Osprey Wargames Final Covers Revealed!

February 22, 2012 12:00 AM

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22-Feb-2012 16:10

Both of these new additions to Osprey looks to be solid contenders for my historical wargaming. I am most excited about the Dux Bellorum book as I am often more intrigued with ancient battles than modern day conflicts. I am looking forward to thumbing through the pages and studying the maps, art, and miniature photography.

It would be nice to have some sort of cardboard counters in the book for those of us lacking funds to buy miniatures. Alternatively, a website where players could download PDFs of either chip units or perhaps even standup cardboard cutouts would be fine too.

The point based system intrigues me as well and I cannot wait to see what sorts of army builds are possible.

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22-Feb-2012 18:23

Shalimar Troy - It might be worth you looking at WWW.Juniorgeneral.org as the site has a very comprehensive and extensive collection of soldiers of all ages and countires available to print out and play!

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22-Feb-2012 20:20

I would like to see what kind of system they will be using

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23-Feb-2012 01:20

will be buying a world aflame!

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Colin G. Upton
23-Feb-2012 07:58

I realise that these rules are "stand alone" but would you consider supplements or web support planned for either title on conflicts not covered in the books? The German revolution and Chaco War come to mind for the inter-war title.

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