Filling the gaps in our coverage - Raid

September 1, 2012 12:00 AM

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01-Sep-2012 00:30

1. Operation Lam Son 719- ARVN raids Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos, 1971
2. Operation Thursday 1944- Chindit offensive in Burma
3. Long Range Desert Patrolman Raids- 1940-1943 (from that idea that was proposed of showing multiple similar small raids)
4. WWI Trench Raids 1915-1918 (same deal)
5. Operation Neptune Spear 2011(raid that killed Osama Bin Laden)- Its likely too early for this but since their is a signifigant amount of information available, maybe its feasible. Osprey is publishing a raid that took place in 2002 so I guess its not totally out of the question.

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01-Sep-2012 01:18

1. The Battle of York, 27 April 1813
2. The Dieppe Raid, 19 August, 1942
3. The Battle of Stony Point, 16 July 1779
4. The Jameson Raid, 29 December 1895 – 2 January 1896
5. Morgan's Raid, 11 June – 26 July 1863

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01-Sep-2012 01:22

I've been looking forward to this!

1. Operation Taranto - Been postponed as a campaign title, but really needs to be in the raid series. Groundbreaking Raid and clearly a glaring omission. Pearl Harbour's been covered twice so come on Osprey!

2. Raid On Telemark - Assault on hitler's norwegian heavy water plant. Would make a great book & companion to the film.

3. Operation Daybreak - Assasination of Reinhard Heydrich. The Death That Shook Germany.

4. Destruction Of Force Z - Loss of HMS Prince Of Wales & Repulse. This deserves a full book rather than just having a small chapter in a campaign book on Singapore.

5. Raid On Rommel - Disastrous raid trying to locate and kill Rommel in North Africa. Interesting.

I would also like to suggest The Great Escape but not quite sure in which series it would best be suited.

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01-Sep-2012 01:31

Scrap my suggestion for one on the Dieppe Raid, I forgot you guys have a campaign title on it.

Instead, maybe one on the raid on Chatham, 9 – 14 June 1667

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01-Sep-2012 01:32

1. the continental attack on nassau,1776
2. the meigs raid 1777
3.wayne's capture of stony point 1779
4. light horse harry lee's taking of paulus hook,1779
5.the tallmadge raid 1780
6. the french strike of jersey,1781
7. the storming of the bastiile,1789
8. the windmill 1838
9. lawrence 1863
10. morgans raid
11. jubals drive toward washington 1864
12.zanzibar 1896
13 the hunt for bonnie and clyde,1934
14 operation mar verde 1970
15 operation dingo 1977
16 the attack on kulwani,1978
17 operation storm 333 1979
18 the killing of pablo escobar 1993
19 the north hollywood shootout 1997
20 the death of osama bin laden 2011

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01-Sep-2012 01:33

the blue house raid 1968 and cape lopez 1722

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01-Sep-2012 01:36


Oh, the Fill the gaps for Raid!

1- The Graf Spee Commerce Raiding Cruise 1939

Panzerschiff Admiral Graf Spee acted as Commerce raider in South Atlantic and Indian Oceans against vital Allied supply lines but avoiding combat with superior enemy forces, sinking 9 merchant ships without kills. In December 13th she was located by the British Force G in the mouth of the River Plae estuary. After sustain some damage the German warship entered the neutral port of Montevideo, Uruguay for repairs. 72 hours later she sailed just outside the harbor and was scuttled by her crew.

2- U-47 attack on Scapa Flow 1939

U-47 under the command of Guther Prien entered in Scapa Flow across a gap in the defenses and torpedoed the battleship HMS Royal Oak.

3- The Sarajevo Attemp 1914

The assasaination of the Archiduke Franz Ferdinand heir of the Austria-Hungary (and his wife Sophie) was the spark that ignite the First World War.

4- Operation Vengeance Killing Adm. Yamamoto 1943

When the americans learned about Yamamoto's inspection tour to Solomons thanks to ULTRA, they decided to setup a ambush to kill him, using P-38 Lightning from 339th FS.

5- Battle of Heligoland Bight 1914
It was the first naval battle of the First World War, when the Bristhish ambushed a German destroyer patrol. The most significant result of the battle was that the Kaiser instructed to german Fleet it to remain in port and avoid any contact with superior forces.

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01-Sep-2012 03:09

Only 5 spaces?

Nassau 1776
Stony Point 1779
Manila Bay 1898 (Dewey's destruction of the Spanish fleet)
Operation Daybreak 1942
Operation Vengeance 1943

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01-Sep-2012 03:49

1. Belgian raid at Stanleyville (1964)
2. Little Bohemia Lodge shootout (1934)
3. World War I trench raids in general
4. The Great Escape from Stalag Luft III (1944)
5. Waco siege (1993)

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01-Sep-2012 04:02

1. Scuttling of the French Fleet at Toulon (27.11.1942) during Operation Lila (Note there is currently next to no book coverage readily available on this subject)
2. The Dodecanese Campaign (Sept-Nov 1943) Operation Accolade (This doomed campaign involved, amongst others, units of the LRDG)
3. The Allies ill-fated naval operations in the Dardanelles Campaign which started with an attempt to force the straits (Feb 1915 - Jan 1916)
4. British attack on French Fleet at Mers-el-Kébir, Oran, Algeria, (3.7.1940) [Operation Catapult] and at other ports plus other arrangements to ensure French ships did not fall into German hands.
5. The various raids and operations of the Czech Legion in Russia and Siberia (1917-1920) including the fate of the Romanov Treasury gold bullion that was seized at Kazan in August 1918 and taken aboard the Czech train(s).

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01-Sep-2012 05:25

It's hard to pick only five.

1) Operation Léopard, 1978
The Legion's daring Combat Jump over Kolwezi, that gave international notoriety to the 2e REP.

2) GIGN and the Air France 8969 hijacking, 1994
This 'by the book' rescue by the Gendarmerie's special intervention units will make a really good Raids book.

3) Operation Mar Verde (Green Sea), 1970
A daring amphibious raid, the Portuguese maneged to destroy Guinean's ships and air force assets and to rescue Portuguese POWs. They failed to kill Amílcar Cabral and Sekou Touré tough. It's still a delicate matter for the Portuguese.

4) The Carmen de Patagones raid, 1827
During the Cisplatina War (1825-1828) between the Empire of Brazil and the United Provinces of Plata a daring raid was conduted by the Imperial Navy, aiming to attack and destroy the new naval base of Buenos Aires, at the province of Carmen de Patagones. With the Brazilian Imperial Navy blocking the Rio de la Plata estuary, the Republican forces and their corsairs were in a far estabilished naval base in the region of Patagonia (937 km). The Brazilian fleet attempted to take Carmen de Patagones in 1827 and thus tighten its blockade over Argentina, but Brazilian troops were eventually repelled by local civilians and corsairs. In this defeat, the young Brazilian officer Joaquim Marques Lisboa was captured. He escaped and survived this war, and others, to became admiral, Marquis of Tamandaré nd patron of the Brazilian Navy.

5) Operation Léa, 1947
French Paras almost captured Ho Chi Minh, they would never be so close o getting him again. A very well planned airborne operation with mechanized and riverine forces.




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01-Sep-2012 05:47

1. Operation Agreement 1942
2. Operation Ivory Coast Son Tay Raid 1970
3 . Belgian raid at Stanleyville (1964)
4. Air France Flight 8969 1994
5. De Punt Train Hijack Netherlands 1977

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01-Sep-2012 06:01

Hi everybody! Here are my picks:

1. Niagara 1813 (Capture of Ft. Niagara, and subsequent burning of Buffalo and Black Rock)
2. Lawrence 1863 (Quantrill's most notorious act)
3. Ploesti 1943 (Operation Tidal Wave)
4. Operation Dingo 1977 (Rhodesian external raid)
5. The "Green Leader" Raid 1978

I support York 1813, The Jameson Raid, Son Tay 1970, and Kolwezi 1978.

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01-Sep-2012 06:04

I forgot to add this in my original post. Osprey_GP, I think The Great Escape might be best covered in a one-off General Military on POW escapes throughout history. I'd love to see Tunnel Harry rendered by Osprey artists (Peter Dennis, perhaps?). There are plenty of other breakouts from WW II, as well as other wars, to fill an entire volume, and then some.

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01-Sep-2012 06:14

Here are my choices:
Operation Source 1943 - X-craft attack on the Tirpitz
Operation Agreement 1942- Failed attack on Tobruk with LDRG involvement
Operation Colossus 1941- First British Airborne raid.
Operation Grief 1944- German false flag operations during the Battle of the Bulge
Dnieper 1943- Disastrous Soviet airborne operation

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01-Sep-2012 07:44

1/Green Island(Operation Bulmus 6),2/Blue House Raid,3/Lima Site 85,4/Mirbat,5/Heydrich(Operation Daybreak).

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01-Sep-2012 10:13

1. Killing Reinhard Heidrich (1942)
2. Mount Matajur - Rommel's first hit (1917)
3. Raynard of Chattilon threatens Mecca (1186)
4. Occupation of Southern Carinthia (1919)
5. Conquest of Edessa (1099)

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01-Sep-2012 11:53

1. The Granville raid 1945
2. Operation Leopard- Kolwezi 1978
3. Arnhem 1944. A bridge too far
4. RAF mosquitos daylight raid on Berlin radio station 1943. Spoiling a birthday party
5. La Fière bridge 1944

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01-Sep-2012 12:18

The name of the attempt on Heydrich was Operation Anthropoid, not Operation Daybreak - the latter is a film about the raid, not the codename for the raid itself.
I support
Operation Ivory Coast Son Tay Raid 1970
Belgian raid at Stanleyville (1964)
World War I trench raids in general
Operation Dingo 1977
X-craft raids

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GI Gene
01-Sep-2012 16:10

1- Granville 1945
2- Ranger raid on Kandahar & Delta Force raid on Mullah Omar’s compound 2001
3- Son Tay 1970
4- Kolwezi 1978
5- Rescue of PFC Jessica Lynch Iraq 2003

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01-Sep-2012 19:53

1. The Capture of Aguinaldo 1901 - the successful capture of Philippine guerrilla leader Emilio Auginaldo during the Philippine-American War (1899-1902). It was masterfully done by intercepting intelligence, taking advantage of it and using indigenous forces to deceive Auginaldo and to gain entry to the hidden headquarters where they captured him.

2. (Supporting ekwardle's suggestion) The Jameson Raid, 29 December 1895 – 2 January 1896.

3. (Supporting Osprey_GP's suggestion) Operation Anthropoid - The Asassination of Reinhard Heydrich.

4. (Supporting PTB) Operation Ivory Coast - Son Tay Raid 1970.

5. (Supporting BDR) Belgian raid at Stanleyville (1964)

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01-Sep-2012 20:27

Desert One 1980 - Operation Eagle Claw, the abortive US special forces hostage rescue in Iran. A highly ambitious and complex special ops mission that started to unravel early doors and ultimately ended in failure. It also did significant damage to the Carter administration. There is loads of scope here to look analyse what went wrong and why.

Son Tay 1970 – American attempted POW rescue in North Vietnam. Again a very ambitious operation that came close to success, it only failed due to the POWs having been moved. Surely its crying out for a Raid title.

Operation Agreement 1942 – Series of British raids on Axis positions in North Africa in and around Tobruk. This was a multi-layered raid with amphibous and over land attacks. Ultimnatley the main amphibous attack was a fiasco but some of the smaller over land LRDG and SAS ops were successful on a smaller scale. Well worth a look.

Medway 1667 – Dutch Navy raids the Royal Navy fleet anchorage. A very important moment in the Royal Navy’s history (often refered to as their ‘Black Day’). The loss of 13 major warships was a key point in the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War that lead directly to Dutch victory in said conflict.

Cadiz 1587 – Drakes raid on Spanish port that delayed the Armada for a year. A great tale of daring do fit to swash anybodies buckle!!! Also its not a period yet covered in Raid.

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01-Sep-2012 20:55

1.) Limbang, Brunei Revolt - 1962.
2.) Top Malo House, Falklands - 1982.
3.) Bombardment of Algiers - 1816.
4.) Operations Jaywick & Rimau, Singapore - 1943/1944.
5.) Kolwezi - 1978.

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01-Sep-2012 22:30

I support:Mar Verde,Stanleyville,Mers-El-Kebir,Kolwezi,Air France 8969,Limbang.On the "rescue" of Pvt Lynch No NO NOOOO!!!

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01-Sep-2012 22:31

Most of the suggestions are great, but some, like Operation Thursday seem to be more campaigns.

Here are a few not mentioned

St Francis - Rogers' Rangers

Remolino - Mackenzie and the 4th cavalry

Sened Pass - Darby's Rangers

Adobe Walls - Kit Carson and the most desperate Indian fight in the west

Tasimboko - Edson's Raiders

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Destory Of Worlds
01-Sep-2012 23:39

Here is my idea for what is needed,
Rome 1527 (this shoudl be tittled Pope run's for his life)
Panama 1671
Stony Point 1779
Bastille 1789
Oran 1940

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02-Sep-2012 08:43

1) CSS Shenandoah: The last confederate, october 1864-6 november 1865
2) “Il sacco di Roma” 1527 (Landsknechts to Rome)
3) The Jamesson Raid 1895-1896 (boer)
4) Raids to Vemork and Tinnsjoen: Rjukan (Telemark), Norway 1943
5) Camerone, Mexico 1863

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02-Sep-2012 13:53

There are so many title proposed that I like, so I just suggest to worthy subject:

1) Villafranca 1515- Bayard Daring Strike
From Wiki:
The prologue to the battle (Marignano) was a remarkable Alpine passage, in which Francis hauled pieces of artillery (including 40 or 70 huge cannons) over new-made roads over the Col d'Argentière, a previously unknown route. This was, at the time, considered one of the foremost military exploits of the age and the equal of Hannibal's crossing of the Alps. At Villafranca the French, led by Jacques de la Palice,] surprised and captured the Papal commander, Prospero Colonna, in a daring cavalry raid deep behind the allied lines (the Chevalier Bayard providing the impetus and expertise). Colonna and his staff aside, the French seized a great deal of booty on the raid, including 600 horses.

2)Siege at Du Punt 17 June 1977- BBE Train Assault
On 11 June 1977, the Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid of the Dutch Marine Corps stormed a train that was being held hostage since 23 May by armed South Moluccan extremists in the village of De Punt, in the province of Drenthe. Six Royal Netherlands Air Force F-104 Starfighters buzzed the train as a diversion just before the assault. Six terrorists and two hostages were killed in the storming. The BBE has become the Dutch government’s primary counter-terrorism force.

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02-Sep-2012 16:37

Plenty of titles to choose, here go my suggestions:

1. X MAS Raid, Alexandria 1941
2. Green Leader attack on ZIPRA, Lusaka 1978
3. Operation Dingo, Mozambique 1977
4. Airborne raid on Cassinga 1978
5. Operation Leopard, Kolwezi 1978

and as the usual "bonus tracks"

6. Dragon Rouge & Dragon Noir, Stanleyville 1964
7. U-47 Raid, Scapa Flow 1939
8. Son Tay, 1970
9. Jameson Raid, South Africa 1895
10. Camerone, Mexico 1863

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Iron Claw
02-Sep-2012 20:06

1. Operation Dragon Rouge, Congo 1964.
2. Operation Ivory Coast, the Son Tay Rescue attempt, 1970
3. Operation Eagle Claw, the failed Iran Hostage Rescue, 1980
4. Operation Babylon, the Osirak Raid, 1981
5. Operation El Dorado Canyon, Raid on Qadafi, 1986.
6. Operation Chavin de Huantar, Japanense Hostage Crisis in Lima Peru, 1997.
7. Operation Neptune Spear, raid on Bin Laden, 2011.

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02-Sep-2012 20:17

1) Operation Storm 333 - 1979

2) Operation Condor - 2002

3) Ranger raid on Kandahar & Delta Force raid on Mullah Omar’s compound - 2001

4) Operation Eagle Claw - 1980

5) Limbang, Brunei Revolt - 1962

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02-Sep-2012 22:02

1. The OsKu Archangelsk raid 1942. The Finish Kaukopartio (remote patrol) together with German allies wreck havoc along the the Soviet Murmansk railroad - operating deep between Russian lines during the Continuation War.
2. Operation Léa, 1947 (as suggested by Amaral)
3. Kolwezi 1978 (as many have suggested)
4. Son Tay 1970 (as many have suggested)
5. Medway 1667 (as suggested by AdamC)

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03-Sep-2012 09:01

I´d like to see some ancient titles in raid series, something like:

- Caesar invades Britain
- Barbarian raids over the Roman Empire (Goths, Alamanni, Franks,Huns,...)
- Saxon raids in Post-Roman Britain
- Sea People raids

And some medieval also: Vikings raids,...

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03-Sep-2012 10:03

1. Operation Thor 1968
2. operation dingo 1977
3. operation mar verde 1970
4. Operation Lam Son 719- ARVN raids Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos, 1971
5. The Dodecanese Campaign (Sept-Nov 1943)

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03-Sep-2012 17:36

My suggestions, in date order, are:
- 'Singeing the King of Spain's Beard: Cadiz 1587
- Henry Morgan's Raid on Panama 1671
- The Jameson Raid 1895/6
- The US Marines on Choiseul 1943
- Targetting the Gestapo: Operation Carthage 1945
- Operation Opera: The Izraeli Raid on Ozirak (the Iraqi nuclear reactor) 1981
OK, that's 6 choices, but others have put more than 5 as well.

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03-Sep-2012 18:21

So many good titles have been suggested here but I support especially these ones:

WWI Trench Raids 1915-1918 (it also could be also used for Warrior series as "World War I Trench Raider" - I must say I would rather prefer this solution).
Operation Léopard, 1978 - The Legion's daring action in Kolwezi.
Operation Anthropoid - The Asassination of Reinhard Heydrich (pleeeease)

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03-Sep-2012 22:03

1. Operation Storm 333 - 1979;
2. Green Leader attack on ZIPRA, Lusaka 1978;
3. Green Island - Operation Bulmus 6;
4. Operation Babylon, the Osirak Raid, 1981;
5. X MAS Raid, Alexandria 1941.

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04-Sep-2012 04:31

1. Operation Mole Cricket 19 - one of the most influential air raids in history from a technological and tactical perspective. (Israel vs. Syria, 1982)

2. Poobah's Party - essentially Operation Mole Cricket 19 on steroids (US/Coalition vs. Iraq, 1991)

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Nick Brown
04-Sep-2012 22:10

I'd like to support any LRDG/SAS/SBS raids in the Western Desert and/or Greek Islands.
Mark Urban's book on the SAS in Iraq (Task Force Black) has several raids that would make great titles and I know of a few unreported SF operations in Afganistan from Wikipeadia that would be excellent if (and that's a big if) anyone can find an author with access to good sources - that's the hard bit.

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07-Sep-2012 01:21


I write this post to encourage the WW1-related suggestions for fill on gaps in Raid series. The books based our ideas will be released in 2014 the centennial of the beggining of First World War, when the public will want for titles on WW1 topics. Possible raids titles in addition to previous suggestions are:

-Goeben and Breslau Raids 1914 (the dodging of allied forces in Mediterranean and raids on Black Sea) 1914

-German naval raids on British Coast 1914 (Yarmouth, Scarborough)

-WW1 German commerce raiders (for example Seeadler)

-Bombing of the Ancona Coast 1915 (An Austrohungrian naval attack on Ancona coast inmediatelly Italy entered in the war)

-Otranto Raid 1917 (Austrohungrian navy attack to Otranto Barrage)

-Raids on Hedjaz railway

-Von Lettow-Borbeck raid on East Portuguese Africa 1917 (leading the only undefeated german force in WW1)

-Scuttling of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow 1919

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07-Sep-2012 17:16

1. Assasination of Reinhard Heidrich 1942
2. Oran 1940
3. Otranto barrage 1917
4. Morgan's raid 1863
5. Cremona raid 1702 (french army command captured by Eugene of Savoy)

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09-Sep-2012 12:08

Another group of suggestion that came into my mind:
1. operation mebos;
2. operation spring of youth;
3. operation raviv;
4. operarion rooster 53;
5. operation wooden leg.

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Toussaint Louverture
16-Apr-2013 21:51

1. Operation Dingo 1977
2. Haiti 2004
3. Panama 1989-1990
4. Jersey 1781
5. Lawrence 1863

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Toussaint Louverture
16-Apr-2013 21:51

1. Operation Dingo 1977
2. Haiti 2004
3. Panama 1989-1990
4. Jersey 1781
5. Lawrence 1863

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30-May-2013 01:32

This is a tough choice. I have to pick 6,sorry.
1. Storming of the Bastille, July 14,1789.
2. Operation Dingo 1977
3. Attack on Ho Chi Minh-Operation Lea 1947
4. Mad Anthony Wayne's finest hour-Stony Point 1779
5. Henry Morgan's raid on Panama 1671
6.Killing Satsivil-Tbilisi 1787

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