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The next ten Raid titles announced - thanks for your help in choosing them!

September 3, 2009 12:00 AM

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03-Sep-2009 19:03

..looks interesting ..but once again £12 for only 64 pages is not value for money..

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04-Sep-2009 05:16

I fail to see how a siege performed by superior forces (Havana) -15000 soldiers, 10000 sailors & marines, and 53 ships- in a 5:1 proportion (3000 soldiers, 6000 sailors, 12 ships) for two months qualify as a "raid". What would you call a "siege", then? Troy?

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04-Sep-2009 11:15

Havana, yes - really "Outnumbered, outgunned, and against the odds"? :-)

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04-Sep-2009 18:55

These look interesting. Though like others I'm confused about Havana being in the Raid series. I would think it's more a campaign, unless there was some raid during the seige that I don't know about.

I would love to see Operation Jaywick as future raid title. Reading about it, it sounds like a movie script rather than actual history.

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Mark Lardas
04-Sep-2009 23:41

Grierson's Raid sounds intriguing -- if you get the right author for the book.

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GI Gene
05-Sep-2009 19:35

Operation Jaywick was actually made into an Australian television movie titled "The Heroes" in 1988. I saw it over ten years ago and it was quite good.

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19-Sep-2009 02:00

Any chance of a book about the Son Tay Raid/Operation Ivory Coast in North Vietnam on November 21st 1970?

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Mike @ Osprey
23-Sep-2009 12:04

Thanks for all the feedback everyone - keep the suggestions coming!

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25-Sep-2009 17:22

Please, for 2011, a title on the german raid on Granville 1945!

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