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Machine of the month


Warrior Mechanized Combat Vehicle 1987-94

This section vehicle has the standard British Army green and black camouflage scheme. It carries a yellow vehicle identification number, in this case a '33' in a circle, on the hull sides and on a plate mounted on the rear of the turret bustle cage. There is a red and yellow traffic hazard sign on each of the rear stowage bins and a warning in German has been added to the right hand bin. Apart from the cam net in the turret bustle cage the vehicle is devoid of any external stowage. The first unit in the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) to receive Warrior was 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards, who took delivery of their first vehicles in 1987 and became fully operational the following year. Until recently, all Warrior-equipped regiments were in BAOR but under 'Options for Change' there will also be two Warrior regiments based in the UK. For training purposes Warriors are also deployed to Canada at the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS).

Map of the month


The Battle of Forum Gallorum, according to Galba's account, 14 April 43 BC

Plane of the month


F-4E-33-MC 67-0210 of Maj P W Handley and 1Lt J J Smallwood, 58th TFS/432nd TRW, Udorn RTAB, 2 June 1972

This F-4E was delivered new to the 33rd TFW’s 4533rd TTS on 9 July 1968. It was reassigned to the 4531st TFW (ZF) at Homestead AFB on 13 August 1970, the wing being re-designated the 31st TFW (ZF) on 15 October 1970. Like most surviving USAF F-4Es, this aircraft received LES updates in 1974. Six years later, in August 1980, the jet finally moved to the 4th TFW (SJ), with whom it remained until being retired to AMARC on 18 September 1986. There were plans to recover the aircraft for display, but it was sold to Turkey in June 1987 before this could be done. Most recently serving with Konya-based 132 Filo, 67-0210 was withdrawn from use in October 2004.