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357th FG book in wrong series!


I am puzzled as to why "Mustang Aces of the 357th Fighter Group" was, in fact, published in the Aircraft of the Aces series, where, to my knowledge, no other book deals with a single unit.
It certainly seems to me that it should have been put in the "Aviation Elite" series, like all of the other books dealing with USAAF fighter groups.

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I can see what you might be confused, as the title does sound more like an Aviation Elite Units title. However, you must remember that the two series take different approaches to covering aviation history. Aircraft of the Aces looks specifically at the stories of men who achieved Ace status. There just happen to be enough Mustang Aces in the 357th to warrant a whole book. Aviation Elite Units is a unit history charting the progress, development, and combat history of a unit regardless of the status of individual pilots.
Posted: 31-Jan-2011 14:33

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