Filling the gaps in our coverage - Men-at-Arms

March 1, 2012 12:00 AM

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01-Mar-2012 01:20

Good luck with ideas everyone. Heres my five:
1. Japanese Forces in WWI-A completely uncovered theater. though small, the japanese did take the german islands in the pacific and attacked german china.
2. Soviet Cavalry 1941-1945- Soviet cavalry played a crucial role as the russians quick mobility force and was still used with effect in large number in the second world war.
3. Russian Forces in North America 1799-1867-originally just the russian-american company, a russian joint-stock company, "invaded" Alaska and fought against the indians there. Russian settlements reached down to california before gradually withdrwaing. In the middle of all this the russian government took over the settlements. The Russians sold Alaska in 1867 ending an era, akin to that of french mexico and dutch new york, what could have been.
4. Armies of the Revolutions of 1848-though not a real war, these revolutions turned europe on its sde, and their rebels deserved to be covered.
5. The Russo-Polish war 1919-1921 With the possible publishing of Warsaw 1920, it would be nice to have a perspective on the people who fught the war, which happened right in the middle of the russian civil war.

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01-Mar-2012 01:26

A point I neglected to mention: some of the islands that japan seized were later some of the most heavily contested spots in WWII, icluding the Marianas and the Marshall islands.

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01-Mar-2012 02:47

Hi everybody, here are my choices:

1. German forces in the American Revolution (The Hessians, Brunswickers, Anspachers, etc)
2. Commonwealth Forces in Korea 1950-53
3. The French Army of the Crimean War
4. The Spanish Army in South America (I really enjoyed the volume on the Spanish Army in North America)
5. The Swedish Army of the Great Northern War

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01-Mar-2012 03:02

1. War of the Pacific 1879-1884. This is a war where my own great-great grandfather fought in on the Chilean side and a title that I could possibly be interested in writing since I'm actually going to Chile this winter to survey the battlefields and museums. Seems like people would be interested in it by the amount of people requesting it on the forum etc.
2. Armies of the Angolan Civil War 1975-2002.
3. The Anglo-Irish conflict 1912-1921. The choice here was to start with the militarization of the conflict (theoretically, the 1912 creation of the UVF) until the end of the Anglo-Irish War.
4. War of the Triple Alliance 1864-1870.
5. Ecuadorian–Peruvian War 1941.

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01-Mar-2012 04:03

1. Dutch Army of WW2 - covering the home forces and the KNIL forces
2. Japanese Collaborationist Forces of WW2- Manchukuo, INA, Burma, Chinese forces
3. Forces of the Rif War 1920-1926
4. Anglo Irish Conflict Forces - I support this title
5. Corpo Truppe Volontarie in the SCW - if it doesn't make the cut for an Elite title I'd be happy to see it as a MAA

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01-Mar-2012 05:15

1. Bundeswehr
2. East German NVA
3. Swiss Army 20th Cent
4. Modern Chinese army
5. Norwegian Army WW2

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Colin G. Upton
01-Mar-2012 08:24


For me, MAA is most valuable as a guide for painting and building my wargames armies and the titles I’d like to see are ones that hep me with my present gaming subjects or ones I am interested in pursuing.

Armies of the Latin American Wars of Liberation 1 : Gran Columbia
The first of what I would envision as a series (the other would be Armies of Chile/Peru, Argentina and Spanish Royalists) on the Latin American Wars of Liberation, a extremely and exotic colourful subject of increasing interest for wargamers as couple of new figure lines attest.

Canadian rebellions 1837-1838
Canada’s Republican rebellion was the opening shot of Queen Victoria’s reign that features loyalists, rebels, American filibusters and some of the most outlandish uniforms worn by the British army in it’s history in it‘s last major North American campaign!

Swedish Army of the Napoleonic Wars 1 : Infantry
Really? It’s taken this long for the Swedes to get some love? While “Scandinavian Armies of the Napoleonic Wars” covers Denmark quite well the coverage of the unique structure and uniforms of the Swedes (particularly of 1813-1814, I’m doing Wallmoden’s Corps) is totally inadequate.
C’mon! Sweden, Sweden, Sweden…

Korean Armies 1592-1598
While the Samurai have been covered by Opsrey in exhaustive detail, (I should know, I have virtually all of the books) the armies of their Korean victims remain shrouded in relative obscurity. I’d love to see a book that covers the organisation, tactics and appearance of the forces, Korean and Chinese, who after all, repelled the Samurai invasion.

American State, Militia and Volunteer Troops 1812-1814
With the two hundredth anniversary of the War of 1812 there has been an upswing in interest amongst wargamers and while the Southwest militiamen have been covered by a Warrior volume their more formally uniformed Eastern brethren are a black hole in my reference library.

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01-Mar-2012 08:27

My titles are :
1.-The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 (1) The Republicans
2.-The Spanish Civil War (2) The Nationalists
3.-The Army of Charles XII of Sweden
4.-Armies of the Pacific War 1879-1884
5.-Dutch Armed Forces of WWII

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01-Mar-2012 08:35

Hi, here they come my proporsals:

1. Roman Auxiliares / Roman Socii (we have titles about legions and even the roman navy, this one is an "unforgivable" gasp)
2. Italiote Armies: Samnites, Tarentines, Etrurians, Apulians (a title about the enemies of Ancient Rome in her conquest of Italy)
3. Roman Army from Scipio Africanus to Marius / Roman Army from Julian to Justinian (it would be great to reopen the great saga of "Roman Army from..." completing it at the begining and at the end)
4. Phyrrus Army
5. Men-at-Arms (There must be a title about the warriors that give the name of the series..., maybe this one is the greatest gasp ; ) )

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01-Mar-2012 08:38

1. Iran-Iraq War
2. Chechen / Caucasus Wars (Georgia / Nagorno Karabakh)
3. The Seljuks
4. India-Pakistan Wars
5. Congo Civil Wars

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01-Mar-2012 10:47

1) Armies of the Revolutions 1848-49
2) The War of the Triple Alliance 1864-70
3) War of the Pacific 1879-1884
4) Opium Wars
5) Italian Armies of Risorgimento. (Sardinians especially)

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01-Mar-2012 10:56

1. The Portuguese empire (1) 1415-1601
2. Ancient Indian Armies
3. Medieval Indian Armies
4. The Avars 558 AD - 803 AD
5. The Turkish War of Independence 1919-1923

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01-Mar-2012 12:00

1. The Dacians
2. The Cumans (also the Avars, Pechenegs, Magyars, Alans, Tatars etc must have their Osprey titles)
3. Eastern European Medieval Armies (Transylvanian, Moldavian, Wallachian, Bulgarian, Serbian)
4. Austrian armies (from the 13th century to the 17th century)
5. Eastern European Armies of WW I (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria each deserve their title).

Other titles should cover Venetian armies of the 17th and 18th centuries, Swiss army of the 19th and 20th century, Warriors of the Pacific Islands, Swedish armies of the 18th and 19th centuries.

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01-Mar-2012 12:09

Here´s my list of favourites for future titles:

1. Armies of the Triple Alliance War 1865-1870
2. Modern African Wars (4) The Congo
3. Rome´s Enemies (6) Hellenistic Armies
4. Spanish Army in South America 1700-1809
5. Armies of the Italian Risorgimento (1848-1870)

And as "Bonus-tracks" (sorry, not so easy to suggest only 5 titles)

6. South African Forces in World War II
7. British Invasions of the River Plate 1806-07
8. Armies of Latin American Independence (1) Colombia and Peru
9. Armies of Latin American Independence (2) River Plate and Chile
10. War in Chechnya 1994-2000

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01-Mar-2012 12:29

1. Clansmen: Warriors of the Scots Isles and Highlands 1260 -1690 (from the Vikings to the Jacobites)
2. The Maori-Pakeha Wars 1845-1872
3. Glider Troops of World War II
4. Empires of West Africa
5. Allied Colonial Forces of World War I in Europe and Africa

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01-Mar-2012 12:46

Is there already a title covering the Cuban revolutionary forces of Castro? If not then thats my choice.

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01-Mar-2012 12:50

Oh, and one more less likely one
The Career of Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC, though you would probably need need multiple volumes for an A (for Afghan) to Z (Zulu) of Victorian conflicts that takes in China, the Crimea, India, North America, Africa and the little known Dutchy of Strackenz

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01-Mar-2012 13:11

1 Russo-Polish war 1919-21
2 Inca armies
3 Maya armies
4 War of the Triple Alliance
5 War of the Pacific

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01-Mar-2012 13:53

The armies of Asia and America are nearly absent from the catalog of Osprey. I propose the following ones:

1. Ancient Indian Armies
2. Medieval Indian Armies
3. Korean Armies 1st to 16th century (Gaya, Silla, Baekje, Goguryeo, Joseon)
4. The Incas and his enemies 1400-1525
5. The mayas

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01-Mar-2012 14:13

I support the following suggestions:
1. The Russo-Polish War 1919-21
2. Modern African Wars - Congo
3. Armies of West African Empires (the 'Amazons' of Dahomey are a must to be examined)
4. Ancient Indian Armies
5. War of the Triple Alliance

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01-Mar-2012 14:20

1. Congo Crisis 1960-1966- This might have to be a multi-volume set as there is a lot of ground to cover as far as uniforms are concered.
2. Nigerian Civil War 1967-1970
3. Kriegsmarine Naval Infantry 1939-1945- Covering boarding and landing parties, security units, and whenever Kriegsmarine fought as infantry, such as at St. Nazaire and the units formed from naval personnel late in the war.
4. Dutch Army of WW2
5. Armies of the Angolan Civil War 1975-2002.

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john k
01-Mar-2012 14:47

I would like to see more on the European armies of the 16th and 17th centuries. - The 80 years war, Dutch, English and Spanish
The 30 years war, (there have been books on the Imperial forces already but not their opponants)
The Italian wars of the French
The various internal French conflicts
The Northern wars
The Austrian-Turkish Wars
The War of the Grand Alliance and also
The War of Spanish Succession
John K

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Michael Lubrano
01-Mar-2012 15:29

1. Washington's Light Dragoons 1777-83
(With a companion MAA covering the Philadelphia Light Horse, State Militia Cavalry & the Legions-Lee's, Pulaski's & Armand's)

2. American Mounted Troops 1792-1815
(Dragoons of Wayne's Legion, Regular Light Dragoons 1799-1815, Kentucky Mounted Riflemen, 7th New York Dragoons and other State/Militia Cavalry)

3. German Hired Troops in North America 1776-83
( 2 Parts?)

4. Marlborough's British Army 1702-11
(Really overdue!)

5. U.S. Forces in Korea 1950-53

And since we readers (esp. ME) can never stop at 5 here is a bonus suggestion:
American Maritime Forces 1775-83 & 1789-1815
(Navy, Marines and for the first title State Naval forces)

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01-Mar-2012 17:31

1) The 1848 Revolutions: I think this might actually cover several MAA titles. The uniforms of the Hungarian Honved by itself could fill a volume.

2)The Congo Crisis (1960-66): Covering the Belgians, the Congolese government, breakaway government forces, Simba rebels, the UN, and the Mercs.

3) American State, Militia, and Volunteer Troops, 1812-1815: I support this title, particularly if it focuses on those units that saw combat in the East and the Northwest.

4) The Russo-Turkish and Austro-Turkish War (1787-1792): It would be nice to see more coverage of the Turkish Wars after the siege of Vienna, and the "Potemkin Uniforms" of this era are certainly unique.

5) Napoleon's Italian Enemies: It would be nice to have a title covering the uniforms of Venice, Naples, the Papal States, and other Italian forces that fought against the French.

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GI Gene
01-Mar-2012 17:39

1- African Forces of the British Commonwealth 1939-45
(South Africa, Rhodesia, the West and East African Regiments, and the Commonwealth units that fought the Italians in East Africa in 1940-41.)

2- Anti-Japanese Guerrilla and Resistance Groups 1931-45

3- Dutch Forces of World War II

4- Commonwealth Forces in Korea 1950-53

5- The Iran-Iraq War 1980-88

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Colonial Boy
01-Mar-2012 18:05

Crimean Allies (the most glaring omission in the Osprey line)
German Paramilitary and Party Militia Units 1919-1933
Hessian Units 1776-1783
British Campaigns since 1990
Indian Cavalry: Bombay, Madras, and the Frontier Force

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01-Mar-2012 18:31

OK, here is my wishlist.
01. Czechoslovak Army 1939-45 (including Czechoslovak forces in Western & Eastern front and North Africa, Slovak Army, Czechoslovak Goverment Army, Uprising forces)
02. Soviet Cavalry in World War II
03. The Russo-Polish War 1919-21
04. Czechoslovak Army 1919-39
05. Eastern Europe Armies of World War I

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Great Khan
01-Mar-2012 19:22

You are severely lacking in coverage of Ancient/Medieval South-Southeast Asian armies and Armies of the various African Empires. I advise you not to make general titles like "Armies of Medieval India 300-1600", instead try to focus on a single empire or a smaller period.
Thus, may I suggest:

1. Korean armies of the Early-Middle Joseon Dynasty (from the founding of the dynasty to the Manchu invasions)
2. Armies of the Gupta Empire
3. Armies of Angkor (The Khmer Empire)
4. African Knights (The states of the Hausa, etc)
5. Armies of the Benin Empire (West Africa)

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01-Mar-2012 19:40

i could think of dozens, but those are the most important one's:

1. Army of the Golden Horde and its sucessor states
2. Ancient and Medieval Indian Armies
3. Ancient and Medieval Korean Armies
4. French Army of the Thirty Years' War
5. Swedish Army of the Great Northern War (Charles XII)

I also support all titles on Latin America in the 19th century, and those by Great Khan. also more on Dutch (80 Years' War) and the War of Spanish Sucession (!!!), Medieval Balkan states (separate titles for Hungary, Serbia, Romanian prinicpalities), South East Asia, early modern Persia etc...

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01-Mar-2012 21:13

In no particular order.

Armies of the Schleswig-Holstein Wars.

Armies of the Scania War.

Middle Eastern Armies of WWII (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, etc.).

Armies of the War of the Pacific.

Early Modern Hungarian Armies.

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01-Mar-2012 21:27

1. Early Slav nad Avar armies
2. Serbian (and other Balkan states) army in WWI
3. Anything about Byzantine navy
4. Expeditionary Forces in Russian civil war
5. and more medieval Balkan pls:)

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01-Mar-2012 22:09

1. Inter war British armed forces including Third Anglo-Afgan War, Faqir of Ipiand Arab uprising.
2. Royal Navy Landing Parties 1790- 1945
3. Medieval Indian Armies
4. Classical Indian Armies
5. The Rif rebellion

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02-Mar-2012 00:06

My suggestions:

1- Latin American Independence War's forces (1810-30). Only San Martin and Bolivar Armies are covered in MAA 232 but adittional books are needed to complete the independentist forces and include the realist side.
2-The War of the Triple Alliance (1865-70)
3-WWII Belgian, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian Armed forces (1940-45) covering both existent units at the time of the German Invasion and forces raised by the goverments in the exile.
4-USAAF air & ground crew (Like MAA 377 about Luftwaffe)
5-Armies of the Boshin War

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General Interest
02-Mar-2012 02:06

1 Terrorist Organizations 1960s to Today
2 Islamic Forces Iraq, Afghanistan and Worldwide in the 21st century
3 Suits International Government Institutions
(US FBI, CIA / UK Civil Servant, Military Officer, Police / Soviet KGB)
4 Forces of the Banana Republics (United Fruit Company)
5 Wars of the Papacy and the Papal States (various periods)

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02-Mar-2012 03:09

Good stuff.

I'm going to second a couple of previous suggestions:

Russian Forces in North America 1799-1867

Washington's Light Dragoons 1777-83

And I'll add some of my own:

US Army Support Troops (Medical, Engineer, Signal, Ordnance, and Staff)
1848 - 1905

Coureurs du Bois of New France 1688- 1762

Mounted Rangers in the US Army 1812 - 1848 (including the Texas Rangers in Mexico)

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02-Mar-2012 03:33

1.Thailand Army,Paramilitaries from 1860 to present day(Franco-Thai 1940 War).2.South American titles previously listed/South American "Indian Wars"/Banana Wars/Dominican Republic 1965.3.Cuban Forces in Africa-Congo-Angola-Ogaden,etc.4.Guarda Civil,Carabinieri,French CRS.5.Portugal Army WW1,Europe WW2 Neutrals(Spain-Swiss-Sweden-Turks.

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02-Mar-2012 04:36

I'd like to give my support to The War of the Pacific and the Anglo-Irish War.

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02-Mar-2012 11:39


Here are my choices:

1. North Korean Army ( maybe in two volumes, Korean war era and modern times).

2 South Korean Armed Forces ( as in North Korean title).

3. Shah Pahlavi era Iran Army

4. Finnish army in WWII ( mayby in two volumes: Winter War and Continuation War +Lapland War )

5. Ancient Korean Armies ( Three Kingdoms Era ).

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02-Mar-2012 12:21

Hi this is my suggestions :

1. Iran-Iraq War
2. The Russo-Polish War 1919-21
3. India-Pakistan Wars
4. War in Chechnya 1994-2000
5. South Korean Armed Forces

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02-Mar-2012 12:55

1. Greek Army in World War 2
2. Ogaden War 1977/8
3. Armies of Christian Spain 1000-1300
4. Armies of Christian Spain 1300-1500
5. War of the Pacific 1879-84 (though would prefer this in Elite series - more space!)

Re 'Angolan Civil War', 'Congo Civil War' and 'Indo-Pakistan Wars' - I really think these need Essential Histories titles. Speaking of which, will we be invited to submit ideas for that series in due course?

One other point: the pre-colonial Far East (excluding China and Japan) has been neglected almost completely by any series (except brief mentions in the New Vanguards on War Elephants and Far East Warships). Too many possible titles to mention!!

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02-Mar-2012 13:49

1. East German NVA- Interesting army, and Osprey's only (partial) coverage of it is the now dated "Warsaw Pact Ground Forces" and "Soviet Bloc Elite Forces"
2. West German Bundeswehr- Counterpart to the above. Again, Osprey's coverage of it, "NATO Armies today" is very dated.
3. The Swiss Army of the World Wars- Interesting topic with very little coverage
4. Roman Auxilaries 100 B.C.- 200 A.D.- Definently a hole in Osprey's coverage of Ancient Rome
5. Modern Russian Armies- 1991-2012- Covering Chechnya and Georgia, as well as showing the changes in the Post-Soviet Army since the publication of "Inside The Soviet Army"

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Varangian Guard
02-Mar-2012 14:51

1.Polish–Soviet War 1919-1921
2.Belgian army WW2
3.Greek Civil War
4.Cuban Revolution 1953-1959
5.Korean army 1592-1598

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02-Mar-2012 17:14

1. Sassanian Infantry (we all know about their cavalry but recent research has revealed a strong infantry element)
2. Medieval Indian Armies (probably needs several titles to cover these but there is *nothing* about India before the Moghuls)
3. Armies of the Italian Wars (again, probably more than 1 title plus complimentary publications in Essential Histories)
4. Catalan Grand Company
5. English Armies in Ireland 1150-1485

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02-Mar-2012 17:58

1. South African forces ww2
2. Commonweath navies of ww2
3. Soviet elite units of ww2
4. Norwegian army ww2
5. New Zealand army ww2

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02-Mar-2012 18:24

waou, a plebiscite for more Latinoamérican armies, I didn't expect a such movilisation and that so many people wish to see this kind of topics

1- Armies of the Triple Alliance War 1864-1870
2- Armies of the Pacific War 1879-1883
3- Armies of the "Great War" 1839-1852
4- The French Army 1849-1867
5- The Spanish Army in Central & South America

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02-Mar-2012 19:44

I'd like to support the following suggested titles:

1.) Commonwealth Forces in Korea 1950-53.
2.) The Russo-Polish War 1919-21.
3.) Royal Navy Landing Parties 1790- 1945

My additions to these would be:

4.) British Militia and Yeomanry forces 1660 - 1908.
5.) Modern defence forces of British overseas territories.

My bonus ball sugestion:

6.) The Honourable Artillery Company.

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03-Mar-2012 13:11

here's my list:
1.Commonwealth Forces in Korea 1950-53;
2.Russo-Polish war 1919-21;
3.India-Pakistan Wars;
4.Opium Wars;
5.Iran-Iraq War.

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03-Mar-2012 19:26

Well I have lots of idas but here is my top 5.
1.Slovak Army 1939-1945

2.German Navy 1939-1945

3.Chinese Communist Forces in the 2nd d Sino-Japanese War and Civil War 1937-1949

4.Japanese Puppet Chinese Armies 1935-1945

5.Armed Forces of the Japanese Puppet Empire of Manchukuo

I have more if you want to hear them.

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03-Mar-2012 19:28

A Gerat one will be Czechoslovak Army 1933-1945 too.

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03-Mar-2012 23:04

It is difficult just to choose five from the already suggested titles, but here is my list (including a new one):

1. The Swedish Army of the Great Northern War (Peter the Great's Army has already been covered in two volumes. His foe in the South is covered in Armies of the Ottoman Turks 1300-1774, but where are the volumes about his Northern foe - Sweden?

2. Greco-Turkish War 1919-1922 (Since no one has suggested it yet)

3. Indo-Pakistani Wars 1947-1999 (The Sino-Indian War 1962 could be included or deserves a separate volume)
4. The French Army of the Thirty Years' War (could be followed up by the Spanish Army of the same period)
5.The Iran-Iraq War 1980-88

A title about the Byzantine navy is so tempting that I must second that sugestion.

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04-Mar-2012 09:55

Armies of the 80 years war would be my pick

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04-Mar-2012 15:20

I support the following previous proposals:

The Russo-Polish war 1919-1921

German forces in the American Revolution

Roman Auxiliares

Kriegsmarine Naval Infantry 1939-1945 (Glorious Gebirgsmarine!)

German Paramilitary and Party Militia Units 1919-1933 (But not just the SA, I want to see Stahlhelm, Reichsbund jüdischer Frontsoldaten, the major Freikorp, communist, Democratic, Imperialist and Fascist.

Army of the Golden Horde and its successor states

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04-Mar-2012 19:08


I support following:

East German NVA
Korean Armies 1592-1598
Modern Russian Armies- 1991-2012
The Iran-Iraq War 1980-88
Dutch Forces of World War II
Phyrrus Army
Rome´s Enemies (6) Hellenistic Armies
Roman Army from Scipio Africanus to Marius / Roman Army from Julian to Justinian
Italiote Armies: Samnites, Tarentines, Etrurians, Apulians (a title about the enemies of Ancient Rome in her conquest of Italy)
Roman Auxilaries 100 B.C.- 200 A.D

And also one of my one ( mayby for warior title but still )

Allied special forces units the Pasific ( not US but Dutch,Australian, UK, New Zeland and so. )


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04-Mar-2012 21:55

1. Safavid, Afshar, Zand Qajar Persian Armies(Preferably in separate titles)

2. Italian Armies of Risorgimento

3. The French Armée d’Afrique

4. The Egyptian Army of the 19th C.

5. Armies of the Diadochi - Alexanders Succesors

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Michael Lubrano
04-Mar-2012 23:41

Quite a number of interesting suggestions with a leaning to the very obscure! Thanks to those who seconded my suggestions like German Forces in North America 1776-83 and Washington's Light Dragoons. I would note though since there are already excellent Elite titles covering USAAF air and ground crews (2-parter!) & The German Freikorps that MAA titles are not required.

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04-Mar-2012 23:43

Excellent ideas from all that I have read.
(1) Indian army in Nth. Africa and Italy in WW2
(2) New Zealand 2nd Div. Nth Africa and Italy
(3)Indian (HEIC)marines -formed ? to 1857/59
(4) South American wars -post Indep. Bolivia/Peru/Chile -" quarno ? wars"
(5) Philippines/Huk fighting 1950s

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05-Mar-2012 01:22

I think that, if we talk about "gaps" in the MAA series, the ancient and medieval armies of the Indian sub-continent as well as the armies of the ancient Khmer kingdom should have the priority.

The Latin-American armies (republican, Spanish and loyalists) of the Independance Wars should also received coverage to fill a gap. A little bit outside that specific scope, the Potuguese in Brasil should not be forgot,

To conclude, titles about the armies and the conflict on the Pacific Rim (Alaska, Korea, Ancient Indonesia, etc.) should be welcome.

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Colin G. Upton
05-Mar-2012 01:56

Once again, having already posted my choices earlier I'd like to lend my support to other people's choices. Besides anything to do with Latin America, I support:
Russian Forces in North America 1799-1867
Thr Russo-Polish War 1919 - 1921
German Auxillery units of the American Revolution
Armies of the Italian Risogimento
Empires of West Africa

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05-Mar-2012 03:55

1. Russian Conquest of Siberia 1580-1640
2. Ancient and Medieval Armies of India (everything pre-Mughal)
3. Ancient Armies of Peru (Chavin, Moche, Nasca, Tihuanaco, Inca)
4. "Banana Wars"/American Intervention Forces in Latin America and the Caribbean (Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, NICARAGUA*, HONDURAS*)
5. Armies of the Congo Crisis

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05-Mar-2012 04:15

I like TonyCas562's suggestions for a title on the Banana Wars. That reminded me of an idea I thought of some time ago: The U.S. Army 1920-41.

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05-Mar-2012 09:17

I think the most serious problem for filling the gaps for titles dealing with the Ancient era is to get the right authors for writing.

Nevertheless I propose the following:

1. Armies of Justinian:
There is very less coverage of that era (given its importance) but given body of source material and modern research there is a lot known.

The best would be when Osprey could start a new serie as they did with the era of the Roman Late Republic. So you could add MAA supplementals like:

2. Justinian`s Enemies: Western Enemies (Germanic people as Ostrogoths, Vandals, Visigoths, Franks, Heruls)

3. Justinian`s Enemies: Beyond the Danube (Huns, Bulgars, Slavs, Avars)

4. Justinian`s Enemies: Sassanians (covering his most serious adversery Khosrau I and his reforms).

5. The Kushans
That is a gap I would like to have filled (starting with their great immigration, the conquest of Graeco Bactria, the new Indo-Kushano culture and military and their impact on Parthians and Sassanians).

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05-Mar-2012 13:41

Ok, here goes,

1. Scottish Armies of The Hundred Years War
We have already had at least three titles looking at English and French armies of the period but what about the rest. The Scots took an extensive part in the war both on British soil and in France.
2. The Suez Crisis
Surely crying out for a Men-at-Arms title! This compact war involved British, French, Israeli and Egyptian forces so there is plenty of scope to look at different uniforms. There is also very little in the Osprey range about the 1950s.
3. International Forces in the Russian Civil War 1918-20
In much the same vain as the above entry the shear number of different contingents involved means there is a wealth of uniform variety to look at. British, French, American and Japanese being among the most prominent but also the smaller contingents from Italy, Greece, Romania and Poland.
4. South African Army in World War I
The Canadian, Australian and New Zealand contingents have all had (or are getting shortly) their own volumes covering their involvement in the Great War so why not the Springboks???
5. South African Army in World War II
Pretty much the same as above except that South African involvement went much further afield in World War II and covered significant SAAF contributions.

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05-Mar-2012 22:21

I would like to support the "bannana wars" idea and the expeditionary forces in the russian civil war.

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05-Mar-2012 22:24

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the dutch army of wwii, i'd like to lend support to that too.

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06-Mar-2012 00:55

To Michael Lubrano: Thanks for you remark!
To Nouvelle-France the Portuguese in Brasil is not outside of the topic of the Independence Wars in Latin America, they took adventage of the situation in the Spanish colonies to gain territory , and became another participant in the struggles in the River Plate.

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06-Mar-2012 08:47

I lend my support to the following proporsals:
- Rome´s Enemies (6): Hellenistic Armies (I agree with continuing the Rome´s Enemies series, there is a lot to choose)
- Armies of Justinian (I´d like the idea of continuing the Roman Army from series in Byzantine version)
- Justinian´s enemies (the same thing, a good continuation of Rome´s Enemies series)
- The Dacians
- Armies of Christian Spain 1000-1300 and 1300-1500 (there is italian, german and english-this in warrior series I think- time for anothers)
- Eastern European Medieval Armies

I like Armies of the Diadochi - Alexanders Succesors too, but I think it will be cover by Macedonian Armies after Alexander, 323-168 BC (Men-at-Arms) by Nicholas Sekunda (Nov 20, 2012), so ...

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06-Mar-2012 11:11

My list:

1- Modern Russian Armies- 1991-2012
2- No-UK SAS (Aussie & Kiwi) 2001-2012
3- Armies (French/Italian/Spanish/Imperial) of Italian Wars 1494-1530
4- Armies (French/Spanish-Imperial) of Valois-Hasburg Wars 1531-1559
5- French Armies of Religious Wars 1562-1598

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06-Mar-2012 15:15

To hobbe62:
The Turkish War of Independence 1919-1923 includes the Greco-Turkish War 1919-1922.
To Nouvelle-France, john k and Württemberger:
I limited my suggestions to 5, but a volume such as The Portuguese empire (2) 1602-1822 would mainly cover the Portuguese in Brasil and the Dutch- Portuguese War 1602-1663 (an extension of the 80 years war).

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Enormous Stilton
08-Mar-2012 09:56

1. Iran-Iraq War 1980-88
2. Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
3. The Suez Crisis 1956
4. The Dacians
5. The Bundeswehr 1955-90

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11-Mar-2012 11:11

Despite the fact I already posted my list, I would like to support some titles from other contributors that deserve some attention:
1. the Suez crisis;
2. the banana wars;
3. the Congo crisis (60's).

All of them are very interesting from uniforms and unit perspective, by the nature of forces involved and/or the particular period in wich they took place.

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13-Mar-2012 21:36

1.Dutch armed forces of WW2
2.Danish Armed forces of ww2
3.Belgian Armed forces of WW2
4.New Zealand Armed forces of ww2
5.South African Armed Forces of ww2
6. British Army Service Women since 1945
7. Royal Navy in the Persian Gulf 1979-2012
8. British Army in Former Republic of Yugoslavia
9.Oman & Dohfar 1969-1976

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15-Mar-2012 18:00

Here goes then:
1.The Suez Crisis
2. Russo-Polish War 1919-12
3. Anti Japanese Guerilla & Resistance Groups
4.French Army of the Crimea
5.Roman Auxileries
Thanks - Keep up the good work!

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15-Mar-2012 20:03

1- German Forces in the American Revolution.
2- Swedish Army of the Great Nortern War.
3- Roman Auxilarys.
4- Roman Army From Scipo Africanus To Marius.
5- Romies Enemies #6 Hellenistic Armies.

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21-Mar-2012 13:11

Here are my five suggestions:

1) The Italian armies of the Risorgimento, 1848-1870. Perhaps several titles because it covers a large subject: the Piemontese-Sardinian army, troops from the Italian Middle-States, the Kingdom of Naples, papal zouaves and of course Garibaldi's Redshirts.
2) Armies of the Dutch Revolt, 1568-1648. Spanish tercios and Dutch rebels. The army of Maurits van Nassau, one of the most succesful commanders in the first quarter of the 17th century.
3) Medieval Moldavian and Wallachian armies, 1250-1500. The troops of Stephen the Great of Moldavia and Mircea the Old and Vlad 'Dracula' Tepes of Wallachia.
4) Medieval Hungarian armies, 1000-1526
5) Medieval armies of the Low Countries, 1000-1500. Knights from Holland, Zealand, Guelders, Utrecht, Hainault.

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21-Mar-2012 15:49

My suggestions for future tiltes are:
1)Revolutionary armies against the ottoman empire, covering armies like the greeks,romanians,serbians bulgarians etc.Think about the army of Vlad Tepes................
2)Armies of the Korean Peninsula.A really valuble addition especially if it covers the modern north korean army
3)Army of Cuban guerillas during the cuban revolution of the late 50's.
4)Armies of Mayas, Incas and Aztecs
5)Armies of Korean conflict
My bonus title:
Armies of Greco-turkish wars 1821-1914.
Good luck

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21-Mar-2012 16:18

I would like to support any title covering the militia and Volunteer forces of both sides of The War of 1812. I would also like to see a title on the different Colours of both sides. Perhaps there should be a consideration on the Native Americans who became involved.

It would also be nice to See titles on the following:

Napoleons Gendarmie and Duoanes
The French National Guard 1800-1815
The Royal Marines 1790-1815
Danish Armed Forces of the Napoleonic Wars
British Home Front 1790-1815
French Home Front 1790-1815
Spanish Home Front 1790-1815
American Home Front 1790-1815

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21-Mar-2012 22:52

I have just thought of another title with Bicentenary of the Anglo-American War of 1812 ( As we Brits call it!)
The United States Navy and the Revenue Cutter Service 1790-1866
This title could be produced in volumes i.e:
The War of 1812
The American Civil War

This would fill a very large gap in the knowledge for UK renactors and historians who cannot use the research resources on the other side of the pond. In fact I would support/second any title covering this period. Apart from the War of 1812, there is the Quasi-War with France and the Barbary Corsair Wars as well.

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22-Mar-2012 09:43

1. Swiss Military of the 20th Century. Surrounded by Hitler's Germany durring WW2 the Swiss citizen soildiers kept the Nazis out. No Small feat !
2. Swiss Military of the 19th century
3. Armed Forces of Malta The Maltese often take part in joint training exercises with neighboring countries.
4. Japanese Military Forces in WW1
5. Post WW2 German Armed Forces

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22-Mar-2012 18:19

1)The Spanish Tercios (2 books one for the 16th and one for the 17th centuries )
2)The Swedish Army of the Great Northern Wars (2 books, one for the period of Charles X - the First Northern War - and another for the army of Charles XII)
3)The Dutch Army of the 80 years war
4)The French Army of the 30 years war
5)The Army of Louis XIV (2 books, one covering the years to 1685, the other for the War of the Leage of Augsburg and The Spanish War of Succession)

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23-Mar-2012 12:10

there already is a book on Louis' XIV Army, and an upcoming book on the Spanish Tercios...but i would also have prefered two volumes for both...

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24-Mar-2012 01:15

Here we go:
- Armies of the Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988 (I made a topic about this)
- War of the Triple Alliance 1864-1870 (I remember talking about it once)
- Armies of the Angolan Civil War 1975-2002 (That's a good idea)
- Ecuadorian–Peruvian War 1941 (first airborne operation in the American Hemisphere)
- French forces of the Crimea (Talked about it in another topic, 9x bigger than the brits, still ignored)

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27-Mar-2012 06:48

1) Armies of the Russo Polish War 1920-21
2) Imperial Japanese Forces 1914-27 (Covering WW1, Russian Civil War, and conflict in China during 1920's).
3) Armies of the Italian Wars 1494-1530
4) French Armies of the Second War of Italian Independence 1859 (A great companion to your campagin title on Soliferino).
5) Dutch, Belgian, and Norwegian forces in WW2.

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27-Mar-2012 13:33

Other books should cover the Khazars, Seljuks, Armies of the Papal State, Spanish medieval armies, Inca armies, Mayan armies, Celtic armies, German colonial troops, Portuguese armies (in Europe and colonial), Persian armies from the Middle Ages to the 19th century (the Ottoman arch-enemy in Asia), Italian armies of the 17th and 18th century.

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27-Mar-2012 22:51

I support the following ideas:

- Hellenistic Armies (1): Ptolomaic Forces 305-30 B.C.
Hellenistic Armies (2): Seleucid Forces 305-83 B.C.
- Armies of the Triple Alliance War 1864-1870
- The Spanish Army in Central & South America during XVIII century
- Polish-Bolshevik War Armies 1919-1921
- Greek Civil War armies 1944-1949

And then my suggestions:

- Macedonian Army 359-321 BC
- Spanish Armies of the Italian Wars 1502- 1556
- Felipe V’s (first Spanish Bourbon) Armies 1701-1746 (4 volumes)
- Hispanic-American Wars of Independence Armies 1810-1829
1) Republicanos o Patriotas, 2) Realistas (What is Latin-America?)
- Interventionist Forces during the Russian Civil War 1918-1922


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28-Mar-2012 21:26

I am on the medieval side so here is my list:

- I think there is something missing about the Mongol Empire, i am dreaming of a book about each part of the empire: Yuan dynasty, Golden Horde, Ilkhanid and Jaghataï khaghanate.
- Medieval India is of course a big gap to fill, perhaps not so easy but very interesting.
- Medieval Caucasus ( Armenia, Georgia, the Alans ) is a gap to fill between the russian steppes and Iran that appear in some Osprey's books.
- A book about the Khazars could be make me very happy.
- One MAA on medieval Ireland and another one on medieval Scotland and that's all for the moment.


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11-Apr-2012 18:30

1) English armies of the hundred years war 1337-1415 (companion to MAA 317 & 337)
2) Chinese late imperial armies 1840-1911 (companion to MAA 307-306)
3) US cavalry 1890-1942
4) Congo crisis (1960s)
5) Italian free companys and condottiere 1300-1500
6) European revolutions of 1848

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Happy Wanderer
17-Apr-2012 04:07

I totally agree wiht htis post

"Armies of the Latin American Wars of Liberation 1 : Gran Columbia
The first of what I would envision as a series (the other would be Armies of Chile/Peru, Argentina and Spanish Royalists) on the Latin American Wars of Liberation, a extremely and exotic colourful subject of increasing interest for wargamers as couple of new figure lines attest".

This is an excellent suggestion.

Happy Wanderer

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17-Apr-2012 13:45

1. Dutch army of the 80 years war 1568-1648
2. Spanish colonial troops in central & south america 1525-1780
3. Medieval free companies
4. Belgian army in WW2
5. Italian renaissance army 1494-1550

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04-Sep-2012 12:35

1. phillistine armies
2. the burmese siamese wars
3the revolutions of 1848
4 the north west rebeliion
5 russian armies in north america

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Toussaint Louverture
16-Apr-2013 21:49

1.Armies of the Haitian Revolution 1791-1804
2. Armies of Mohammed Ali Somali 1755-1781
3. Jamaican Maroons
4. Haitian Armies in St. Domingo 1822-1849
5. Banana Wars 1915-1934

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04-May-2014 15:43

For Men at Arms gaps how about - SYW Austrian Allies and Napoleons Allies Wurttemberg Army

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04-May-2014 15:44

For Men at Arms gaps how about - SYW Austrian Allies and Napoleons Allies Wurttemberg Army

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