Russ Rodgers


Russ Rodgers is a military historian and former adjunct professor of history. A US Army veteran with service in armor, infantry, and military intelligence, Rodgers is considered a subject matter expert on insurgency movements and early Islamic warfare. He is a sought after speaker and has lectured in such diverse venues as the Worldwide Anti-Terrorism Conference, the NATO School in Germany, and to military personnel in the United States as well as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. He is the author of The Generalship of Muhammad: Battles and Campaigns of the Prophet of Allah, and Fundamentals of Islamic Asymmetric Warfare: A Documentary Analysis of the Principles of Muhammad, as well as numerous articles and essays. In addition to his major professional publications, Rodgers has written or edited over a dozen major historical reports for the U.S. Army, along with dozens of articles on various aspects of U.S. Army history. He has also conducted staff rides for both Army and foreign military personnel at a wide range of battlefields in both the United States and Europe. He continues to pursue fieldwork, engaging in ongoing research on early German castles and fortifications.

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