Edward C. Harris


Dr. Edward C. Harris, MBE, JP, FSA is a well known Bermudian archaeologist. He is best-known for the ‘Harris matrix, developed in February 1973 and considered by some to be the industry standard for stratigraphic archaeology. He determined that the methods did not properly account for stratigraphy, and published his findings in 1979 as the Principles of Archaeological Stratigraphy. He holds academic degrees from Columbia University and the University of London and fellowships of the Society of Antiquaries of London and at the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University. In Bermuda, Harris serves as the long-time executive director of the National Museum of Bermuda (incorporating the Bermuda Maritime Museum –, and writes a history column, entitled ‘Heritage Matters’, for the local newspaper. He is a frequent contributor to the annual Bermuda Journal of Archaeology and Maritime History, and has served as its editor. He has also authored Pillars of the Bridge (1991) and Bermuda Forts 1612-1957 (1997). His prominence in Bermuda and his role at the National Museum will greatly assist in a wide distribution of this proposed Osprey book in Bermuda.

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