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January 2, 2012 12:00 AM

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02-Jan-2012 03:18

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season. And here are my Elite suggestions:

1. WWI Artillery Tactics
2. Rhodesian Fireforce Tactics
3. The Royal Navy 1914-18
4. The U.S. Air Force (Maybe a two volume series, from the USAF's creation through Vietnam, and the second volume to the present)
5. Germany's Air Defenses 1939-45

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02-Jan-2012 06:40

Some of my suggestions:

1. Elite and Special Forces of Russian Federation (two volumes - the first dealing with the Armed Forces proper, the second with elite troops of the Ministry of Interior etc.)
2. Indian Forces Today (there was a volume on elite forces, and it would be fine to have a general overview of Indian military as well - in a similar manner as with Israel, where we got a book on elite forces and on the army in general)
3. NATO Armies since 1987 (two volumes: the first dealing with the old NATO member states and changes which occurred since the previous book, the second examining the new member states).
4. Australian, Indian, Japanese and Soviet Home Fronts 1939-45
I also second the motion on the USAF.

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02-Jan-2012 08:45

Feliz Año Nuevo my suggestions are :
.-The Imperial Japanese Navy 1941-45
.-The Soviet Navy 1939-45
.-WWII Frogmen.
.-Russian and Soviet Cavalry 1914-45
.-Soviet Commanders 1939-45
.-Allied Commanders 1914-1918

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Colin G. Upton
02-Jan-2012 09:32

1. Native American Tactics 1700-1815 - Although often underrated it was the Native American First Nations who forced the European colonists to adopt thier forest fighting tactics and influenced the development of regular light infantry, particularly in the British army.

2. Victoria’s Navy
It was the sailors of the Victorian Navy on the sea (and sometimes on land with the Naval Brigades) that protected Britian and made the British Empire. A time of rapid technological change that went from sailing ships to the ironclad age the sailors of Victorias navy proved themselves up to virtually any task.

3. Japanese Armies 1868-1895
From the Meiji restoration, the Boshin War, Satsuma Rebellion and on to the Sino-Japanese War few military forces in history have undergone such radical, rapid and successful changes as that of Japan.

4. Prussian Napoleonic Commanders
Okay, I am biased, I have a Prussian Napoleonic Corps (Von Kliests) in 15mm and I need more background!

5. The Barbary Corsairs
Hey, it's about the only major Pirate force in history that does not already have an Elite title and a major part of the history of the Med'!

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02-Jan-2012 10:08

Happy new year!
1. IJN 1941-1945
2. NKVD forces 1941-1945
3. French colonial troops in ww2
4. Canadian navy 1939-1945
5. US submarine tactics 1941-1945

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02-Jan-2012 11:21

1. Portuguese Renaissance Armies 1500-1580
2. Portuguese Special Forces 1961-1974
3. World War I artillery tactics
4. Roman Battle Tactics 313-641 AD
5. Germany's Air Defenses 1939-45

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02-Jan-2012 11:53

1. German Blitzkrieg tactics 1939-41
2. Imperial Japanese Navy night battle tactics
3. The Imperial Japanese Navy 1941-45
4. World War Two fighter aircraft tactics
5. Napoleontic artillery tactics

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02-Jan-2012 13:43

My ones:
1. Roman Auxiliares (italiots, numidians, batavians, hamian archers, gallic horsemen, sarmatians, balearic slingers, german clubers, ...) There are no book about this subject
2. Ancient World Tactics (I mean hoplite falanx, falangite falanx, shield wall, hunic and parthic cavalry tactics,...) - Possibily something like elite 185 European Medieval Tactics
3. Cataphracts and clibanary, armoured chivalry (seleucian, persian, partian and, of course, roman
4. Armour and Equipment of the Roman Soldier from Monarchy to the Fall of Rome/Byzantium (I didn´t know if it could fit in elite series)
5. The Tercios (the combination of pikes, swords and arquebuses) Spanish Golden Century Tactics
I support Orlando´s Roman Battle Tactics 313-641 AD Orlando)

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02-Jan-2012 15:32

Here is what I would like to see:
1. Elite WWII units titles covering e.g. SS-Panzer-Divisions, Soviet guard units, Red Devils or Screaming Eagles... (old vanguard titles could be reviewed)
2. Soviet cavalry units of World War II
3. Soviet Commanders of World War II
4. Allied Commanders of World War I
5. German Blitzkrieg tactics


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02-Jan-2012 15:35

Bonne Année

1-Armies of the Triple Alliance War 1864-1870
2-Armies of the Pacific War 1879-1883
3-Armies of the French Religious Wars 1562-1598
4-French Army on campaign 1849-1869
5-Spanish Army in Central & South America 1700-1809

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02-Jan-2012 16:08

1. WW2 Jedburgh Teams
2. French Elite Forces of WW2 (Commandos de Choc, CLI, Marine-Commandos, SAS, etc.)
3. Kriegsmarine 1939-1945
4. NATO Armies since 1987
5. French colonial troops in ww2

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GI Gene
02-Jan-2012 17:50

1-Australian Special Forces of World War II (Coastwatchers, Z Special Unit)

2-British Naval Commandos of World War II (SBS, COPPS, Chariot & X-Craft Crews)

3-The Secret Intelligence Service and Special Operations Executive 1939-45 (The Warrior title was great, but the Elite version can focus on SOE operations worldwide like the OSS title)

4-The Kriegsmarine 1939-45

5-The Imperial Japanese Navy 1931-45

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02-Jan-2012 18:35

1. NKVD Forces 1939-45
2.Roman Auxilaries 100 BC- 300 AD
3. Modern Russian Special Forces
4. WW2 Panzergrenadier Tactics
5. The Jedburgh Teams

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02-Jan-2012 18:48

Happy New Year,

My suggested titles are:
1.Indian-Pakistan wars
2. China's Peoples Liberation Army
3. Japan Self Defense Forces
4. Post 1948 Republic of China Army
5. Iran-Iraq War

I also like several of the ideas my fellow commenters have made, especially the updated NATO volumes, NKVD (and Ministry of the Interior) troops, frogmen, and the IJN.

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02-Jan-2012 19:45

1. Elite Units of the Russian Civil War (the latvian rifles, the sailors of kronstadt) etc.
2. Soviet cavalry 1941-1945
3. Blitzkreig Tactics
4. NKVD forces 1941-1945
5. WWI Artillery Tactics

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02-Jan-2012 20:13

1) I second Mr. Upton's suggestion for a title on the Barbary Corsairs.

2) The Spanish Navy of the Napoleonic Wars. There are already some fine titles in Elite, MAA, and Warrior covering the British and French navies, but considering that Spain was probably the third most important naval power of the era the absence of a dedicated title on Spain's navy is a rather glaring omission.

3) United States Navy and Marine Corps 1794-1815.

4) Mercenaries in Africa.

5) American Civil War Infantry tactics.

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02-Jan-2012 20:18

Happy new year to Osprey people and other commentators. My suggestions:
1. Rhodesian Fireforce tactics;
2. Counterinsurgency tactics in the algerian war;
3. Rhodesian elite forces (Selous scouts, Rh. SAS, ecc.);
4. French colonial troops in Algeria/Indocina;
5. Special Boat Service.

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02-Jan-2012 20:57

Here are the five ones I agree on so far.

1. WWI Artillery Tactics.
2. Rhodesian Fireforce Tactics.
3. French tactics in the Algerian War.
4. Modern Russian Special Forces.
5. Mercenaries in Africa.

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02-Jan-2012 21:20

Here are some ideas:

1. North Korean Army ( maybe in two volumes, Korean war era and modern times).
2 South Korean Armed Forces ( as in North Korean title).
3. Shah Pahlavi era Iran Army
4. Iran Army after -79 revolution
5. Iraq Armed Forces ( Iran-Iraq war, Gulf wars )
6. Finnish Defence Forces
7. Modern Armed Forces of the Nordic countries
8. Modern Russian Army
10. Ancient Korean Armies ( Three Kingdoms Era ).
11. Ancient South East Asian Armies ( Ayutthaya, Burma and so on).

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02-Jan-2012 22:00

Happy New Year:

1- French Gendarme 1455-1598
2- Delta Force
3- Australia & New Zeland SAS
4- Modern Russian Special Forces
5- Nato Special Operation Forces (War on Terror- period)

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02-Jan-2012 22:20

1. World War II U. S. Tank Tactics
2. World War II U. S. Artillery Tactics
3. Strategic Air Command 1946-1992
4. Tactical Air Command 1946-1992
5. Air Combat Command 1992-2012

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02-Jan-2012 22:42

Some of these are a little redundant, but -

US Navy Underwater Demolition Teams of WWII (may want to include NCDUs)

Colonial Rangers (Other than Rogers' - i.e., specific units; e.g., Goreham's, etc)

Berdan's Sharpshooters

Alaska Scouts (might want to include 7th Scout Battalion)

Alamo Scouts

Also second GI Gene's first 2

1-Australian Special Forces of World War II (Coastwatchers, Z Special Unit) - should also include the Independent Companies

2-British Naval Commandos of World War II (SBS, COPPS, Chariot & X-Craft Crews) - SBS is really 3rd British SAS , so it probably doesn't belong, but the Special Boat Sections of the early Commandos might be a good substitute.

Also Chariots and X-Craft might be more fitting for New Vanguard.

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02-Jan-2012 23:42

Happy New Year! or ¡Feliz Año Nuevo a todos!

My suggestions:

1) Alexander's Successors (Diadochi) Wars Armies 321-281 BC.
2) Spanish Medieval (Reconquista) Armies 811-1492
3) Spanish Naval Infantry (Marines) 1537-1931
4) Polish Forces 1914-1922 (WWI & Polish-Soviet War)
5) Red Army Elite Units & Special Forces 1939-1945

And I like murphac's second option or Loïs' first and fith.

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03-Jan-2012 01:00

I'd like to express my support for books on the COPPs and other assorted WWII frogmen, the NKVD, and the Barbary Pirates. Also, the Spanish Navy of the Napoleonic Wars is an excellent idea.

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03-Jan-2012 04:59

Here's my list of five titles:
1. Victoria Cross Winners of World War Two: Medal of Honor, Iron Cross and Heroes/Heroines covered so why not VC's? The Shire title just doesn't give the same coverage
2. Corpo Truppe Volontarie (CTV): Larger than the Condor Legion, which has its own Elite title and very little available on it in English. Osprey's also having a nice little run of Italian and Spanish Civil War titles released and pending and this would fit in well
3. WW2 Ground attack tactics: Air support came into its own during WW2. Looking at the Axis and Allied changes and development, cab rank system , and could include Artillery observation units
4. WW2 Air Anti-shipping tactics: The strangling of Rommel's supply lines, actions of Norway, France, Arctic convoys, Pacific and in the Med, problems of torpedo attacks vs dive bombing
5. Here I'll include some of the titles I support: IJN 41-45, WW1 Artillery tactics, Germany's Air Defences 39-45, Kriegsmarine 39-45,

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03-Jan-2012 12:29

Hi, Happy New Year, here´s my suggestions:

1. The Spanish Tercios
2. Rhodesian Fireforce Tactics.
3. Renaissance Infantry Tactics
4. Mercenaries at War (1960-2005)
5. Rome´s Auxiliary Troops

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03-Jan-2012 16:50

1 Selous Scouts
2 Cheyenne Dog Soldiers
3 Iran Revolutionary Guards
4 Iraq Republican Guards
5 Aztec Eagle, and Jaguar warrior societies

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john k
03-Jan-2012 17:57

I would like to see books on Mines and Mine Clearance, both at sea and on land in both World Wars and afterwards.
John K

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03-Jan-2012 19:16

1. Russian and Soviet Cavalry 1914 - 1945: the World Wars and Civil War
2. Rhodesian Fireforce Tactics
3. Polish Army 1919 - 1939
4. American Civil War Tactics 1861 - 1865
5. People's Liberation Army 1927 - 1950

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03-Jan-2012 19:55

I would like to see:-

1. WW2 Soviet Tank Tactics
2. Red Army Elite Units and Special Forces of WW2
3. WW2 Soviet Cavalry Tactics
4. WW2 German Panzergrenadier Tactics
5. WW2 German Blitzkrieg Tactics

I also support the following recommendations:-

1. Imperial Japanese Navy 1941-45
2. WW2 Ground Attack Tactics
3. WW2 Air Anti-Shipping Tactics
4. Kriegsmarine 1939-45
5. Barbary Pirates

Plus many others that have been mentioned too but I cant choose them all.

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03-Jan-2012 20:57

Two more I'd like to throw in the mix are:

1.) The Royal Naval Division in WW1.
2.) The Royal Airforce Regiment.

I would also like to support the following previous suggestions:

Rhodesian Fireforce Tactics.
Australian Special Forces of World War II.
Mercenaries in Africa.

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03-Jan-2012 20:57

1) Modern Russian Special Forces/ Modern Russian Army
2) War in Chechnya and Caucasus
3) Safavid Persia
4) Iran Revolutionary Guards / Iran-Iraq war
5) Modern Mercenaries

The other suggestions are like are: India-Pakistan Wars, Ancient South East Asian Armies, Barbary Pirates, Alexander's Successors

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Colonial Boy
03-Jan-2012 21:03

SAS since 1980
French Foreign Legion since 1990
Spanish Foreign Legion since 1990
Royal Dutch Marines since 1940
British Army since 1991

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04-Jan-2012 04:18

1) American Civil War Infantry Tactics
2) American Civil War Cavalry & Artillery Tactics
3) American War of Independence Tactics
4) American Frontier Army Tactics (ie: fighting the American Indians in the late 1800s)
5) Colonial Warfare Tactics (ie: in the late 1800s Africa, Asia, etc)

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04-Jan-2012 12:42

Osprey seem to have abandoned 'Commanders' titles in the Elite series, presumably because of the 'Command' series. However, these are not equivalent as the latter will only cover a small proportion of commanders (with the possible exception of German, American and British WWII comanders) i.e. the really famous ones.
Therefore my suggestions are:
1. Soviet Commanders of WW2
2. Japanese Commanders of WW2
3. Commanders of WW1: Germany's Allies
4. Allied Commanders of WW1 (1): British, Dominions and US
5. Allied Commanders of WW1 (2): French, Russian and Italian
This is not a complete list (Commanders of the Thirty Years War?).

Also, hopefully we will eventually get:
Russian Napoleonic Infantry Tactics;
Austro-Hungarian Napoleonic Infantry Tactcs;
to complete the set!

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04-Jan-2012 12:59

I back the Tosk's suggestion: Renaissance Infantry Tactics and, by default, Renaissance Cavalry Tactics, as made fo the Medieval and Pick and Shot periods.

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04-Jan-2012 19:57

1. The Papal Swiss Guard: 1506 - Present
2. Napoleonic Naval Tactics 1: Ships of the Line
3. Napoleonic Naval Tactics 2: Frigates and Smaller Vessels
4. The Barbary Corsairs
5. Renaissance Siege Warfare

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04-Jan-2012 20:00

I don't see an edit option so please pardon the double post, but I'd also like to second Colin G Upton's suggestion for:

Japanese Armies 1868-1895
From the Meiji restoration, the Boshin War, Satsuma Rebellion and on to the Sino-Japanese War few military forces in history have undergone such radical, rapid and successful changes as that of Japan.

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04-Jan-2012 22:43

One more, simply because there's so little on it - the MARS Task Force

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05-Jan-2012 02:00

1. Qizilbash, The Turkish tribesmen that helped make modern Iran.

2.French Zouaves

3. Tirailleurs Algeriens, French Turcos

4. Scholae Palatinae

5. Palatini

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05-Jan-2012 04:58

Lots of great suggestions here - for my money (and reinforcing suggestions from earlier posts) my picks are:
1 - Italian Corpo Truppe Volontarie (CTV) in Spain
2 - WWI Artillery Tactics
3 - Austro-Hungarian Napoleonic Tactics
4 - Polish Forces 1914-1922
5 - Australian and New Zealand SAS

PS. I actually would also like to see an Osprey treatment of the subject 'Germany's Air Defences 1939-45' but feel it probably belongs in the Fortress series rather than the Elite series.

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Dave "Felix" Pike
05-Jan-2012 09:49

Hi Everyone, here's my ideas:

1. Rhodesian Fireforce Tactics
2. US Armoured Cavalry Tactics in Vietnam
3. German Blitzkrieg Tactics 1939-41
4. US Air Force Pararescue Jumper

And my fifth is a bit unusual, but the US Coast Guard is a military force after all...

5. US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer

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05-Jan-2012 13:06

1. 18th Century European Tactics
2. Ottoman Tactics
3. Byzantine Tactics
4. Urban Warfare Tactics
5. Soviet WW2 Tactics

By the way, there is no Austro-Hungarian tactics or Empire or whatever during Napoleonic times. Austria –Hungary existed from 1867 to 1918. So please let’s use the terms as scientifically as possible. ;)

I see very many awesome titles which would better suit the MAA series.

I also agree with the titles on WW1 commanders – beside US, British, French, Italian and Russian, don’t forget there were also commanders from Portugal, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Belgium…WW1 commanders of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey would also make nice titles.

Other titles I liked from the ones already mentioned – NKVD Troops, Roman Auxiliaries, Ancient World Tactics, Cataphracts and clibanary, armoured cavalry, French Gendarme 1455-1598, Red Army Elite Units & Special Forces 1939-1945, Corpo Truppe Volontarie (CTV), Barbary Pirates, Renaissance Infantry Tactics, Renaissance Cavalry Tactics, The Swiss Guard.

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05-Jan-2012 13:28

The Allied (non-russian) intervention in Russia Civil War
Garibaldi´s italian redshirts
Praire indian tactics
Vietnamese guerilla tactics of the Vietnam Wars
Siege Warfare in the age of Vauban (17 century)
The french muskeeters of 17th Century (All for one, one for all...)

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05-Jan-2012 18:00

On thinking I'm going to make the following title(s) my number 5 choice while still supporting the choices of others I'd mentioned.
5. Partisan/Anti-Partisan Tactics of the Eastern Front WW2, Resistance Tactics of WW2-West. Guerrilla tactics of WW2-Pacific. I bundled them all together but I think a number of interesting units/action could be covered.

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05-Jan-2012 19:13

My proposals are:

1.) Persian Kardakâ -
Kardakâ were a late Achaemenid Persian attempt to make a native Hoplite-like infantry.
2.) Pahlavan – pre-Islamic Iranian chivalry among the Parthians and Sassanian knights
3.) Battle Tactics of the Roman-Persian Wars
4.) Abna – Abbasid Elite Guards
5.) Daylami soldier 300AD-1200AD

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05-Jan-2012 19:14

My suggestions :

1 - Nato Armies since 1987

2 - Russian Army since 1991

3 - Rhodesian Elite Forces

4 - US.Army in Iraq 2003-2011

5 - US Air Force 1946-2011

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09-Jan-2012 16:03

I already posted my choices, but I would like to voice support for books on the SBS/COPPS and Partisan/Anti-Partisan Tactics of the Eastern Front WW2, Resistance Tactics of WW2-West.

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11-Jan-2012 22:46

Hi all,
My suggestion:

The armies of the Spanish war of succession: Catalans and the Austrians. armies, British, French and Spanish armies and navies
2) Spanish airborne legion and special forces since 1990s
3) Afghan army since 2000
4) Australian and New Zealand armies since 1990s
5) Colombian military since the 1990s


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Nick Brown
13-Jan-2012 12:36

Elite is such an eclectic mix that it makes it hard to pin point 'gaps'. I'd like to support titles on the SBS (WW2 and post 2001) and include SBS, LRDG and Sacred Sqd operations in the Aegean and Dalmation Islands. Also post 2001 USMC and Free French Armies in WW2.

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13-Jan-2012 15:53

Australian 9th Infantry Division

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13-Jan-2012 16:10

Happy New Year to one and all, here are my Elite suggestions:

1. U.S.A.F. in South East Asia: Air Commando units, and the include Combat Controller and Pararescueman
2. Air America
3. Rhodesian Fireforce Tactics and elite forces (Units)
4. U.S.A.A.F. Special operation units like the Carpetbaggers in Europe, and the Air Commando in the CIB
5. Australian Special Forces of World War II (Coastwatchers, Z Special Unit)
6. WWII Jedburgh Teams
7. Mercenaries in Africa. (From the 1960s to today)

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14-Jan-2012 19:49

1- Native American Tactics 1700-1800
2- American War Of Independence Tactics
3- Anceint World Tactics
4- Roman Auxilary's
5- Siege Warfare In The Age Of Vauban

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18-Jan-2012 00:42

This is something of an extension of one suggestion I made above, but how about a title about unusual US Army regiments?

Berdan's Sharpshooters is on my list, but there's also the Rangers of the War of 1812, the Regiment of Voltigeurs and Foot-riflemen, the Battalion of Mounted Rangers and I'm sure there are others.

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19-Jan-2012 04:19

Hi formwiz,
Osprey has a Warrior title on Sharpshooters in the Civil War. As for the Regiment of Voltigeurs and Foot Riflemen, were they ever used in a role other than conventional infantry? I know there were plans to mount part of the regiment, and they were to be uniformed in gray, but I don't think the separate uniforms or the mounts materialized.
I do think something on the U.S. Riflemen during the War of 1812 would be interesting. Perhaps a Warrior title would be best.

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21-Jan-2012 03:56

Hi, CM.

I believe I have the Sharpshooters book, now that you mention it (I have to dig through a couple of bookcases to be sure).

As far as I know the uniforms for the Voltigeurs were made and used, cadet gray faced with yellow, the light infantry color. There was a rocket battery that was also part of the regiment that accompanied them to Mexico, but didn't find a use for its unique capabilities.

I believe they participated in the assault on Chapultepec, but that's all I know. I've seen illustrations of them carrying rifles including one by Ogden.

As I say, a very unique outfit.

And there were several Ranger, as opposed to rifle, companies in the War of 1812 and the Mounted Rangers of 1832.

It just seemed there were a number of very unique formations, including the grenadier, rifle, and light infantry companies of the period from about 1820 - 1833 that might be combined into one book, as there might not be enough material on each to justify separate books.

Just a thought.

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25-Jan-2012 02:51

1. Rhodesian Fireforce Tactics
2. Portuguese Elite Forces 1961-74 ('Boinas Verdes', 'Fuzos', 'Comandos', 'Flechas')
3. French Paratroopers (30's, WWII, Indochina, Algeria)
4. Brazilian jungle warfare specialists
5. Groupe Mobile Tactics in Indochina

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Dan Jackson
25-Jan-2012 19:33

1. Danish Armies in the Wars of Schleswig-Holstein, 1849-1864
2. Allied Commanders of WW1
3. British and Empire Cavalry, 1914-18
4. The Army of Charles XII, 1700-21
5. The Austrian (Austro-Hungarian from 1867) Navy, 1802-1918

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28-Jan-2012 13:59

Just my twopenny-worth!
1.Allied Commanders of WWI
2.WWII VC Winners (oe even WWI if poss) - I agree with MarkL comments
3.ACW Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery Tactics
4. Tactics of Romes Enemies (Companion books to Roman volumes 390-110BC & 109BC - AD313)
5. Soviet Cavalry 1941-45
5a. Post WWII Russian Special forces


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29-Jan-2012 02:41

1- Napoleonic Artillery Tactics (I support Frido suggestion)
2- German Panzer Tactics 1 (Early war) & 2 (Later war) Operation Citadel as boundary between part 1 and 2.
3- World War I Artillery Tactics (I support Orlando suggestion)
4- World War II AT Artillery Tactics 1 (covering units equiped with towed guns like 88, Pak40, 17pdr, 6pdr, 3 inch M1) & 2 (Covering units equiped with Self-propelled guns like Marder, Jagdpanther, M10 Wolverine, Archer)
5- World War II Land-Mine Warfare (covering both the types and usage of land mines and mineclearing techniques and equipment)

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29-Jan-2012 19:53

1. Victoria Crosses Of WW2 (2 Volumes)
2. U-Boat Aces Of WW2
3. Animal Heroines Of WW1 & WW2
4. Escape & Evasion Lines In Occupied Europe 1939-45
5. The Merchant Navy Of WW2

Not my best series in terms of the number of books i already have, but feel these would make good titles.

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02-Feb-2012 21:55

1) Royal Navy 1914-18
2) Armies of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003
3) Civil War Infantry Tactics
4) British Armed Forces 1991-2011
5) NATO Forces 1990-2011

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Michael Lubrano
01-Mar-2012 15:40

Just to add some comments regarding the "Regiment of Voltigeurs & Foot-Riflemen": The unit was uniformed in the standard pattern fatigue uniform though in grey instead of dark or sky blue with yellow trim as used by the Dragoons & Foot Artillery. Despite the grand title they were really just regular infantry, while they may have had small mountain artillery pieces and crude rockets of the time the mounted component never came to being. Surplus grey uniforms were used by the "Mexican Spy Company" in U.S. service (reference: Company of Military Historians plate) The Regiment later merged into the post-war 8th Infantry.

I would think a Warrior title on the Regular Riflemen of 1808-1815 would be outstanding as would one on Northern Militia & Riflemen (New York & Maryland had notable Rifle units)

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04-Mar-2012 23:18

I Thought I had missed this section.Here's my requests.
(1) Assualt Bridging Tactics and types of bridges-WW2/modern
(2) WW2 and modern Medical Services
(3)WW2 Transport and supply services
(4)Minesweeping/assualt engineer tactics-WW2. (4a)Sea minesweeping
(5)Tank(ARV) and vehicle recovery -WW2 & modern
(6) Ground attack tactics WW2,Vietnam.modern
(7) Anti-submarine tactics -WW2 & Modern

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