William Ruxton's World War I Scrapbook

August 6, 2009 12:00 AM

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06-Aug-2009 03:33

What a great find!
However this is a First World War Scrapbook so I went off and did some digging. William V.C Ruxton was a Wall Street figure of the 1920's so the timeline fits with him having served in WW 1
In WW 2 he was involved in raising funds for the British American Ambulance Corps.
Another fact is he had a car named after him in the 1920's in an effort to get him to invest (unsuccessfully it seems)
I think this an announcement of his wedding in 1915 as well.

So if this is the right William V C Ruxton and I can't imagine there are that many of them this looks like a record of his war service. Perhaps he had his office in your building at one time?

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06-Aug-2009 03:45

Some more info Willam V C Ruxton was a partner in Spencer, Trask & Company and a governor of the New York Stock Exchange


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Kerry @ Osprey
06-Aug-2009 18:46

Wow, thanks Mark! It must be the same Ruxton - you're right, how many could there be? It would be cool if he used to be in our office building, I wonder if I could dig up old tenant records anywhere... off to research!

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08-Aug-2009 14:42

Happy to help out Kerry!
Good luck in your research and I'd be interested to know if you find out anything else.

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10-Aug-2009 04:43

I found the description of your discovery of Mr William Ruxton's scrapook quite exciting and also fascinating. Spencer Trask was born on September 18, 1844 and he died in a railroad accident on December 31, 1909.

I am very interested in as well as a collector of things related to Spencer Trask with whom your Mr. Ruxton was associated.

I would love to buy the scrapbook from you (I assume that you know how collectors are!) I would give it a loving well-cared-for home aong many other Spencer Trask artifacts and in no way commerialize it. I recently did a "member's exhibition" at the Grolier Club in New York which featured Spencer Trask.

I feel sure that Spencer Trask knew (and may have hired!) your Mr. Ruxton.

Is is possible to enlarge the photographs you have posted?

Thank you


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Kerry @ Osprey
10-Aug-2009 16:04

Hi Susan, Unfortunately as we aren't sure who officially owns this book or where it came from, we can't sell it. If you'd like more or larger scans for your research, though, I would be happy to provide them. You can email me at kerry.serini AT ospreypublishing DOT com to discuss!

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08-Sep-2012 17:16

You might be interested in looking more deeply into the British American Ambulance Corps which Mr. Ruxton sponsored. It likely had ties to the secret services---- its leader, Francis J Vicovari shows up on a list of OSS personnel. This group of 24 sailed on board the ill-fated ZamZam, which was sunk by a German raider in April of 1941. See James Stewart's account, the Sinking of the Zam Zam--- which just came out this summer.

Of the 24 ambulance men, 8 went on to join the American Field Service, which was working with the British Eighth Army in North Africa. See: http://ourstory.info/


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Mary R
17-Aug-2013 01:32

Our parents purchased a New England Inn from William V C (Tally) Ruxton in the early 50's. the Horse & Hound Inn was ( and is) located in Franconia, NH. Out family owned the H&H until 1976.

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