World War II Tank Spotter's Guide

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World War II Tank Spotter's Guide

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A beautifully illustrated pocket guide to 40 of the most iconic World War II tanks.

From the rapid blitzkrieg assaults to the great battles in North Africa and desperate clashes on the Eastern Front, tanks played a vital role in World War II, becoming one of the key components of the 'combined arms' philosophy of warfare. But how well do you know the most famous and infamous tanks of the period, and how their speed, armour and armament compare? Which Soviet tank proved impervious to German firepower? Which stopgap design turned out to the one of the best-armed tanks of its day?

The World War II Tank Spotter's Guide answers all of these questions and more, providing essential information on 40 legendary tanks, such as the Panther, Sherman, and T-34. Featuring full-colour artwork to aid recognition, as well as all the details you need to compare their performance, this is the perfect pocket guide to the Allied and Axis tanks of World War II.

Table of Contents

The Char B1 bis
The Somua S 35
The Hotchkiss H39
The Panzer I
The Panzer II
The Panzer III
The Panzer 38(t)
The Panzer IV
The Sturmgeschütz III
The Tiger I Heavy Tank
The Panther Medium Tank
The Jagdpanther
The Tiger II/King Tiger Heavy Tank
The Jagdpanzer
The L 3/35 Light Tank
The M 11/M 13 Medium Tank
The M 14/41 Medium Tank
The Type 95 Ha-Go
The Type 97 Chi-Ha
The 7TP
The T-26
The BT Fast Tank
The KV-1 Heavy Tank
The T-34/76
The T-34/85
The IS-2
The Matilda Infantry Tank
The Valentine Infantry Tank
The Churchill Infantry Tank
The Crusader Cruiser Tank
The M3 Grant Medium Tank
The Sherman Firefly
The Cromwell Heavy Cruiser Tank
The Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower
The M3/M5 Stuart Light Tank
The M3 Lee Medium Tank
The M4 Sherman
The M26 Pershing
The Sherman DD Amphibious Tank
The M24 Chaffee Light Tank

Product details

Published 15 Aug 2024
Format Paperback
Edition 1st
Extent 128
ISBN 9781472866783
Imprint Osprey Publishing
Illustrations Fully illustrated in colour
Dimensions 130 x 190 mm
Series General Military
Short code GNM
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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