New Artwork Day - May 2012 Edition

May 9, 2012 12:00 AM

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09-May-2012 11:56

Spartan looks amazing!

I like Mr Rava artwork

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09-May-2012 11:57

Three admirable pieces of art. Simply enjoy the robust color and action of each painting. Each painting begs the viewer to want to read the book, wanting more of the story of each.

In the first painting, I would dare say the goat is not the only sacrifice on that day! The true horror of sword vs. gun is shown vividly in the second painting The last painting is a kaleidoscopic treat for the eyes!

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09-May-2012 12:36

Here there's an annoying blue dominant, not present in my original painting.

Giuseppe Rava

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09-May-2012 13:47

An annoying blue? It looks fantastic enough for me to buy the book Mr.Rava .-).All three paintings are really marvelous!

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09-May-2012 13:52

sassan, then think about the colours were the right ones! :-)


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09-May-2012 14:11

sassan, then think about if the colours were the right ones! :-)


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09-May-2012 14:30

I look forward very impatiently to see your latest collaboration with Mr. D'Amato.

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09-May-2012 18:38

The "dream team" d`Amato and Rava strike again! Look forward to that book.

Mr. Rava, I would like you to illustrate a book about the Sassanians.
Your illustrations shows so excellent the splendid and colorful clothing of the Byzantines, given the style I see Sassanian` patterns/models in some of these and you would love to draw Sassanian Sasaran cavalry, would not you? :)

Best regards


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09-May-2012 20:01

Wall calendar wall calendar wall calendar!!

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09-May-2012 20:06

When?Where?How? Right now?............I'm ready!
I remember one of my first drawing in B&W, a Sassanian Clibanarius, I've been always fascinated by these fiigures.

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09-May-2012 21:45

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Now we just need more medieval European titles from Osprey. Angus McBride has some worthy successors here.

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10-May-2012 04:20

"Spartan" is frequently used for austere accommodations, but these warriors sure do make great subjects for painters. I reckon those beleaguered Brits are going to need every ounce of stopping power from their Webley revolvers. Say what you want about the intrigue and treachery of Byzantine politics, they sure knew how to dress! Excellent work from Noon, Dennis, and Rava.

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21-May-2012 16:45

Great to see another key moment at Plataea so beautifully and dramatically depicted! I think I'd have argued that the priests also took their place in the ranks as hoplites and therefore would have been in armour and had some protection, and would have performed their sacrifices behind the front line if not in the rear. Their commander, Pausanias would have been with them, one eye on the omens, the other on the situation out in front, looking for the right moment to go onot the offensive. His stress, conflict between religious duty and tactical judgement, is well portrayed! Everyone else would have been tightly hunkered down under their shields as shown. Herodotus writes of one casualty of the Persian arrow storm "sitting in his position" and all would have been sitting, kneeling or crouching low, holding the line with immense discipline until given the command to advance. I think this would have been signalled personally by Pausanias as he took his position in the front rank.

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