Sam Collins

The Making of an Osprey

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16-May-2012 11:54

I am looking forward to this book. As a life long Michigan resident (the state surrounded by the Great Lakes and the one the looks like a mitten), I have always been fascinated by the history of these beautiful bodies of water.

I adore cross section paintings of warships, looking in detail to all the crevices and hideaways inside those massive lumber ships.

I look forward to seeing this artwork in all its colorful glory.

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Peter Dennis
16-May-2012 13:00

Stunning drawings! I love the movement in the sea and the perspective... good stuff!

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Mark Lardas
17-May-2012 03:37

I think I have seen those roughs somewhere before.

I'll have to try and remember where . . .

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Silent Hunter
17-May-2012 10:39

Thanks for sharing, they look great. Illustrations like these show why Osprey's still the best at what they do.

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