Osprey Publishing establishes Games Division

March 4, 2014 12:00 AM

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04-Mar-2014 07:43

One of my wishful daydreams is that Osprey would partner with a Toy Soldier company like Armies in Plastic,Pegasus,etc and produce sets of 54 MM figures that correspond with the subject of the MAA books.One can dream.

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04-Mar-2014 11:08

I shall watch this with great interest. Good luck in what is a pretty crowded and volatile market.

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04-Mar-2014 11:49

What a wonderful opportunity! Is this position significant enough to consider applicants from outside of the UK? I am sure there are many readers and fans outside of England who would be interested in the job.

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Phil @ Osprey
04-Mar-2014 12:24

We are happy to consider applicants not currently based in the UK, but as the advert says, we are looking for someone to be based full-time in our Oxford office.

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GI Gene
04-Mar-2014 17:47

Does anybody remember those Battlegame Books by Usborne Publishing? Perhaps Osprey could consider a similar line of gaming books. Some people just want to play a simple war game that does not take all day and be concerned with logistics and windage. Such a game book could be based on a theme of a particular MAA, Elite, Warrior, Campaign, Duel, or Raid title. The game pieces could use Osprey art, so imagine a river crossing game set in 1940 France where you have German game pieces illustrated by Stephen Andrew vs French game pieces illustrated by Mike Chappell.

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04-Mar-2014 18:42

I come from the old days of gaming, teething on Avalon Hill and Metagaming from the 70s. I hope that Osprey looks at some the products from that era for examples of classic wargaming. Avalon Hill championed the idea of the hex map and the Zones of Control, with such epic games as Squad Leader and Panzer Leader. Metagaming made wargaming simple and quick with titles as Ogre, Warp War, and to some lesser extent the Melee and Wizard games -- they eventually became limited RPGs. What I enjoyed about Metagaming was how simple and easy were the matches -- many took less than an hour to play. Today of course there is a wide range of companies making all sorts of wonderful products, but I hope Osprey returns to the roots of wargaming, at least to start.

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04-Mar-2014 21:23

Great news!

I really like what Osprey has done with their wargaming books, esp. their OspreyWargame series which is covering unusual topics in a very nice and affordable way.

I also think that expanding to board and card games is a good move. I can imagine the many pieces of art put to excellent use on counters and cards.

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05-Mar-2014 18:42

Kuvasz, Osprey have already done that. Have you forgotten New Hope Design’s Men at Arms Autograph Collection 54mm scale figures? The figures were modelled on various MAA illustrations and were cast in white metal.
I bought two back in the 80s or early 90s (A mounted Assyrian Archer and a US officer/soldier of the Vietnam War.

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Recce 9
17-Mar-2014 17:36

I am also an Avalon Hill guy, even play them solitaire due to lack of interested opponents in this kind of gaming. I hope that the osprey range will resurrect the passion which seems to have lost to the non historical sci fi gaming...tactical air war (WW1, WW2 and modern) would also be great.

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