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Commander: Douglas MacArthur

Written by Marcus Cowper on July 01, 2002

Douglas MacArthur was born on 26 January 1880 in Little Rock, Arkansas, the third child of the renowned Civil War general Arthur MacArthur II. He had won renown in the Civil War as the 'boy colonel', winning the ...

Battlefield medicine - The Ancient World 2000 BC-AD 500

Written by Ian MacPherson McCulloch on January 01, 2002

Though the Roman army was the first to practice organised military medicine on a large scale, the need to care for the wounded had existed since tribes and city-states had first taken up arms and made war upon one another.

Boudica's last battle

Written by Martin Marix Evans on September 03, 2001

Tales of buried treasure on what the villagers believed was the site of the Battle of Toothole led to so much unauthorised digging on Cuttle Mill Bank in the 1930s that, according to ...

Give me back my Legions!

Written by on July 01, 2001

Augustus had gradually pushed Rome’s eastern European frontier to the Danube. But a frontier consisting of the Rhine and the Danube made a very long and devious line, including a right angle along their upper courses. An Elbe-Danube line would ...

Iwo Jima - The Japanese perspective

Written by Derrick Wright on March 01, 2001

On 19 February 1945, 72,000 United States Marines of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Divisions launched an amphibious attack on the small island of Iwo Jima some 660 miles south of Tokyo; their objective was to neutralise ...

Night and the Hill!

Written by Carl Smith on July 01, 2000

For the Union, 1 July 1863 had been a bad day. General Robert E. Lee's Confederates had shoved the Army of the Potomac east and south from McPherson's Ridge and Oak Ridge out of Gettysburg and back to their 'fishhook' position on the high ground formed by the Round Tops, Cemetery Ridge and Hill, and Culp's Hill...

The Roman Invasion of Britain

Written by on July 01, 2000

The invasion of Lowland Britain by the Romans in AD 43 is one of the most significant events in British history. For the English at least, it marks the very beginning of history, when for the first time events were recorded by ...

The 1690 Siege of Quebec City

Written by René Chartrand on October 01, 1999

Quebec is a place gifted with great beauty, situated where the mighty St. Lawrence River passes between the heights of Levy to the south and the magnificent Cape Diamond on the north shore...

Advancing Backwards: The Demodernization of the German Army in World War 2

Written by Charles D. Winchester on October 01, 1999

The British found out in the desert. The Russians learned it in 1941. Most Americans didn't discover the truth until D-Day, but their tank crews never forgot. German equipment was superior ...

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