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the Modoc war 1872-73


the Modocs in California and Oregon led by Captain Jack fought the US in several battles inflicting heavy casulaties on them. the Modoc were eventually defeated. this war deserves a campaign book.

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Why does it deserve a campaign book? You keep saying that your suggestions deserve to be acknowledged, yet your arguments sound more like simple summaries from Wikipedia rather than anything of actual substance.
Posted: 08-Jan-2013 03:21

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Phil @ Osprey
Check out Men-at-Arms 418: American Indians of the Pacific Northwest – – it covers the Modoc War and Captain Jack in part. As for a Campaign on it, I don't think it's a big enough topic to fit with the present list. Who knows, perhaps in future?
Posted: 08-Jan-2013 08:18

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As the Indian Wars go, the Modoc War was something of an anomaly; notable as a precursor to the trench warfare of WWI and its unique setting and adversary, but that's it.

Not sure it deserves a full Campaign title.
Posted: 09-Jan-2013 01:14

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Total replies: 3