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1870s Victorian Medical Equipment/Accessories ?


I've been very disappointed in my search to find a well-illustrated book about medical equipment from ths era, but mostly in tracking down images/details about the type of leather armsling worn by Private Hitch in his famous photograph, during his recovery after the battle at Rorke's Drift in 1879.

It has adjustable leather shoulder straps, and could possibly have been of the type also worn by Col. A.W. Durnford R.E., who was killed at Isandlwana 1879.

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I would like to read books (Elite maybe?) on military medcine, the doctors' equipment, treatment, casualty evacuation and what their uniforms were. From whenever to modrn day.
Another book (NV) could detail military ambulances.
I also requested these topics in " filling in the gaps"
Posted: 28-Dec-2012 23:30

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Very interesting idea. Is this restricted to Her Majesty's Forces, or would other armies' precautions (or lack of them) be a part of the mix?
Posted: 28-Dec-2012 23:50

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If a general history of this subject, then all could be covered within.

Being interested myself only in the Victorian British medical equipment, especially the aforementioned
arm sling, which I can't find any well-illustrated info on.
Posted: 12-Jan-2013 16:33

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Total replies: 3