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The Age Old Question: Pirates vs. Ninjas?

July 30, 2009 12:00 AM

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Phil @ Osprey
30-Jul-2009 11:32

Ninjas. Hands down.

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30-Jul-2009 21:32

Definitely! And I know you'll come swinging over the rooftops anytime, Shirley, whenever we need something, or somebody sorted out!!

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30-Jul-2009 22:31

Pirates. As discribed in
Warrior 125
Pirate of the Far East. English pirates to boot.

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Kerry @ Osprey
02-Aug-2009 15:07

I'm going to have to put in a vote on the pirate side with ChewyMatt. Ninjas are all swift and daring, I'll give them that, but pirates are just cut-throat, do anything, no-holds-barred types.

This of course does not apply to Shirley. Shirley Ninja could beat any pirate, even the one in the picture above.

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Capt. Skellin
15-Aug-2010 02:54

This would make a great episode on Spiketv's "Deadliest Warrior"

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