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Filling the Gaps in our Coverage - Combat Aircraft

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03-May-2012 14:53

1. WWII Fighter Jets
2. Flying Wings
3. Military Gliders
4. VTOL (can I suggest the Osprey)
5. Tactics of Aircraft Carrier Fighters

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03-May-2012 15:01

Westland Lysander Mk I, I, & III
Special Operations AIrcraft Pt I: Fixed Wing; Pt II Rotary Wing
Combat SAR Aircraft
US Coast Guard Aircraft
MV-22 Osprey

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03-May-2012 16:12

1. Alouette III Units in Combat
2. T-6 units in combat
3. He 177 Kampfgeschwader
4. Ar 234 Units
5. B-36 "Peacemaker" Units

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03-May-2012 16:42

1.-Dornier Do 17 units in the West.
2.-Vickers Wellington Units 1939-1943
3.-Junkers Ju 52 units in the West and Mediterranean.
4.-Fairey Swordfish units 1939-1944
5.-Savoia SM 79 Units in the Mediterranean and Africa

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03-May-2012 17:31

1. Short Stirling Units of World War Two
2. Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Units of World War Two
3. He 115 Units of World War Two
4. Nakajima B6N Tenzan units of World War Two
5. Db-3/Il-4 Units of World War Two
I'd also support all of Reber's choices. Happy to see more on British early bombers, light bombers like the Boston and also Japanese and Russian aircraft (Sb-2, Kawanishi H8K,Kawanishi H6K) and more obscure German aircraft like the Fw189, Bv 138, Ar 196 Hs123 , 126 and 129.
This has been the hardest list for me as there is so much I'd love to see covered in this series that hasn't been touched on.

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03-May-2012 17:42

1. Izraeli F16 Units in combat
2. Arab Mig 15 and 17 units (which David Nicolle was supposed to write as a follow-up to his volume on Arab Mig 19 and 21 units - any news on this?)
3. Sukhoi Su25 'Frogfoot' in combat
4. Tupolev Tu16 'Badger' in combat
5. Hawker Hunter in combat (Suez, Middle East, Indo-Pakistan wars)

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03-May-2012 18:24

Here go my suggestions

1. A-37 Dragonfly Units of Vietnam War
2. Israeli F-16 Units in combat
3. South African Mirage Units in the Border War 1975-1988
4. Savoia SM 79 Units in the Mediterranean and Africa
5. Gunship Units in the Vietnam War

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03-May-2012 19:11

1. Zeppelin Units of WWI
2. Staaken Units of WWI
3. Soviet Mi-24 Units in Afghanistan
4. Tu-95 Units of the Cold War
5. Israeli AH-64 Apache Units

I'd also like to support Orlando, Reber and mdaniels. This is one series that should be in no danger of runnin out of topics to cover.

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03-May-2012 19:55

1. Coastal Command units in WWII
2. Gunship Units in the Vietnam War
3. Savoia SM 79 Units in the Mediterranean and Africa
4. french air force/aeronavale units in indochina
5. bucaneer units in the cold war.

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03-May-2012 23:52


My combat aircraft suggestions:

1-Junkers Ju 52/3m Units

Part 1 Spanish Civil War (The airlift of the Ejercito de Africa and the (in)famous bombing of Gernika), Part 2 The West Front (Norway and Low Countries), Part 3 Mediterrean and North Africa (Operation Merkur, Sunday Palm massacre), Part 4 Russian Front (air supply misions in Demyansk Pocket and Stalingrad).

2-B-25 Mitchell Units of the PTO and CBI (1941-45)

The majority of B-25s in American service were used in the Pacific where the aircraft’s potential as a ground attack aircraft was discovered and developed.

3-Stirling Squadrons (1941-45)

The first four-engined British heavy bomber of the Second World War. And after being replaced by Lancaster and Halifax in the Bomber Command served as Heavy Glider Tug and Paratroop transport.

4-Airco DH.4 Units (1917-18)

Often considered the best single-engined bomber of the First World War. Part 1 British Units, Part 2 American Units (Liberty engined)

5-Tupolev Bear Units of Cold War

It's a icon of the Cold War with their weekly flights from the Kola Peninsula to Cuba along the East Coast of the United States, escorted continuously along the way.

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04-May-2012 01:06

1. Grumman E-2 Hawkeye
2. Fw 200 Condor
3. Short Sunderland
4. Piper Cub spotting and liason units
5. P-3 Orion

I'd like to give my support to Alouette helicopters, the Fairey Swordfish, and the Hawker Hunter (which was also used by the Rhodesians, if I'm not mistaken).

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04-May-2012 01:31

South African Mirage F.1 Units of the Border War
F8F Bearcat Units of the Aeronavale
F6F Hellcat Units of the Aeronavale
PLAAF vs ROCAF Pt.1 1945-1962
PLAAF vs ROCAF Pt.2 1962-Present
SEPECAT Jaguar Units of Operation Desert Storm
RAF Blackburn Buccaner Units
T-6 Mosquito Units of the Korean War
Mosquito Units of the Coastal Command
F-5 Units of the South Vietnamese AF
A-37 Units of the South Vietnamese AF
Argentine A-4 Skyhawk Units of the Falklands War
Sukhoi Su-25 Units of the Afghanistan War
Henschel Hs 123 Units
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka Units of the Spanish Civil War and Poland
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka Units 1940
Nachsclacht Ju 87 Stuka Units
Airspeed Horsa Units of the D-Day
Airspeed Horsa Units of Operation Market Garden
P-80 Shooting Star Units of the Korean War Pt.1 1950-51
P-80 Shooting Star Units of the Korean War Pt.2 1952-53
Allied Helicoper Units of WW2
DFS 230 Units of WW2
Henschel Hs 129 Units of WW2
RAF in Malayan Emergency
A-1 Skyraider Units of the Korean War
RAF PR Spitfire Mk. XIX Units
USAF O-2 Units of the Vietnam War
Supermarine Seafire Units of ETO/MTO
Supermarine Seafire Units of the PTO
Hurricat Operations of WW2
Arab MiG-15/17 Units
Arab Piston Engined Fighter Units
Breda Ba 65 Units of WW2
Swedish Air Force in the Cold War Pt.1 1945-1965
Swedish Air Force in the Cold War Pt.2 1965-1989
South African Buccaneer and Canberra Units
South Rhodesian Alouette III Units
F-4K Units of the FAA
Blackburn Buccaneer Units of the FAA
BAE Harrier Units over Afghanistan
British AH-64D Units over Afghanistan
OV-10 Bronco Units of the Vietnam War
Argentine Mirage/Dagger Units of the Falklands War
F-111 Units of the Vietnam War
U-2 Units of the Cold War
Desert Air Force Curtiss Tomahawk Units
AC-47 Spooky Units of the Vietnam War
Finnish Bristol Blenheim Units
Units of Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey
A-1 Sandy Units of the Vietnam War

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04-May-2012 01:40

My apologies, was to excited to notice only 5 suggestions, plese fell free to shorten the list.

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04-May-2012 08:49

Right, here goes;

Stirling Squadrons of World War II
Probably the most obvious gap in the entire series!!! The Lancaster and Halifax have both been covered and we all expected the Stirling to follow thus completing the coverage of British heavies of WWII. The Stirling was the first of the three to enter service and thus had a longer wartime career than the other two. When its bombing days were finished it still soldiered on as a transport and glider tug till the end of the war.

Tornado Units in the Gulf War 1991
With several titles looking at US types in this conflict isn’t it about time Osprey looked at the rest??? The Tornado saw an awful lot of combat over Iraq and Kuwait and was flown by British, Saudi and Italian forces during the war. All three nationalities lost Tornados and the type suffered comparatively high casualties. Defiantly worth a Combat Aircraft Title!

Wellington Squadrons of World War II
Probably one of the most notable, longest serving and versatile aircraft fielded by the RAF during the war the venerable old Wimpy has been cruelty over looked. It served in all theatres in the bomber, maritime reconnaissance, anti-shipping, transport and training roles from the first day of the war well into the 1950s!!! It wasn’t perfect by a long chalk (particularly as a bomber) but it longevity alone demands attention. Not to mention its innovative design and construction headed by Barnes Wallis no less!

RAF & Commonwealth Liberator Squadrons of World War II
With the B-24 in US service being covered in its minutiae what about its service in the RAF??? The RAF was a massive user of the Liberator as both bomber, maritime reconnaissance and transport aircraft and it was one of the first Lend-Lease aircraft to arrive. It stayed in service certainly into the immediate post war years and had a big impact on RAF operations in the Far East and with Coastal Command in the Battle of the Atlantic.

SM.79 units in action
With no Italian aircraft being covered so far in the Combat Aircraft series the distinctive tri-motor SM.79 would make a good start. Its service over the Med as both a conventional bomber and torpedo bomber is particularly note worthy. It served throughout the war in the hands of the Italian air force (both Fascist and Co-Belligerent) and several were taken over by the Luftwaffe after 1943. Coverage of the earlier twin-engined SM.79 in action with Romanian and Iraqi forces could also be covered!

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04-May-2012 12:24

A-20 Havoc ETO Units
A-20 Havoc PTO, CBI Units
B-25 Mitchell PTO, CBI Units
P-47 Thunderbolt Units of the Ninth AF
P-51 Mustang Units of the Ninth AF

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04-May-2012 13:55

1. Hurricane ground attack squadrons
2. Stirling squadrons
3. Wellington squadrons
4. Swordfish squadrons
5. Beaufort and Beaufighter strike squadrons

Of the other suggestions I've seen, I'd single out AdamC's Tornado units of the Gulf War, and I'm also intrigued by Okin's idea for Hurricat operations- that might be a pretty short book, but if you expanded it to include all Sea Hurricane units you'd have a lot more material. There are so many operations that the Hurricane Aces 41-45 volume could barely touch on.

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04-May-2012 17:00

Here we go then:

1) Heavy Bombers og WWI (Handley Page 0/100, 0/400 Gotha etc.
2)Hawker Hunter in British & Foreign service
3)Fixed winged gunships of the USAF
4) MI 24 Hind
5)KI46 Dinah

But I also support the Swordfish, Wellington, Stirling options & I wouldn't say no to the SM.79 either!

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Colonial Boy
04-May-2012 17:20

1. Westland Lysander
2. Fieseler Storch
3. Hs 123
4. Ar 234
5. Havoc/Hurricane Turbinlite squadrons

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04-May-2012 18:00

1. Alouette III Units in Combat
2. ME 210/410 Units
3. Savoia SM 79 Units in the Mediterranean and Africa
4. Beaufort and Beaufighter strike squadrons
5. Hurricane ground attack squadrons

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GI Gene
05-May-2012 00:01

Allied Clandestine Squadrons of World War II (801st/492nd BG Carpetbaggers, RAF Special Duty Squadrons)

B-25 Mitchell Units of the Pacific War

A-10 Thunderbolt II Units in Combat

AC-130 Spooky Units in Combat

Israeli F-16 Units in Combat

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Robert Inns
07-May-2012 11:47

Combat Aircraft
1. Wellington, Bomber and Maritime use
2.RAF Liberator
3 Fairey Albacore
4.Fairey Barracuda
5 B6N "Jill"
Robert Inns

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07-May-2012 21:55

1. SM.79 Units in the Mediterranean (with possibly a companion volume devoted to the Eastern Front and the Middle East).

2. Republican Bomber Units of the Spanish Civil War.

3. Bristol Beaufighter Units of the Far East and Pacific.

4. Nakajima Ki.21 "Sally" Units.

5. I'll second the Short Stirling, though that might need to be split between bomber and transport units.

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08-May-2012 15:13

1. Royal Navy Lynx Combat Operations.
2. CSAR Operations of the Vietnam War

I'd also like to offer my support to these suggestions.

1. Alouette III Units in Combat
2. Hawker Hunter in combat
3. Fairey Swordfish units 1939-1944

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09-May-2012 17:46

In addition to my own choices, may I second Baldyman's idea of World War One Heavy Bombers (particularly RAF 0/100 and 0/400, as the Gotha raids have been covered in the Campaign series).

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10-May-2012 20:12

1. B25 Mitchell units of the PTO/CBI 1941-1945
2. Heinkel HE 219 Uhu in ww2
3. Westland Whirlwind units of ww2
4. Fw 200 Condor units of ww2
5. Beaufighter strike units of ww2

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11-May-2012 00:51

1) WW2 Transport aircraft : Ju52,Me323,Go244 ;C46 & C47
2) Gliders: Horsa, Hamilcar & Hadrian
3)Heavy helicopters Chinook,Mi26&Ch53/64
4) Ground attack WW1 to modern aircraft
4) Transport aircraft of today

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26-May-2012 02:09


I give my suggestions earlier, and after wait and see I going to give my to support another's ideas.

-Savoia SM 79 Units in the Mediterranean and Africa
Suggested by Reber - Tosk - AdamC - PTB - Shrike58
The most relevant italian aircraft of WW2.

-Vickers Wellington Units 1939-1943
Suggested by Reber - AdamC - BobG - Robert Inn
The most important medium twin engine bomber of RAf in WW2 ,and a beautiful aircraft.

-Fairey Swordfish units 1939-1944
Suggested by Reber - BobG - 28thfoot
DThe swordfish despite its obsolete desing made a great contribution.

-RAF & Commonwealth Liberator Squadrons of World War II
Suggested by AdamC - Robert Inns
A essential aircraft in the battle of the Atlantic.

-Fw 200 Condor
Suggested by CMB - laurent14
In Winston Churchill words: "The scourge of Atlantic"

-Gliders: Horsa, Hamilcar & Hadrian
Suggested by ShalimarTroy - three
Gliders made large airbone operations possible.

-Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Units of World War Two
Suggested by MarkL - Robert Inns
One of the RAF's Bomber Command types in use at beggining of the WW2

-Ar 234 Units
Suggested by Orlando - Colonial Boy
The first operative jet bomber of the history.

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30-May-2012 12:46

1) Israeli F-16 Units in Combat
2) USAF F-16 Units in Combat (Gulf War and other ’90 conflicts)
3) F-111 Units of the Vietnam War
4) F-111 Units of the Gul War
5) South African Mirage Units of the Border War

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04-Oct-2012 17:23

I think all the suggestion above are good.

But the following potential titles have been over looked

He 115 / Ar 196
Yokosuka D4y
Mitsubushi G3M
Ju 188
Do 217
Fairy Battle
Handley Page Hampden
A 26 units of Korean war and Vietnaim
P 51 units of Korean war
P 82
Ki 48 Lilly
Ki 67 Peggy
Ki 49 Helen
Ju 52
Me 323
Ki 49

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04-Oct-2012 17:24

Other suggestion include

DH Vampire units in combat
Il 4
HS 129

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04-Oct-2012 17:26

Cantz Z 1007

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