Command is in the house!

March 10, 2010 12:00 AM

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10-Mar-2010 18:03

So was it Casual Clothing Wednesday???LOL.

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Mark Lardas
11-Mar-2010 00:01

So that is what Marcus and Kate look like. I have worked with both for most of this decade, but only via e-mail, overnight services, or occasionally as a disembodied voice over a telephone.

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11-Mar-2010 09:51

I would like to apologise to all our readers for inflicting this photo on you. Please look at the fantastic books instead.

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Kerry @ Osprey
15-Mar-2010 14:23

Not fair! We haven't gotten copies yet in the US! Can't wait. Will spare you all a picture of me and John looking at them though...

Also, Julian is wearing a great shirt from a particularly stylish Secret Santa.

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Hugo Rodrigues
16-Mar-2010 10:40

64 pp. (i.e. cursory at best) and 8 GBP+, if not 10 GBP+, even at English Glamazon.

I think I'll skip this.

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Paul Williams
16-Mar-2010 21:50

They look and sound good to me.

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