Future Titles (Part III) - Hitlist meetings!

November 18, 2009 12:00 AM

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18-Nov-2009 11:01

I'd love to see a command title on José de San Martin, just because of the magnitude that he and Simon Bolívar succeeded in South America during the indepedence wars and how it changed the continent. I'm sure both of them, de San Martin and Bolívar, would be excellent titles.

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18-Nov-2009 11:22

I'd love to see a fortress book on Dover Castle, there are so many layers of fortifications from the roman period to the cold war that it would be a great way of showing the evolution of a site over the millenia, plus the tunnels under the castle have always fascinated me!

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Nick Brown
18-Nov-2009 12:01

Well, I've banged these in many times before, but as you're asking:

1) Scheldt 1944 - the last major battle of NW Europe not covered and one of the most interesting with amphibious operations included. Ken Ford as author? More than any other book this is the ONE. If you search for books on this battle then it is seriously under represented. This is a gap which is crying out to be filled. In addition WW2 and the ETO are both popular subjects and should be commercially successful.

2) If Steven Zaloga is being lined up for a CAM then either Sicily 1943, Operation Torch 1942 or Salerno 1943. Salerno is one which is not covered much in standalone work elsewhere.

3) On the eastern front WW2, then Kharkov 1943 or Hube's Pocket ? There's lot of big tank action still out there to be covered and I think these would be popular.

4) Anything from the SW Pacific 1942-44, such as New Guinea, New Britain and New Georgia - a whole area under represented so far so anything would be a good start.

Fortress - how about field defences used in the Western Desert war? Tobruk, Gazala and Alemein for example.

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18-Nov-2009 17:34

I imagine that World War 2 is the core of business for Osprey, so let's add more titles in the Campaign series! In addition to the titles proposed by Nick, don't forget Convoy PQ17 1942, a major disaster not well covered and Naval battles of Guadalcanal 1942-1943, decisive for the outcome of this battle. As for the Normandy campaign, it seems that St Lô and operation Luttich are obvious gaps. And please, for the SW Pacific, a title on the battle of Manila 1945, a terrible fight which lasted an entire month.

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JoJo Dog
18-Nov-2009 21:00

Before I begin, I agree that de San Martin and/or Bolivar need a Command book. A couple of other suggestions for Command would be Tamerlane, Belisarius, and Clovis. However, I came here to (re)suggest some ideas for Fortress: POW camps, internment camps, gulags, and death camps. These books could show the different treatment of civilians and POWs by different countries during the same war (such as WWII) or over time. Most people will think of the European theatre for these titles, however the Japanese/German/Italian internment camps in North America (since people forget that Canada and Mexico had them also) and Japanese POW camps can be examined. Also, other eras can be examined such as the Vietnam War with Hanoi Hilton, the American Civil War with Andersonville and Camp Douglas or Boers War with the various concentration camps.

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18-Nov-2009 21:55

I'll try and keep this as brief as possible!
Fortress : The Western Desert idea getsa thumbs up from me
Warrior: The UK in WW2 could use an aircrew, naval, tanker and infantryman (Europe) title
World War One: Tannenberg, East African Campaign, Dogger Bank, Coronel/Falkland Islands
Between the Wars: Abyssinia 1935 (tie in with the MAA title), Khalkhin Gol 1939, Guadalajara 1937 (to go along with the Ebro title)
World War Two: Narvik 1940, Java Sea 1942, East Africa 1941, Malaya 1941, Operation Marita 1941 (combine with attack on Yugoslavia)
I also support a number of the titles suggested above,

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19-Nov-2009 10:28

Some great ideas coming through. Please support the good ones you see in other comments. It all adds to a sense of what the stand-out topics might be.

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19-Nov-2009 10:59

I'd like to see a Campaign title about the battle of Overloon, September-October 1944 in the Southern Netherlands (of which I already wrote a book in Dutch, published in 2007), which was fought in the wake of Market Garden, but were almost as many casualties were incurred by the Allies as in and around Arnhem, and also involving the only tank battle on Dutch soil, the US 7th Armored Division losing at least 35 tanks and numerous other vehicles in the process.

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19-Nov-2009 11:05

- modern naval New Vanguards (ex. the US Arleigh Burke class destroyers or the UK Type 45's, etc).
- MAA books on the smaller nations of WWII such as Greece, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc ... it could also cover their forces in exile.
- a MAA or Elite book on the WWI ANZAC troops.
- Separate MAA or Elite books on the Spanish Nationalist and Republican forces including air and naval forces.
- I will echo laurent14's suggestion about a Campaign book for the Battle of Manila in 1945.
- I also like JoJo Dog's suggestion about Fortress titles on POW camps and the like.
- Im also going along with Nick and Mark for the Western Desert field fortifications suggestion.

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19-Nov-2009 14:45

One more that came to me as i was reading the Elite title on US Cavalry Units in the Pacific War. A Campaign on the Fall of the Philippines 1942.
I'd support the Manila title as well. Perhaps it's obvious by my lists but I lean towards Osprey covering some areas that are less well tilled than other areas. Given that your target market are people with an avid interest in military history, most of us probably have a number of titles on the more common battles/units/equipment. Must buys for me are books on less common (though not obscure) areas in which there are few recent publications or those that exist are astronomically priced. For example Salonika in World War One has few English titles available at reasonable prices. Italy in World War One in English was poorly serviced until Mark Thompson's The White War was released, That's my two cents and i do know whatever is decided at your meetings, there won't be a shortage of new Ospreys I'll want (or need) to purchase.

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19-Nov-2009 14:51

Some Campaign titles about WW1in Balkan theater would be nice, like Cer 1914, Drina 1914, Kolubara 1914, Mojkovac 1916, Kajmakchalan 1916...

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Michael Lubrano
19-Nov-2009 17:01

Some suggestions by series:

US Regular Infantry & Riflemen 1812-15
English Billman & Halberdier 1500-1600
American Cavalryman 1776-1815
British Infantryman in NW Europe 1944-45
RFC/RAF Pilots & Aircrew On The Western Front 1914-18
Union Artilleryman 1861-65

Continental Army Elite Units 1775-83
German Hired Troops in America 1776-83
Confederate Army Elite Units 1861-65
Union Army Elite Units 1861-65

Continental Navy & Marine Corps 1775-83
Wellington's Peninsula Regiments 3: English Line Infantry
Wellington's Peninsula Regiments 4: Heavy Cavalry
Wellington's Peninsula Regiments 5: Light Cavalry
U.S. Army in Mexico 1846-48
U.S. Army in Korea 1950-53
British & Commonwealth Forces in Korea 1950-53
Continental Light Dragoons 1776-83
U.S. Militia,Volunteers & Irregulars 1811-15
U.S Navy & Marine Corps 1798-1815
German Emigrant Units in the American Civil War
The Armies of Vlad Dracula
Prussian Landwehr Cavalry 1813-15
German Reichswehr 1919-35

New Vanguard:
U.S. Armor 1917-18
Union Oceanic Navy 1861-65
American Artillery 1775-1815
British Armoured Cars 1914-18
British Armoured Cars 1939-45

General Military:
Retrospective books of the artwork of Mike Chappell, Bryan Fosten & Gerry Embleton similar to the tribute book to Angus McBride "Warriors & Warlords".

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19-Nov-2009 19:46

Richard, it would be great to have some feedback after these meetings, to know for example if suggested titles in this blog will be published.
Jojo dog's suggestions about Fortress titles, Mark's idea (Narvik) and Lak's (Overloon) have also my full support.

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19-Nov-2009 20:05

campaign: I second the motions of others regarding Manila (1945) and Sicily/Salerno landings. About modern warfare titles it would be nice to have a book on Dien Bien Phu but also on the battle of Route Coloniale n. 4 (1950).

Warrior/Elite: nice to have some titles on rhodesian forces as SAS, Selous scouts or Grey's scouts but also on anzac in WWI and expecially on Australian and New Zealand lighthoresemen.

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GI Gene
19-Nov-2009 22:52

Elite title on Australian Special Forces of World War Two (Coastwatchers, Z Force)

Elite or Men at Arms title on American/Filipino guerrilla forces in the Philippines.

Elite or Men at Arms title on the Kriegsmarine of WWII

Elite title on the Studies and Observation Group (SOG) in Vietnam

A two part Elite title on the Israeli and Arab forces in the 1973 Yom Kippur War

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20-Nov-2009 09:45

I will certainly feedback on suggestions like this - http://www.ospreypublishing.com/blog/what_subjects_have_we_missed_part_2/. Thanks for all of them so far and for supporting other posters. Salerno is standing out at the moment and Armies of Dracula caught my eye!

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20-Nov-2009 09:54

Just a few ideas!
Sorry to bang on again - but how about -

Warrior - WWI - Australian Light Horse in the Middle East
Warrior - WWI - Japanese Infantryman
Warrior - WWII - Eighth Army Tanker - the Desert and beyond
Warrior - WWII - British Sailor - concentrating on MTB MRG and Air-sea Rescue
Warrior - WWII - Russian Naval Infantry
Warrior - Napoleonic - French Heavy Cavalry
Warrior - Vietnam - "Tunnel Rat"
Warrior - Crimean War - Cavalry/Infantry
Warrior - 19th Cent British Naval SWhore Party Sailor

That'll do for a start!

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20-Nov-2009 09:56

Whoops - yes - that should have read SHORE party - unfourtunate mistake!

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20-Nov-2009 10:29

Warrior : I'd like to see more later Medieval books on English troops (More Graham Turner artwork!). I know the English Medieval Knight series has that part covered well, and there's the one on the Longbow archer in the Hundred Years' War but I'm wondering if there's enough for other troop types.

I love the Medieval Osprey books on the Western Europe subjects and religious orders, so I'm always happy to see more.

I'd also love to see more Warrior books on modern armed forces. I have the two on the US marines and US infantry in Iraq. Would be great to see one on the modern British infantryman or such. Perhaps a Russian one, too?

New Vanguard is the other series I love. I like my tanks, but as someone else suggested, it would be cool to cover the modern destroyer ships. Modern US amphibious landing ships, perhaps.

I know my suggestions are kind of vague and niche, likely hard to research and write, but I'm kind of hoping that there's at least some interest for any of those areas.

I'm very glad to see you've reprinted some of the New Vanguards.

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Michael B
20-Nov-2009 12:59

Couldn't we just do away with everything except WW2? It all just gets in the way of the only conflict that matters. I have a personal list of 589 WW2 campaign titles all of which are of far more interest than some ancient Roman nonsense! I will list them if anyone is interested.

Also, how about a Men-at-Arms on 'Anzac Radar Operators and other Support Staff' 1940-1945?

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20-Nov-2009 14:02

I love to see Osprey do a photographic narrative just like "Battlescapes," but on the Revolutionary War battles of George Washington. Accurate historical narrative that spins the thrilling story of each battle from both the British & American point of view. In fact, I have done one, with three sample chapters and many photographs at: http://www.wcaryeberly.com/washington.php

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20-Nov-2009 14:07

I think you have chronically neglected medical services in your publications over the years. Our history is rich in these matters and subjects could be:

Medical Services in Campaigns such as War of Spanish Succession, Napoleonic Wars, Crimea, Boer War, WW1, WW2, Gulf Wars, Balkans & Afghanistan.
Development of military medical services - RAMC, RADC & QARANC. Development of Field Medical Orgnisation.
Clinical issues - development of war surgery, tropical medicine, blood supply, mental health.
Development of Sanitation and Hygiene - prevention and medical advice to commanders.
Ambulance trains, ships, wagons, helicopters and vehicles.
The Regimental Medical Officer (been with the Army since before 1660 and still going strong).

Alistair Macmillan

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20-Nov-2009 16:13

Hola, since I live in Nicaragua, I would like to see more Latin American titles, may be a good MMA on the Mexican Army at the end of the 1890 to 1910, the same with some many South America armies which have engage in so many conflict in the XX century, the Chaco War or the famous XIX War of the Pacific and the war of the triple alliance. It would be interesting to see a campaign book for the naval battles of the pacific war. In the WWI there has to be a title dedicated to the French colonial forces, they were very important and should have their own book as well the colonial armies of other countries. I think Annual campaign should also have their own title as the colonial Spanish army in Africa before the Spanish civil war.

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20-Nov-2009 16:19

Hola, since I live in Nicaragua, I would like to see more Latin American titles, may be a good MMA on the Mexican Army at the end of the 1890 to 1910, the same with some many South America armies which have engage in so many conflict in the XX century, the Chaco War or the famous XIX War of the Pacific and the war of the triple alliance. It would be interesting to see a campaign book for the naval battles of the pacific war. In the WWI there has to be a title dedicated to the French colonial forces, they were very important and should have their own book as well the colonial armies of other countries. I think Annual campaign should also have their own title as the colonial Spanish army in Africa before the Spanish civil war.

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20-Nov-2009 22:16

Here are my suggestions:
Campaign: Fall Gelb: the assault on Holland may 1940.
Fortress: Fortress Holland.> The waterline that was part of Dutch defensive strategy for centuries until the 1960's.
Warrior The Franks: Especially the early period from 3rd century to 511AD, the death of Clovis. .

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20-Nov-2009 22:17

I'd love to see a Campaign title, and even a fortress title on The siege of Cádiz (1810-1812) and the fortifications of Cádiz and San Fernando (former Isla de León). Inthis campaign the participation of british troops was very important and, perhaps, little known.

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21-Nov-2009 00:38

More suggestions, by series

Men At Arms:
-Los Regulares (Moroccan Troops on Spanish Service)
-Early Soviet Airborne Forces (1930's)
-French Colonial Forces (1871-1914)
-Warrior People of West Africa (eg Ashanti, Tukolor, Behanzin's Amazons Samori forces, etc)

-Kempei Tai (Japanese Secret Police)
-Kaiserliche Marine Forces (1880-1918)
-Royal Marines on Napoleonic Wars
-Spanish Navy on Napoleonic Wars

-Soviet tankmen (1941-1945)
-Rif Warrior (1909-1928)
-Los Tercios Viejos (Spanish Imperial Infantry)
-Garibaldi's Red Shirt

-Annual, 1921
-Alhucemas, 1925
-East Africa Campaing 1914,1918
-Jasan Lake, 1938
-Nomonhan, 1939
-Shanghai, 1937

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21-Nov-2009 14:39


A few suggestions for the Warrior series:
U.S. Coast Guardsman in WWII
U.S. Army Artillery forward observer in WWII
Cossack Cavalryman-any of several wars
German Pioneer trooper in WWII
U.S. Army combat engineer in WWII
British Glider-borne Infantryman of WWII
U.S. (or British) Glider Pilots of WWII
NCO pilot in WWII
Blimp crew in WWII
German Navy Zeppelin crew in WWI

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21-Nov-2009 16:23

How about Israeli Army combat equipment 1948 to the present?

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Nick Brown
21-Nov-2009 16:26

Having already put my suggestions in, I'd like to second these other suggestions:
1) St.Lo 1944 (laurant14), another very obvious gap I've often highlighted to Osprey. - However I think that Op.Luttich was covered in the Cobra 1944 book by Steven Zaloga.
2) Navel battles around Guadalcanal 1942/3 (also laurant14)
3) Manila 1945 (laurant14 again). Any coverage for the Philipines Army ops in a good start.
4) Italian front in WW1 (MarkL). I'm just in the middle of reading Mark Thompson's White War which is a great book but would benefit from the quality of maps and illustrations that Osprey does so well.
5) SOG Elite (GI Gene)
6) British in Iraq (2003-09) (Parker)
7) Fall Greb The Netherlands 1940 (Hollander)

Again I'd like to echo the support for early feedback from the Osprey planning meeting.

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Paul Williams
21-Nov-2009 19:16

Hi, I'd like to put forward my ideas and support for others as follows: Talavera ( a must please), the 3 follow up men at arms suggestions re Wellington's army in the Penninsula also something on the French occupation army?, Wellington and Nelson as command books?
How about Campaigns on Second Ypres 1915 - the first gas attack / Passhendaele 1917? Tannenberg and Coronel / Falklands sound good . Elite - ANZACS in world war one, The Lighthorsemen, The Canadian soldier in First World War?
Glad to see Op Crusader is coming next year but agree on the need for campaigns on Sicily, Op Torch and Salerno. How about the Fall of Singapore 1941? The fall of the Phillipines & Manilla also sound good. Also would like to see either an elite on Z Force or a Raid tittle on the Singapore Raids. How about expanding the Market Garden book like you did with the D-day books, maybe a 3 part serries; Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Arnhem? Sheldt & Overloon also appeal. Anything further on River Plate & Tarranto campaigns?
Finally in the modern era Dien Bien Phu would make a great addition to the campaign serries and elite on the arab & Israllei fores during Yon Kippur.

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21-Nov-2009 20:22

I’d like to see more medieval and modern topics covered by Osprey, as well as conflicts away from Western Europe. The first books I purchased published by Osprey were the medieval related books by David Nicolle and Angus McBride, so I hope Osprey continues to explore this era.

- Diadochi Armies
- Seljuks
- Fatimids
- Medieval Georgian & Armenian Armies
- Medieval Indian Armies (Marathas, Sultanate of Delhi Armies)
- Later Mongol Armies (Golden Horde, Various Khanates, Uzbeks)
- Safavids
- First Sino-Japanese War
- India Pakistan Wars
- Sino-Indian War
- Armies of the Iran-Iraq War
- Afghan Civil War
- Chechen Wars
- Nagorno-Karabakh War
- African Civil Wars (Sudan, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Liberia, Congo)
- Modern British, US, Russian, Chinese and other forces

- Mamluk/Ghulam Warrior
- Ottoman Sipahi
- Peshmerga Forces

- Mercenary Forces
- Russian Spetsnaz

- Carrhae 53BC
- Chalons 451
- Karbala 680
- 4th Crusade – 9th Crusade
- Las Navas De Tolosa 1212
- Legnica 1241 & Mohi 1241
- Ain Jalut 1260
- Kosovo 1387
- Ankara 1402
- Mohács 1526
- WW1 Caucasus Campaign

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23-Nov-2009 10:17

I’m heeding the call of Renaissance Warfare again, so my suggestions are:

Ravenna 1512 “Death and Glory of Gaston de Foix”
Marignano 1515 “Battle of Giants”
Mohacs 1526 “The End of Medieval Hungary”
Pinkie Cleugh 1547 “The Black Saturday”
Saint Quentin 1559 “Charles V Last Victory”

French Gendarme 1494-1559
Spanish Tercio 1525- 1643
German Reiter 1540-1600

French Armies of the Religious Wars 1562-1598

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23-Nov-2009 11:22

I'd love to see:

1799 Zürich
1866 Königgrätz (Sadowa)

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Scipio Africanus
23-Nov-2009 11:34

Isonzo 1915-1917
War in the Alps 1915-1918
Scipo Africanus Campaign in Spain and Africa

Alpini 1915-1918
Kiaserjager 1915-1918

Fortifications in the italian front 1915-1918

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Nick Brown
24-Nov-2009 10:10

Can I just add my support for Paul Williams suggestion for an expanded Market Garden set. I note that France 1940 is getting this treatment with books on Dunkirk and the Maginot Line soon to appear. This would give the opportunity to cover the Overloon battle (Op.Aintree) as I suspect it would be difficult to justify as a standalone book. Editors would need to think about how to cover XXX Corps advance over the mini-series but would provide an interesting opportuity to focus more on this key aspect of the operation which is often overlooked in comparison with the airborne forces.

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24-Nov-2009 19:37

I also would like to see Tannenberg, East African Campaign, Dogger Bank, Coronel/Falkland Islands including in CAM.

Also Talavera is a must, it is long overdue, as is Friedland 1807.
Also overdue is the ANZAC's in WWI.

I am looking forward to the new Command Series but with the first 6 titles annouched I am surprised not to see Marlborough or Wellington Included.
I know you can't please everyone

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24-Nov-2009 19:37

I also would like to see Tannenberg, East African Campaign, Dogger Bank, Coronel/Falkland Islands including in CAM.

Also Talavera is a must, it is long overdue, as is Friedland 1807.
Also overdue is the ANZAC's in WWI.

I am looking forward to the new Command Series but with the first 6 titles annouched I am surprised not to see Marlborough or Wellington Included.
I know you can't please everyone

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Crazy Dutch
28-Nov-2009 18:30

Some suggestion titles

Dutch Special and Elite Forces
World Special and Elite Forces (Revision to now from elite 22)

Elite or Men at Arms
Dutch Marines
Korps Insulinde
Korps Commando Troepen

Men at Arms
For each army of Nato and Warsaw Pact the history and orbat in years of the cold war

Order of battle or elite
Nato's ad Warsaw Pact Long Range Reconnaissance units

Order of Battle
Nato's order of battle 1955, 1965, 1975, 1985, 1989 and now
Warsaw Pacts order of battle 1955, 1965, 1975, 1985 and1989

War in the Netherlands East Indies 1945-1950
Operation Silver Bayonet 1965
Cuba Crisis

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01-Dec-2009 09:58

OK I'm going to compile all these into some kind of meaningful list so if you have any last minute endorsements of the current suggestions today is the day. The next post up will cover some of the other meetings.

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01-Dec-2009 21:27

WW2 Campaign titles that I would like to see:
More Naval Operations Pacific (Philippine Sea 44 aka Mariana Turkey shoot, Operation Hailstorm 44)
Yugoslavia and Greece 1941
East Front battles after Kursk: Ukraine, Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary
East Front battles after Bagration: Baltic, Poland
More Italian campaign (e.g. Operation Husky 43, Operation Avalanche 43, Liberation of Rome 44)
More North African campaign (e.g. Operation Torch 42, Operation Crusader 41)

Warrior series:
American USAAF fighter pilot; US Sailor; Japanese Sailor; Japanese Army pilot


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Hugo Rodrigues
02-Dec-2009 23:03

"if you have any last minute endorsements of the current suggestions today is the day"

And what about a day late? :)

I’ll stick to the Campaign series, since it’s virtually the only one I buy.

I’ll also try to balance my own preferences with what would fit well into the Campaign format and with what I suppose would be commercially viable - of course I’d want say many more titles about major WW1 operations, but I doubt people would be lining up to get those. Still, from what I gather Osprey books all have relatively limited editions anyway, so they don’t need to sell all that much to be profitable and there’s plenty of room for the esoteric.


Some of the suggestions I read, particularly at the Ancient World subforum, make me go “huh?” as they make little allowance for the availability of sources.

So here are the most obvious gaps in your coverage of ancient warfare that would actually be feasible (i.e. not consist solely of padding):

Finish the series on Alexander’s campaigns, which would mean titles about Issus, Gaugamela and I suppose Hydaspes.

Finish the series on the Greek and Persian Wars with the upcoming Salamina and then Plataea.

Other than the above:

Leuctra 371 BC
Chaeronea 338 BC (though this would require some padding)
Baecula 208 BCE and Ilipa 206 BC
Metaurus 207 BC
Zama 202 BC
Cynoscephalae 197 BC
Magnesia 190 BC
Pydna 168 BC
Another double bill for Sulla’s campaign against Pontus: Chaeronea and Orchomenus 86-85 BC
Caesar’s battles against the Belgians in 57 BC
Alesia 52 BC
Siege of Jerusalem 70 AD
Milvian Bridge 312 (yes, I know there’s precious little detail available, but did that stop Osprey from doing a title about Poitiers 732?)
Strasbourg 357 (not the most relevant battle ever fought, but well covered in Ammianus)
Catalaunian Plains/Chalons 451

I can’t for the life of me understand why you’re doing titles on Boudicca and Mons Graupius.

There are many other engagements which are well covered in ancient literary sources, though not as relevant historically as the ones mentioned above: Paraitacene, Gabiene, Ipsus, Sellasia, Raphia, The First and Second battles of Bedriacum/Cremona, etc.


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Hugo Rodrigues
02-Dec-2009 23:13

Leap to the 17th Century

To wrap up the Wars of the Three Kingdoms:
Preston 1648
Worcester 1651

Maybe some of the smaller engagements of the First English Civil War – say Lansdown+Roundway Down?

Thirty Years War: any chance of working with Richard Brzezinski again, say for a title on Breitenfeld 1631?

18th Century

All of Marlborough’s battles in the War of the Spanish Succession save for Blenheim.
Fontenoy 1745
Any chance of publishing more titles about the Seven Years’ War in Europe after Kolin/Rossbach and Leuthen and Zorndorf?

The Revolutionary Wars are perhaps too obscure for English language readers, so let’s skip that.

Napoleonic Wars

There are still a number of Napoleon’s campaigns that haven’t been covered, namely Eylau 1807, Friedland 1807 and the 1814 campaign. Regardless of the current popularity of the Napoleonic period, I believe these would find an audience.

The 1812 campaign could be split into two titles, say “Borodino” and “Berezina”, the first covering the campaign to the end of the battle and the second covering Napoleon’s entrance into Moscow and the Grande Armées retreat.

Finish the series on the Peninsular War, which means Talavera 1809, Albuera 1811 and the 1813-1814 campaign after Vitoria, split into say 3 books (Pyrenees+Sorauren / Nive+Nivelle / Orthez+Toulouse).

19th century

Battle of the river Alma 1854
If Solferino 1859 performed as expected, may I suggest Koniggratz/Sadowa 1866?

American Civil War

Several campaigns of the Western theatre of the war are yet to be covered:

Perryville 1862
Murfreesboro/Stones River 1862-1863
Chattanooga 1864
Atlanta 1864

Of the major campaigns in the Eastern theatre, only Grant’s 1864 Overland Campaign remains to be covered. Possibly split into 3 titles (Wilderness / Spotsylvania / Cold Harbor)?


Avoiding the esoteric and the all-French which I suppose is of no great interest to Anglophone readers:

Tannenberg 1914
Second Ypres 1915
Loos 1915
Messines 1917
Third Ypres (Passchendaele) 1917
Caporetto 1917 (well known, Hemingway angle, should fit the Campaign format)
Battles of the Lys 1918

The WW2 suggestions put forward so far are excellent, so I’ll mostly repeat those:

Fall of Malaya and Singapore 1942
Fall of the Philippines 1942
Battle of the Philippine Sea 1944
Leyte 1944 (ground campaign)

Sicily 1943
Salerno 1943
Antwerp 1944 (Scheldt)

Eastern front:

You could make as many Campaign titles as you’d want about the Eastern Front, but I believe these would find an audience:

Second Kharkov 1942
Third Kharkov 1943
Kiev/Zhitomir 1943
Korsun/Cherkassy 1944
Iasi/Chisinau 1944
Debrecen 1944
Lake Balaton (Spring Awakening) 1945

Post WW2

Any chance of following up on the lone title about the Korean War – several battles to cover there, but the Chosin Reservoir campaign would be the first choice, with a companion title on the Battle of the Ch’ongch’on River perhaps?

Dien Bien Phu is another one of the most obvious choices.

And for the Essential History series:

1971 Indo-Pakistani War

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03-Dec-2009 03:25

Most of this I've posted before, but one more time can't hurt


American Colonial Ranger The Central and Southern Colonies 1724–64

US Army 1840 - 1848
This would include info on the Voltigeur Regiment and some of the uniform and equipment distinctions of units like the Mounted Riflemen and Dragoons

US Army Support Troops 1866 - 1898
This would include artillery, Signal Corps, and the rise of specialist ranks like Hospital Steward and Post Quartermaster Sergeant


Forts of the American Frontier 1820 - 91 Rocky Mountains and Pacific Coast


The Comanche Wars 1860 - 1875
Liberation of the Southern Philippines 1945


The US 4th Cavalry
The US 7th Cavalry
The US 10th Cavalry
The US 5th Infantry
The US 7th Infantry
(you did some early on about British regiments, so why not?)

US Navy Underwater Demolition Teams 1942 - 1945

Thanks for listening. You've published a couple of my (and a lot of other people's) suggestions.

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06-Dec-2009 00:44

Echoing a poster over in forums, a large omission from Campaign is Singapore 1941-42

Also a huge gap in the WWI titles would be Tannenberg 1914

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06-Dec-2009 15:21

I wish to see more MEN AT ARMS or ELITE and espcially about XIXth century Latinoamerican armies :
-Cisplatine War
-the Great War & Franco-British interventions 1839-1852
-Armies of the Triple Alliance War 1865-1870
-Armies of the Pacific War 1879-1883
-The Chaco War

-Portuguese Colonial Armies 1700-1945
-Dutch Colonial Armies 1700-1949
-Spanish Armies in America & Philippines 1700-1898

-French Army on Campaign from Roma to Mentana 1849-1867
-Armies of the Religious Wars 1562-1598

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08-Dec-2009 00:59

I would love to see a book on the formation of the "Air Commandos" in the CIB Theater. Also a book on "Desert One", “Operation Eagle Claw” and the C-130 “Operation Credible Sport” or Operation Honey Badger” and the efforts to rescue the 55 hostages in Iran. Also an Aircraft book on USAF special operations aircraft from 1944 to present.

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20-May-2012 13:55

i have a lot of titles i want for campaign. the total is, believe it or not, is 83, so i will limit myself. for ancient world, alesia 52 b.c., Masada 73 a.d. and red cliffs 208 ad. napolenic: Valmy 1792 the pyramaids 1798, and talavera 1809. 16th century: tenochtitlan 1519-21, cajamraca 1532, and pinkie cleugh 1547 19th century: puebla 1862, ayacucho 1824, konigrattz 1866, 18th century: pollilur 1780, cowpens 1781, alamance 1771. vietnam war: DIEN BIEN PHU 1954!

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Colin G. Upton
23-May-2012 09:53

Here goes!

James Wolfe:
Britain’s controversial and temperamental “Boy General” who was given a task many believed beyond his abilities, but rather unexpectedly won a continent.

Simon Bolivar:
Crossing over mountains, swamps and jungles Bolivar led an army of guerrillas, soldiers (including the famed British Legion) and “savages” to liberate first Gran Colombia and later with San Martin, expelled the Spanish from South America.

Leon Trotsky:
From underground revolutionary to the leader of the Red Army crossing the vastness of Russia in an armoured train from front to front, afraid lest he give into temptation and become a “Red Napoleon”.

Tecumseh :
Warrior and diplomat, the charismatic leader of a First Nations Alliance in the last great fight to halt American expansion to the west

Brutal yet charismatic, Shaka invented a new, ferocious way of war and atrocity that built the Zulu people from a small tribe to a South African superpower.

Quebec Militiaman 1690-1838
Hardened by years of hard struggle against the Iroquois the militia of Quebec were skilled forest fighters and guerrillas that fought a fierce, if losing, war for New France against overwhelming odds.

African Askiri 1800-1914
Much of the “scramble for Africa” was carried out by African troops fighting under European officers, often for private companies such as the Congo Free State. Without these forgotten soldiers much of Africa would never had been colonized.

Iroquois Warrior 1690-1815
In the early Colonial period the Iroquois Confederacy was the dominate power in eastern North America. While most often dismissed as little more than unreliable and fickle fighters, somehow the Iroquois could spread terror and threaten the very existence of New France while during the War of 1812 the Americans morbid fear of Indians saved Canada from invasion. How did they do it?

Maori Warrior
I’m surprised that the unique military culture of theses exotically tattooed, “savage” yet honourable Maori warriors have comparatively little coverage in Osprey. Because of their fighting skills and bravery the Maori were able to preserve much of their rich culture when other native groups were submerged by colonialism.

Prussian Landwehrman 1813-1815
Designed to capitalize on the patriotic anti-French fever of the German War of Liberation the Landwehr was a separate organisation from the Prussian army and represented “the nation in arms”. After a shaky start the Landwehr proved itself on the battlefields of Central Europe and at Waterloo.

Forts of Canada after 1815
The end of the War of 1812 was not the end of the threat from America, major military construction included Fort Henry and the Rideau Canal

Fortifications of Plevna
The horrific carnage amongst the Russian attackers in front of the Turkish lines at Plevna proved the power of field fortifications in a precursor to the trenches of WW1.

Fortifications of Paris, 1870-1871
Paris during the German siege was a mighty fortress seething with class conflict and revolutionary politics.

Forts and Fortresses of Mexico City
From the assault by Cortez Conquistadors to the American invaders, Mexico City has been a battleground on a lake.

Field Fortifications of the Napoleonic Wars
While we think of the Napoleonic wars as being fought on vast empty fields, in many battles ) such as Waterloo, Liepzig and Borodino) fortified villages, farmhouses and field fortifications were pivotal.

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