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Soviet Cruisers in World War II

In Western histories of the Second World War the Soviet Navy is often written off as all but irrelevant. With the Baltic Fleet bottled up near Leningrad for most of the war, the smaller Northern Fleet is often derided in the English-language literature for not playing the sort of role in the defence of Allied Arctic Convoys that the British Admiralty expected of it.

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The Wars of the Roses: The Medieval Art of Graham Turner

My passion for the Wars of the Roses – a passion that has now culminated in the publication of my book on the subject – began back in 1994, when a visit to Bosworth battlefield provided my epiphany and changed the course of my life and career. I had already been a professional artist for ten years, and begun to branch out into painting medieval subjects, but these early canvases were inspired by Arthurian legend rather than real history.

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Machine of the Month: The Destroyer USS Kidd

The early 1940s saw the introduction of a new destroyer class for the US Navy, which became known as the Fletcher-class. The first ships were commissioned just in time to take part in heavy combat during the Pacific War, and the excellent performance of the Fletcher-class enabled some refitted destroyers to serve in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

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A Timeline of Thermopylae

The Second Battle of Thermopylae, fought in 480 BC between the Achaemenid Persian army of Xerxes and the Greek coalition led by the Spartan king Leonidas, is legendary. Much less well known, however, are the 26 other combat actions fought in and around the pass, which date from before 480 BC all the way up to World War II.

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