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