I'm back and annoying editorial by giving out some sneak-peaks at the upcoming Osprey artwork.

First up, Steven Noon provides this inspirational piece of a railroad gun from CAM 242: Metz 1944, due out in March 2012.

CAM 242 Plate 02

Long range barrages not your thing? Perfer the close-up action. Well, how about this plate depicting some of the tools of the trade for the Tunnel Rats by Brian Delf. This shot can be found in WAR 161: Tunnel Rat in Vietnam coming in February 2012.


WAR 161 Plate 6


Finally, as the weather here in England begins to turn cold, Johnny Shumate provides a snow tank charge from RAID 30: Red Christmas - The Tatsinskaya Airfield Raid 1942.

RAID 30-Battle 2