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01-Dec-2011 09:58

Just 5? Okay I'll limit myself:

1 Italy 1943 (Operation Avalanche)
2 Battle of Tsushima 1905
3 Sicily 1943
4 Malaya and the loss of Singapore 1942
5 Operation Torch 1942

And there are more!!

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Nick Brown
01-Dec-2011 10:25

I don’t feel qualified to comment on the pre-20th Century stuff and there are many very obviously missing First World War titles, so I’m just going to stick to the Second World War and hope that others suggest their favourites from other periods. I could easily get to 20 suggestions and I sincerely apologise for not including any Eastern Front campaigns but my top five are:
1. St.Lo 1944 – a horrible glaring gap in otherwise excellent coverage of the Normandy campaign.
2. Salerno 1943 (Op Avalanche) – Why does this get missed so often when Anzio gets massive coverage?
3. Imphal 1944 – We have a Kohima book but what about its larger twin?
4. Sicily 1943 – One of the largest amphibious operations of all time.
5. New Guinea 1942-44 – Decisive defeat for the Japanese which stopped their pacific advance, but will need two books.

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01-Dec-2011 10:34

My suggestions are :
1.- Singapore 1942
2.- Manila 1945
3.-Demyansk 1942
4.- Caporetto 1917
5.-Rocroi 1643

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01-Dec-2011 11:18

All WW2 titles:
1. Convoy PQ17 1942
2. Naval battles of Guadalcanal 1942-1943
3. Manila 1945
4. St-Lo 1944
5. East Prussia 1944

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Sapa Inca
01-Dec-2011 11:35

Mohacs 1526 AD
Viseby 1361 AD
Carrhae 53BC
Plataea 479 BC
Rome v Palmyra 270-272 AD

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01-Dec-2011 12:09

My pleasure, Sapa Inca!
http://www.ospreypublishing.com/store/Plataea-479-BC_9781849085540 coming in January....

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01-Dec-2011 12:32

As a counter-balance to all the WWII suggestions (not that I'm not interested, but it is starting to take over):
Mohacs 1526
Rocroi 1643
Fleurus 1794
Chattanooga 1863
Lemberg 1914
I don't think any of those could be considered 'obscure'.

(It would also be nice to complete the Peninsula story from the Pyrenees to Toulouse; Napoleon's Italian campaign etc. etc., OK I'll stop now.)

On a general note; with so many Campaigns (incuding WWII ones) still not covered at all, I don't think there should be numberless volumes on very well known WWII battles when there are plenty of books on the market regarding Normandy, Arnhem, Stalingrad etc. that go in to far more details for those that want it.
(After all, if a Campaign has not covered by anyone else recently in English, as per most of my suggestions above, then there is no competition!)

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01-Dec-2011 13:06

Right, forget the obscure, outlandish and the down right daft lets have a look at some really big, significant battles/campaigns that have been cruelly omitted from the Osprey range.

Ok chaps here goes;

1. Malaya/Singapore 1941-42 – Probably the worst defeat suffered by British and Imperial forces ever, the fall of Malaya and the fortress island of Singapore was a crucial campaign in the early part of the war in the far east that sent shock waves around the world. Surely its long overdue a campaign book?
2. Talavera 1809 – This one as cropped up on the months book vote a few times over the years. Osprey’s coverage of the Peninsula War is pretty good in general but has this one glaring omission which really needs to be addressed. Certainly a key battle in Wellingtons career and a crucial early bloody nose for the French in Spain, it certainly deserves its own campaign title.
3. Sicily 1943 – A massive amphibious operation and one which sowed the seeds of the rivalry between Monty and Patton. Also the first part of Western Europe to be liberated.
4. Tannanberg 1914 – One of key early battles of the First World War and one which could open the door to looking at events on the Eastern Front in WWI in the osprey series.
5. Zama 202 BC – The final end to the Punic Wars and a very significant battle in the ancient world.

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01-Dec-2011 13:36

This is going to be a tough one, but here we go. I'll start with the ones I agree on (despite agreeing with everyone).

1. Operation Torch 1942. (Frido's suggestion)
2. New Guinea 1942-44. (Nick Brown's suggestion)
3. Malaya/Singapore 1942. (Frido and AdamC)
4. Dien Bien Phu 1954.
5. Chosin Reservoir 1950.

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01-Dec-2011 13:39

I know some of these have been covered in the MAA series and others, but how about the full "Campaign-treatment" for...

1. Lam Son 719, Laos 1971
2. Dien Bien Phu, 1954
3. The Rhodesian Bush War, 1964-1980
4. The Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960
5. Operation Frequent Wind, 1975

A bit of a post-1945 feel about this list!

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01-Dec-2011 13:53

1. "Operation Husky" Sicily 1943
2. "Operation Avalanche" Italy 1943
3. "Operation Torch" North Africa 1942
4. Dien Bien Phu 1954
5. Dodecanese Campaign- Battles of Kos & Leros 1943

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01-Dec-2011 13:56

1. "Operation Husky" Sicily 1943
2. "Operation Avalanche" Italy 1943
3. "Operation Torch" North Africa 1942
4. Dien Bien Phu 1954
5. Dodecanese Campaign- Battles of Kos & Leros 1943

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01-Dec-2011 14:26

Here's my five picks.
1. Malaya 1942- add my vote to many others and since there's a title coming out on the fall of the Philippines this would be a nice bookend to that
2. Java Sea 1942-You've done a nice run of Pacific Sea run titles and this early one would add to the list
3. Siege of Malta 1940-42 ( or if you wanted to narrow it down perhaps just Operation Pedestal 1942)
4.Operation Marita 1941 - perhaps including the Italian invasion of Greece as well. Not a subject well covered in English
5. Fall Rot 1940 - English language coverage seems to end at Dunkirk and ignores the rest of the campaign. The Maginot Line title was a great addition and this follow up would be great

Those are my main picks but I also support the other votes for Torch, Sicily, Tannenberg, Caporetto and any one who'd recommend a Spanish Civil War title. Sticking to five was hard.

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Sapa Inca
01-Dec-2011 14:40

Wow what great service, Mohacs next :-) (sorry - please!!)

My pleasure, Sapa Inca!
http://www.ospreypublishing.com/store/Plataea-479-BC_9781849085540 coming in January....
mdaniels01-Dec-2011 12:32

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01-Dec-2011 15:04

1. Dien Bien Phu 1954
2. Manzikert 1071
3. Breitenfeld 1631
4. Zama 202 BC
5. The March across the Belts 1658 (The wars of king Charles X Gustav 1654-1659)

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01-Dec-2011 15:10

1. The Dacian-Roman wars
2. Varna 1444
3. Belgrade 1456
4. Pruth 1711
5. Lechfeld 955

Osprey should also focus on Eastern European military history, which is simply amazing but largely unknown in the West. Many of the wars in the East were more horrible that in the West, and with results affecting the whole world...From ancient times to the end of WW 2, there's plenty of stuff to write about, even if these events didn't have any kind of English, American of French participation...

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01-Dec-2011 15:13

1. Dien Bien Phu 1954
2. Manzikert 1071
3. Breitenfeld 1631
4. Zama 202 BC
5. The March across the Belts 1658 (The wars of king Charles X Gustav 1654-1659)

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Enormous Stilton
01-Dec-2011 15:28

1. Operation Market Garden (1944). A new two or three volume series.
2. Kursk (1943). A new two volume series.
3. Battle of the Seelow Heights (1945).
4. Dien Bien Phu (1954).
5. Malaya and the fall of Singapore (1941-42).

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01-Dec-2011 17:46

1. The Sakaria 1921 - Birth of the Turkish Republic
2. The Brussilow Offensive 1916 (maybe together with the Kerenski Offensive 1917) - Russia's Last Gamble
3. Rumania 1917 - the German campaign which knocked Rumania out of the war
4. Warsaw 1920 - The Miracle at the Vistula
5. The Carporetto Offensive 1917

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01-Dec-2011 18:39

In my opinion, there is too much WWII. Its section is much bigger than any other period. I suggest taking a break and focusing on other periods for a bit, though I know that might not be a popular opinion. Some titles to consider are:

1 Rhodes 1522
2. Ayn Jalut 1260
3. Zama 202 BC
4. Bouvines 1214
5. Quiberon Bay 1759

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01-Dec-2011 19:04

1/Operation Torch,2/Dien Bien Phu,3/Tannenburg 1914,4/Singapore,5/Warsaw 1920.

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01-Dec-2011 19:21

1.Kokoda track -1942;
2.Java sea - 1942;
3.Warsaw - 1920;
4.Ipsus - 301 BC;
5.Roncroi - 1643.

It is difficult anyway to condesate a wishlist in just five titles. So, among the list of other commentators, I support: Sicily 1943, Manila 1945, Singapore 1942,Dien Bien Phu 1954,Chosin Reservoir 1950.

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01-Dec-2011 20:43

i'm both surprised and happy to see Rocroi mentioned so often!

1 - Ankara 1402
2 - Rocroi 1643
3 - Mohács 1526
4 - Karfreit (Caporetto) 1917
5 - Ain Jalut 1260

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01-Dec-2011 21:21

Malaya 1941-42
Cerignola and Garigliano 1503
Guadalcanal 1942 (New Version)
Tannenberg 1914
Port Arthur 1904

Choosing 5 is tough. There are some excellent suggestions posted thus far (especially to fill gaps in the WWII coverage).

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01-Dec-2011 21:22

I'll definitely have to second (or tenth) Dien Bien Phu, and also Rocroi. I saw some great WW I suggestions, too. Someone mentioned the Rhodesian Bush War, but I think that would be better in the Elite Series, something like Fireforce Tactics, and Operation Dingo would make a good Raid title. Here's my five choices:

1. Mexico City 1847 (Scotts' campaign from Vera Cruz to Mexico City)
2. Queenston Heights 1812 (Including Brock's capture of Detroit)
3. Buena Vista 1847 (Arguably the most important battle of the Mexican War)
4. Fallen Timbers 1794 (A perfect follow-up to Wabash 1791)
5. Meuse-Argonne 1918 (The AEF's final battle)

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01-Dec-2011 21:24

I like hobbe62's suggestion for Breitenfeld 1631, and MarkL suggesting a Spanish Civil War title. Madrid 1936, Jarama 1937, or Aragon 1938 all spring to mind.

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GI Gene
01-Dec-2011 21:33

1-Soviet Invasion of Manchuria August 1945

2-Dien Bien Phu 1954

3-Japanese Ichi-Go Offensive in China 1944

4-Liberation of Kuwait February 1991

5- Glorieta Pass March 1862

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01-Dec-2011 22:06

Here you go:
1. Kornilov's Ice march or the First Kuban campaign 1918
2. Caporetto or the Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo 1917
3. The Brusilov Offensive 1916
4. Warsaw 1920
5. Manila 1945
Hey Reber, Demyansk 1942-1943 is already being produced. Its coming out in June 2012.

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02-Dec-2011 03:29

OK, a few that haven't been mentioned

The Aleutian Campaign
Liberation of Papua 1942 - 43
Isolation of Rabaul 1942 - 44 (Nick Brown's two books)
Liberation of the Northern Solomons - New Georgia and Bougainville (these two could be combined as Operation Cartwheel)
Liberation of the Northern Philippines 1944 - 45
Liberation of the Southern Philippines 1945
Stilwell in Burma 1943 - 45


Taylor in Northern Mexico - 1846
Chapultepec - 1847
Mackenzie in Texas 1870 - 75
Defeat of the Cheyenne 1866 - 69
Montana - Aftermath of Little Big Horn 1876 - 77
Civil War in the Far West - Glorieta Pass and Valverde

Also agree with Torch, Husky, and Avalanche.

PS The blurb for the Little big Horn book states, "Disobeying orders, Custer followed a trail to a large encampment of Indians and, without determining the numbers he faced split his command into three groups and attacked." That's old thinking and has pretty well been debunked. You should update or revise your book.

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02-Dec-2011 07:58

Here they are my proporsals:

1. The Pyrrhic War (280–275 BC): Heraclea 280 BC, Asculum 279 BC BENEVENTUM 275 BC
2. The Macedonian Wars (214-148 BC): Legion VS Fhalanx Rome against the Alexander´s heirs: Lamia 209 BC; Aous 198 BC, CYNOSCEPHALEA 197 BC; Thermopylae 198 BC, Magnesia 197 BC; Callinicus 171, PYDNA 168 BC
3. Gallic Wars (58-51 BC): Iulius Caesar conquer the Gaul: Arar, Vosges, Bibracte 58 BC; Axona, SABIS 57 BC; Octodurus 57-56 BC; Avaricum, Gergovia, ALESIA 52 BC.
4. Cimbrian War (113-101 BC): Rome against Germans: Noreia 112 BC; Arausio 105 BC; Aquae Sextiae 102 BC; VERCELLAE 101 BC.
5. Samnite Wars (343-290 BC): Mons Gaurus 342 BC, Suessola 341 BC, Neapolis, CAUDINE FORKS 321 BC, Lautulae 315 BC, Bovianum 305, Camerinum 298 BC, Tifernum 297 BC, Sentinum 295 BC, Aquilonia 293 BC

These are my five proporsals, they are actually more than five if we consider that each one contains several battles (my favorite ones in caps)

I want to lend my support to this proporsals (in order):
1. Zama 202
2. The Dacian Roman Wars
3. Carrhae 479
4. Rome vs Palmyra 270-272
5. Rocroi 1643

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02-Dec-2011 08:40

CMB said "Someone mentioned the Rhodesian Bush War, but I think that would be better in the Elite Series, something like Fireforce Tactics, and Operation Dingo would make a good Raid title." Wonderful ideas, CMB, I agree!

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02-Dec-2011 10:18

Here is my list:

1 Kulikovo 1380
2 Ankara 1402
3 Aïn Jalut 1260
4 Mohacs 1526
5 Panipat 1526

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02-Dec-2011 12:29

Many more in mind, but those are my five book suggestions:

1. Battle of the River Plate 1939
2. Magnesia 190 BC
3. Adowa 1896
4. Königgrätz 1866
5. Spanish Conquest of Mexico 1519-1521

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02-Dec-2011 20:49

Hi all,

My 5
1) Siege of Madrid 1936
2) Siege of Barcelona 1714
3) Battle of Easting 73: 1991
4) 1971 IndoPakistan War: the birth of Bangladesh
5) Spetnatz operation in Afghanistan

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02-Dec-2011 21:31

forgot to mention would really like to see Madrid 1936

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02-Dec-2011 23:52

This occurred to me last night. Granted, it's more about the what-ifs attached to it than what happened, but that may be it's appeal.

Operation Orient - The Raid on Trincomalee and the Seizure of Madagascar 1942

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Destory Of Worlds
03-Dec-2011 02:00

My Five choices;
1.Masada 73 AD
2.Tsushima 1905
3.Mohacs 1526
4.The Battle of the Wilderness 1864
5.Battle of Britain 1941

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03-Dec-2011 04:14

1) Chacabuco 1917 (Crossing of the Andes)
2) River Plate 1806-1807 (British Invasions of the Río de La Plata)
3) Battle of the River Plate 1939
4) Falklands War 1982 (two or three books)
5) Paraguayan War 1864-1870 (two or three books)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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03-Dec-2011 04:18

Sorry, I'll make a correction the first title

1) Chacabuco 1817 (Crossing of the Andes)

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03-Dec-2011 04:54

In response to GI Gene's suggestion for Glorieta Pass 1862: I have a soft spot for the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the Civil War, but I don't know if "The Gettysburg of the West" is quite as significant as Wilson's Creek 1861. Of course, I just happen to be from St. Louis, and my birthday is August 10 (1976, not 1861), but Lyon's tactical defeat was a strategic victory for the Union. Sean McLachlan, if you happen to read this, please consider taking on Wilson's Creek. With your previous titles on Shelby's Ride Around Missouri and Civil War Guerrilla Tactics, you'd do it justice.

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03-Dec-2011 10:04

1. Dien Bien Phu 1954
2. Warsaw 1920
3. St.Lo 1944
4. Slovak National Uprising 1944
5. Sicily 1943

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AJ Rimmer
03-Dec-2011 10:14

1. Australia v Jap Troops Kokoda Track -1942
2. ANZAC Corp -1918 on Western Front
3. 1942 Solomon Islands Naval Battles
4. Gallipoli - ANZAC Forces
5. Milne Bay - New Guinea 1942

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03-Dec-2011 21:49

1. Imphal 1944
2. Malaya and Singapore 1941-1942
3. Operation Torch 1942
4. Tunisia Campaign 1942-1943
5. East Africa Campaign 1940-1941

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04-Dec-2011 00:00

1- Pontiac's Rebellion 1763
2- Fort Niagara Campaign 1759
3- Caesar's Gallic War 58BC-49BC
4- Jewish War 66 - 70 AD
5- Nashville Campaign 1864

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04-Dec-2011 02:38

1. Borneo 1945 (Operation Oboe Six - Last Sea Invasion of WWII)
2 New Guinea Campaign 1942 to 1944
3. Kokoda Track 1942
4. Malaya/Singapore 1942
5. Falklands 1982

I would love to see more WWII Commonwealth focused campaigns in the pacific theatre. Especially Borneo 1945.

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04-Dec-2011 13:57

1-Paraguay 1864-1870
2-Puebla 1862-1863
3-Paris 1870
4-Churubusco Buena Vista 1847
5-Rocroi 1643

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Colin G. Upton
05-Dec-2011 07:32

1. Chrysler's Farm/Chateaugay 1813
2. Ayacucho 1824
3. Konniggratz 1866
4. Borodino 1812
5. Minden 1759

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05-Dec-2011 13:25

Faklands 1982 and Borodino 1812 will be published next year as Campaign 244 & 246 (May August)

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05-Dec-2011 13:38

Filling the gaps? The completely ignored Renaissance period in Western Europe. See below a list of the most importatn battles (and all well documented in the primary sources):

1- Ravenna 1512
2- Marignano 1515
3- Mohacs 1526
4- Ceresole 1544
5- Pinkie 1547
6- St. Quentin 1557
7- Fall of Calais 1558
8- Dreus 1562
9- Jarnac- Moncontour 1569
10- Battle of Alcácer Quibir 1578
10- Ivry 1590
11- Kerester 1596
12- Nieuport 1600

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05-Dec-2011 13:50

Agree with Cold0 - all worthy titles (as are many on the preceding comments) - But 17th/18th Century perhaps:

Malplaquet (or even Oudenaarde & Ramillies),

Sorry that's six (forget I mentioned one of the above).

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05-Dec-2011 15:45

1 Operation Market Garden (3 volumes) 1 Arnhem, 2 Eindhoven & Nijmegan, 3 Ground Forces (XXX Corps). All 3 aspects need covering.
2 Kursk (2-3 volumes). Biggest tank battle ever, needs at least 2 volumes.
3 Fall Of Singapore/Force Z. Considering some of the early pacific battles covered (Guam, Wake etc.) how this has been missed is surprising. Also The loss of Force Z needs covering in detail.
4 Battle Of Java Sea. An interesting multi-national naval clash, needs covering.
5 Waterloo. Clearly needs a new volume. One of the most important battles ever, possibility of 2 volumes if you consider Quatre Bras and the prussian battles.

Like everybody else iv'e struggled to pick only 5. My interest lies mainly with ww2 but feel Waterloo needs a revamp. Battle art badly missing from these older issues.

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05-Dec-2011 16:23

1. Milvian Bridge 312
2. Chalons 451
3. Manzikert 1071
4. Ayn Jalut 1260
5. Mohacs 1526

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05-Dec-2011 16:49

Still plenty of scope for Ancient Greece titles eg -
Eurymedon 466
Pylos and Sphacteria 425
Delium (and Amphipolis) 424
Mantinea 416
Arginusae 406
Aegospotami 405
Cunaxa and the march of the 10,000 401
Leuctra 371
Chaeronea 338
and (wild card!) Troy 1200

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06-Dec-2011 14:40

1 - Königgrätz 1866
2 - Novara 1849
3 - Arcole and Rivoli 1796 - 97
4 - Marchfeld 1278
5 - Caporetto 1917

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06-Dec-2011 16:40

1 - Ankara 1402
2 - Mt. Cer 1914
3 - Belgrade 1456
4 - Zenta 1697
5 - Kulikovo 1380

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06-Dec-2011 16:44

1 - Ankara 1402
2 - Mt. Cer 1914
3 - Belgrade 1456
4 - Zenta 1697
5 - Kulikovo 1380

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07-Dec-2011 08:43

Opsss, sorry I have posted twelve battle of the period 1500-1600 in chronological order, not 5 preferred titles. Anyway, even just 5 of these should cover the neglected Renaissance warfare period.

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07-Dec-2011 21:08

1- Friedland
2- Eylau
3- Murfreesboro
4-Missionary Ridge
5-the roman siege of Jerusalem

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07-Dec-2011 21:51

Another list of titles that came to my mind:
1. Palestine 1917 (Gaza Beersheba);
2. Mesopotamia 1915-17;
3. Hue City;
4. Falluja 2004;
5. Pedestal convoy 1942.

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07-Dec-2011 23:13

I would like to see:-

1 Salerno 1943
2 Singapore 1942
3 Kharkov 1943
4 Aleutian Islands 1942
5 Battle of Saule 1236

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08-Dec-2011 01:59

I'd like to second superstevo25's suggestions: Salerno, Singapore, and Kharkov.

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09-Dec-2011 23:20

Most of the suggestions people make above would not be in my list. They come from a americano-anglo-centric view. It's natural since they are Osprey's main audience. Since however Osprey is asking i'll put my suggestions without accounting marketability:
-The entire 1st World War eastern (incl. balkans) front. So many very interesting operations. Most of them deserve their book. Also Caporetto (I think by now Caporetto must be one of the highest contenders).
-The 2nd World War Eastern front has many operations still uncovered. Unfortunately Osprey has been covering the Eastern front very unevenly to the Western front, grouping very large operations in little space so I hold low expectations.
-Smaller early 20th century wars: the Balkan Wars, Soviet-Polish war, Greek-Turkish war

If I have to give realistic titles:
1. Brusilov offensive
2. Ukraine second half 1943
3. Caporeto
4. Balkans 1941
5. Finnish-Soviet war 1939-1940

Not realistic suggestion, but the operations in the Balkans and Anatolia between 1912 and 1922 deserve many volumes.

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10-Dec-2011 14:19

1. Dien Bien Phu 1954
2. Algiers 1957
3. Cuito-Cuanavale 1987/88
4. Kuwait 1991
5. Khorramshahr (Iran-Iraq War)

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12-Dec-2011 02:32

after 12 days, the Top5 given by the Osprey amateurs seems to establish something like that

1- Malaya Singapore 1942
2- Diên Biên Phu 1954
3- Mohacs 1526
4- Rocroi 1643
5- Caporetto 1917 or Torch or Sicily 1943

only one vote for a famous napoleonic battle like Eylau or Friedland 1807

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12-Dec-2011 14:00

Loic (sorry, don't know how to type umlaut)
I requested Fleurus (1794 Revolutionary War) but with only 5 choices I didn't want to use them all on one period.
I didn't request Eylau or Friedland because, despairing of Ospery ever covering them, I obtained a book from another publisher that covered them (same thing regarding Talavera, the Russian Campaign, the Egyptian Campaign and the Campaign of France 1814).
However, seeing as you mentioned it, here are some other 'Napoleonic' titles not covered:
- Napoleon's Italian Campaign 1796-7 which would need more than one volume
- Bailen 1808
- The Pyrenees 1813
- Toulouse 1814

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12-Dec-2011 19:46


honestly, i used to be a big fan of everything napoleonic...but by now i completely fell from faith. one of the reason is, despite some exception, everything until now is a simple repetition of what has already been there for almost 40 years, and not only that, it's for most part outdated, inaccurate information. Friedland and Eylau being prime examples of that. i still get Napoleonic stuff once in a while when there's new interesting releases, like the books on Borodino and the Berezina crossing by Alexander Mikaberidze, who makes good use of French, Russian and German sources, many of which have never been used before and reveal interesting new information. but it's too little too late, i'm pretty much done with napoleonics because i've heard of the light division, wellington, waterloo, the peninsula, davout and napoleon way too often and always the same old myths. never again.

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12-Dec-2011 23:32

Here we are:

1 Ilerda 49 BC - Caesar won only by an awesome display of mobility
2 Barcelona 1714 - A really epic siege and assault on another sad 9/11
3 Beda Fomm 1940 - As with Caesar, a master class of movement by O'Connor
4 Paschendaele 1917 - A muddy hell in Flanders, enough said.
5 Alexandria 47 BC - Romans in a urban & harbour maze against the last hellenistic army

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13-Dec-2011 10:55

1 - Operation Lam Son 719 1971
2 - Diu 1509
3 - Talas AD 751
4 - The Dodecanese Campaign 1943
5 - Hoa Binh 1951-52

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13-Dec-2011 23:07

Hi Orlando,
Hoa Binh would be interesting. Also, the disaster on RC4. Then again, Na San might make an interesting prequel for a title on Dien Bien Phu (a definite must). The French came to certain strategic conclusions after their successful defense of Na San, which had dramatic consequences (Understatement of the year? There's still almost three weeks left!).

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14-Dec-2011 11:22


I think the era of the Late Roman Empire (from 3rd century AD onwards) has been much neglected so far. IMHO the following titles would be very interesting:

• Amida 359AD – Siege warfare till the bitter end (Sassanids versus Romans)
• Julian`s Persian Campaign 363AD – The Empire`s last, but disastrous offensive
• Battle of the Catalaunian Plains 451 AD – Attila versus Aetius
• Battle of Soissons 486AD – Frankish king Clovis crushes the Domain of Soissons, the last Roman rump state in Gaul
• Battle of Taginae 552AD – Ostrogoths under Totila versus Byzantines under Narses

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15-Dec-2011 08:45

Loic:"After 12 days, the Top5 given by the Osprey amateurs seems to establish something like that

3- Mohacs 1526
4- Rocroi 1643"

Ok, two solid titles for me, deal done!

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16-Dec-2011 09:54

Kokada-Milne Bay-Buna 1942 Over shadowed by Guadalcanal.
Singapore1942 Britain greatest defeat in WWII.
Malplaquet 1709 Marlborough's bloodiest battle.
Konnigratz 1866 The beginning of the unification of Germany.
Buena Vista-Mexico City 1847 USA war of conquest,Scott's small army march's into the heart of the enemy.

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16-Dec-2011 09:57

Have to add Talavera just to complete the peninsula campaign.

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26-Dec-2011 16:59

Merry Christmas to all.

There are splendid proposals suggested, but as indicated Rohal, many have a very Anglo-American approach, as indeed logical.

How difficult is to decide on five titles!
My suggestions:

- Hydaspes 326 BC, Alexander the Great in distress.
- Ipsus 301 BC, the most decisive battle of the Successors of Alexander.
- Las Navas de Tolosa 1212, the Western Crusaders.
- Bahia 1625, the recovery of Brazil for the Spanish-Portuguese Crown
- Cartagena de Indias 1741, Britain attempts to break the Spanish Empire in America
- Pensacola 1781, Spanish strategic assistance to of Thirteen colonies.

Yes, there are six, I know, but do not know what to delete ...

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27-Dec-2011 12:51

Happy New Year to you all!
My picks are:
Minden 1759
Tannenburg 1914
Warsaw 1920
Dien Bien Phu 1954
Indo-Pakistan conflict 1971


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02-Jan-2012 13:59

I´d like to lend my support to the following proporsals (mines obviusly included):
Rocroi 1643
Carrhae 53BC
Rome vs Palmyra 270-272 AD
Zama 202 BC – The final end to the Punic Wars and a very significant battle in the ancient world
The Dacian-Roman wars
The Pyrrhic War
The Macedonian Wars
Gallic Wars
Cimbrian Wars
Samnite Wars
Magnesia 190 BC
Spanish Conquest of Mexico
Masada 73 AD
Jewish War 66 - 70 AD
Milvian Bridge
Cunaxa and the march of the 10,000 401
Chaeronea 338
Troy 1200
St. Quentin 1557
the roman siege of Jerusalem
Ilerda 49 BC - Caesar won only by an awesome display of mobility
Alexandria 47 BC - Romans in a urban & harbour maze against the last hellenistic arm
Julian`s Persian Campaign 363AD – The Empire`s last, but disastrous offensive
Hydaspes 326 BC, Alexander the Great in distress.
Ipsus 301 BC, the most decisive battle of the Successors of Alexander.

This are the proporsals I would like to see published

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Hugo Rodrigues
10-Jan-2012 16:24

Missed the deadline.

Blog post politely asked people not to get too obscure with their suggestions, an advice that was followed by most people. Still some amusingly arcane stuff got through. People who suggest stuff like "Battle of Soissons 486AD – Frankish king Clovis crushes the Domain of Soissons, the last Roman rump state in Gaul" should be aware that there isn't information available on the military campaign itself to fill a paragraph, let alone a 96 pp. book.

Perceptively noted by Loïc that literally nobody mentioned the Napoleonic period. Understandable - no sexy hardware, no feature films in recent years. I suppose Osprey is correct in neglecting it almost entirely, apart from some rather arcane MAA titles on uniforms.

Not as many WW2 Eastern front suggestions as I'd expect as well. Also nobody mentioned the Battle of the Philippine Sea/Great Marianas Turkey Shoot 1944, which Mark Stille is very likely to be working on already?

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12-Jan-2012 03:52

Here my ideal 5 for Campaign

1) The voyage of Radier 16 1940-41
2) Koingsberg 1945
3) Rogers Clark Northwest campaign 1778-79
4) The Dunes 1658
5) Naval Battles of Savo Island aka Iron Bottom sound 1942-43

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Hugo Rodrigues
12-Jan-2012 11:52

But since other Osprey readers are also still posting suggestions, here are my top five. Trying to spread the five titles across time periods and to address glaring omissions that would also prove appealing to a fairly wide audience of both hobbyists and general history fans.

1- Zama 202 BCE (What happened to the series about the battles of Alexander the Great that supposedly began with the Campaign book on Granicus though?)
2 - Breitenfeld 1631 (by R. Brzezinski) OR Preston 1648 if you need a more Anglo-friendly subject (though the latter doesn't stick out as a "glaring gap" the way Dien Bien Phu or Zama do)
3 - Eylau 1807
4 - Tannenberg 1914 OR Third Ypres/Passchendaele 1917 if you need a more Anglo-friendly subject
5 - Dien Bien Phu 1954
Wildcard - Kiev 1943 (Lyutezh bridgehead and the tank battles around Zhitomir in Nov-Dec) OR Korsun Pocket 1944 if you need a topic that is better known and perhaps easier to squeeze into a 96 pp. book.

Waterloo 1815 needs an update. Maybe a 2 vol. set.

These suggestions sometimes coincide with AdamC's suggestions above, which are all excellent because all these campaigns would fit nicely into the 96 pp. format:

1. Malaya/Singapore 1941-42
2. Talavera 1809
3. Sicily 1943
4. Tannanberg 1914
5. Zama 202 BC

Twelfth Isonzo/Caporetto is a blowout; historically relevant but not very interesting as a military campaign.

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29-Jan-2012 00:55

One last idea.

How about a title on what Gregory Michno has described as being truly the Great Sioux War - the Uprising of 1862 and its subsequent campaign into the Dakotas?

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29-Jan-2012 02:48

¿What happened with the "1939 The Battle of the River Plate"?

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Mike @ Osprey
31-Jan-2012 13:57

Thanks for all of these brilliant comments everyone. All of these have been collected together and turned into a new bookvote, which will appear on the site on the 1st Feb! So keep an eye out for that and don't forget to vote!

1830 - To answer your question River Plate Campaign has been pended - we are still looking to cover this in the future though.

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03-May-2012 12:06

only 5?? okay. Puebla 1862 Camerone 1863 Ridgeway 1866 Fallen timbers 1794 vertieres 1803

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Enormous Stilton
03-May-2012 13:21

Yup, five, but this vote closed several months ago. You're a bit late.

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03-May-2012 17:19

Rif 1921
This is an important moment in European military history pointing forward to other counterinsergencies where colonies struggle for independence (Algeria, Indochina, British Palestine ...). Also first major use of poison gas against insurgents.
Vercors 1944
This was a failed attempt from the French Resistance to liberate France from within as opposed to being liberated by the allies incl. other French forces with whom they did not necessarily share the politics. They failed - like their fellow resistance fighters in Warszaw about the same time, - and the Shi'ias of southern Iraq during the first Iraq war. Betrayal?

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03-May-2012 17:42

Vercors 1944 is scheduled for November 2012.

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Jon bowman
27-Sep-2012 07:41

ST Miheil 1918
Mexico City 1847

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Jon bowman
27-Sep-2012 07:44

I'll throw in a vote for rocroi & Singapore too

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29-Sep-2012 11:46

Just the five,eh? So many, many gaps that are going to be made worse by the death of Command (sigh)...

1) New Guinea 1942-44/5 ~ A huge gap in the Second World War titles, with a lot of un-sung work by the Allies.

2) De Lattre Line/Red River Delta 1950-51 ~ Not as well known as Dien Bien Phu but more interesting, it's an example of the French bouncing back from defeat to give Giap a bit of a thrashing after his change of tactics (not the last time this would happen to him).

3) Ankara 1402 ~ How has this been left untouched for so long? The two most formidable warriors of their day fielding armies vastly greater than any European monarch could, using innovative formations & tactics most soldiers of their day couldn't control in the field.

4) Varna 1444 ~ Or indeed, a Campaign title on the career of Janos Hunyadi, a great field commander now little remembered in the West.

5) Freiburg 1644 ~ Not as famous as Rocroi but what a cast! Conde & Marshal Turenne fight three back to back battles in a week over the same ground against the Bavarians under Franz von Mercy, another great but forgotten general who faced down these French titans and withdrew his army, intact.

I could go on (Kharkov '43, Alcazarquivir 1578, Dacia 101-106) but this'll do....for now.

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Toussaint Louverture
16-Apr-2013 00:23

1. St.Dominque 1791-1804
2. Al -Maza 1786
3.Sao Salvador 1781
4. Kongo 1665-1709
5. Mysore 1767-1799
6. Dominican Republic 1822-1865
7.Rwanda 1994

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16-Apr-2013 00:28

1. Fleurus 1794
2. Ourderarde 1708
3. Tay Son 1771-1802
4. Spain 1823
5.Tippecanoe 1811

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MrHistory 2
16-Apr-2013 02:14

1. Siam 1759-1797
2. Chinese invasions of Burma 1765-1769
3. Konbaung-Hatwanddy war 1752-1757
4. Anglo-Burmese war 1824-1826 (in.Assam invasions)
5. Franco-Siamese war 1893

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07-May-2013 00:28

I wish we could have seen Maiwand and Libya.

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30-May-2013 01:43

1. Manila 1762
2. Kars 1783
3.Kharkov 1943
4. Palestine 1948
5. Hondschoote 1793
6. Mexican War of Independence 1799-1821
7. Mani 1770
8. Navarino 1827

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Tom Sawyer
01-Sep-2014 21:13

Sigh so so many huge gaps.
1- Dien Bien Phu 1954
2-Koniggratz 1866
3-Mexico City 1847
4-Minden 1759
5-Panipat 1761
6-Zama 202 BC

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Napoleon reincarnated
08-Sep-2014 03:06

A little late but here is my views:
REIMS 1824
SLUYS 1340
SEDAN 1870

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