Paleomythic is a roleplaying game of grim survival and mythical adventures in the land of Ancient Mu, a harsh prehistoric world full of mysterious ruins and temples to explore, huge and terrible creatures that roam and spread fear across the land, and nefarious mystics and sorcerers who plot dark schemes from the shadows. It is a world of biting cold winters, of people hunting and foraging to survive, and tribes that wage relentless war.

Taking on the roles of hunters, healers, warriors, soothsayers, and more, players will navigate a world of hostile tribes, otherworldly spirits, prehistoric beasts, and monstrous creatures lurking in the dark places of the world. Players have huge scope in sculpting the game experience that best suits them, whether it's a gritty survival story without a trace of the mystical or a tale of grand adventure and exploration in a mythic setting.

Table of Contents

Game Mechanics
Character Creation
Activities and Hazards
The People and Creatures of Ancient Mu
The World of Ancient Mu

Product details

Published 12 Dec 2019
Format Ebook (Epub)
Edition 1st
Extent 160
ISBN 9781472834805
Imprint Osprey Games
Series Osprey Roleplaying
Short code RPG
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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