Shane Hensley



Shane Hensley is a writer, game designer, game store owner, publisher, novelist, computer game designer, business consultant, and entrepreneur. He has served as a lead on massively multiplayer online games such as City of Heroes / City of Villains and was an Executive Producer on such titles as Cryptic Studios’ Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter MMO RPG, Trion Worlds and Petroglyph’s End of Nations, and an unannounced triple-A MMO from Daybreak. Shane was also the Studio Head for Dust Devil (Zombie Pirates video game) and even a Deadlands MMO RPG (the parent company unfortunately went under due to other projects). Shane is best known for founding Pinnacle Entertainment Group, where he created Deadlands, The Great Rail Wars miniatures game, the Fields of Honor historical miniatures game, and the Savage Worlds game system. He has licensed his properties for television, books, comics, toys, and even other game systems. He is a frequent guest at conventions around the world and loves seeing the different way people play games in places such as Poland, Australia, Ireland, England, and more. Shane currently lives in Chandler, Arizona, where he loves to run in the hottest part of the day (some say he is part-lizard) and play games with his wonderful wife, Michelle, and their two sons, Caden and Ronan.

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