Nine exciting things to expect on the new Osprey site - and one unfortunate forced change

March 24, 2014 12:00 AM

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24-Mar-2014 00:33

Marvellous! I'm really looking forward to seeing the new site and particularly the crowd-funding feature. I can definitely see myself spending quite a few pounds.. Also, great idea (albeit forced) regarding the forum issues.

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.George Washington
24-Mar-2014 00:42

This sounds cool.

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24-Mar-2014 05:29

All very exciting and good news indeed Mike, the summer cannot come soon enough. Even the "unfortunate" bit is good news in my opinion and I will be only too happy to pay a fee for use of a more secure forum.

Just one suggestion; as I put in a post on the forum recently, is it too late to include the use of "Paypal" in the new site?

I would be delighted to be one of your guinea-pigs, remote or hands-on. And, oh boy, will I ever get stuck into your crowd-funding scheme when it gets going!

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24-Mar-2014 09:14

Excellent news, especially the charity part.

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Enormous Stilton
24-Mar-2014 10:10

The paid for forum setup is a very good idea. Hopefully the troll who has caused so many problems will be forced to grow up a little.
I'll be signing up and look forward to seeing what happens with the gaming side of things.

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24-Mar-2014 12:49

I certainly agree with everyone here with both the positive and slightly less negative announcements. I never particularly cared for anonymous postings anyway. As you said, a few trolls have destroyed more than one game or book, not to mention causing flaming wars over sensitive history.

I cannot wait to see what Osprey Publishing has to offer in their game's division. Looking forward to playing the future card and board games.

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Il collezionista
24-Mar-2014 13:53

Fantastic! A lot of interesting news!
Some time ago there was a post on this blog for the recruiting of new collaborators for the section "This week in history"; there will be some communications in that sense?
I was one of the few answering to the post and being interested.
With the new site I'm sure that also that section will change as written in the previous post.

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24-Mar-2014 19:48

I would be happy to sign up to the membership but will need paypal to do it :(

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24-Mar-2014 21:56

Sounds great.

Crowdfunding is interesting. The problem might be that it takes to long to write a book after the crowdfunding. I have no problems with Kickstarters when the goods come 6-8 months after pledging but longer than that might deter many persons.

Introducing game coverage is about time. Every one man wargames rules publisher has more stuff online than you did.

One suggestion for the search function: Please allow to search for periods inside of series (eg: all 17th century titles in the campaign series).

I have no problem with the bad news, actually I welcome it. (OK I am already a gold member so it is no change for me.) But I agree you should offer a paypal option or some other non credit card option. Credit cards are not common in all parts of the world and other people refuse to use it online. It would be sad to loose active posters because even though they are willing to become bronze members they are not able too.

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24-Mar-2014 22:06

As the regulars probably know, I check in fairly regularly, though I'm not the most prolific poster. But I am aware of some of the trolling troubles. Hopefully this will help fix the problem. I'll gladly throw in a few bucks for a good cause, and hopefully, good riddance to something that has become more than a minor annoyance.
The more positive changes sound pretty good, by the way.

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24-Mar-2014 22:38

If is cheap, i will pay to see the fórum SPAM FREE!!!

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Hugo Rodrigues
31-Mar-2014 18:32

"We hope that this won't mean that too many of the forum posters we have come to know over the last 5 or 6 years won't desert the site."

I don't think I'll pay for the privilege of being able to post in a forum that isn't even all that busy. Not even 10 cents. You had 734723584554 other ways to solve the trolling issues - using proper forum software like vBulletin was all it took.

Maybe you should instantly give "Bronze membership" to all clients from your online store.

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01-Apr-2014 17:29

Good news!

Like the Crowd-funding most, of this 9.

And “the unfortunate bit” is a very good bit, also I support this !

And - I would also like the function to search geographically, at least I missed this function. At “Upcoming titles”, “Series”, “Period, “Hobby...” also to search about books after where it happends at the world (as the “Eastern warfare” todays site), USA warfare, Russian/Soviet warfare, British islands warfare... and so on, on this world.

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