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Crescendo of Violence - Launch Day


 Crescendo of Violence header banner showing the cover art and the title next to an illustration of a man with a cybernetic arm using a holographic touch pad

Neo York is waiting for you - Crescendo of Violence: A Neon-Noir Roleplaying Game is out now!
Read on to find out more and order your copy today...

"Crescendo of Violence is a bit of a weird game. I’m no stranger to revisiting my past work, but this is less of a “second edition”, and more of a complete reimagining that uses an entirely new foundation based on a half-decade of game design learning. I’m thrilled the team at Osprey shared my vision for an entirely new mechanical framework in an attempt to help us tell new, exciting, and different stories. I hope the neon-washed streets of Neo York bring you hours of enjoyment, like they’ve brought me!"
- Alan Bahr

"In the introduction to the game, Alan describes Crescendo of Violence as “a jazz- and cinema-inspired roleplaying game that blends heroic bloodshed and neon-noir into an action-packed, high-octane, and improvisational wire- and gun-fu roleplaying experience set in a cybered-up retro-future dystopia” – and while that description may seem excessive, it’s also entirely true! All of these elements come together in Crescendo, blending themes and tones from the various genres and combining them with a straightforward system that puts the narrative first and foremost, keeps the tension dialled up, and the action moving fast!"
Philip Smith, Editorial Director, Osprey Games




2093, Neo York. A dystopian technological marvel, where concrete high-rises brim with holographic neon, as gilded mob bosses, flashy CEOs, and famous vid-stars all strive to consolidate their power over the masses. And while the rain reflects the neon, it never washes away the grime and filth of the streets.
Welcome to a world of synth-jazz and cybernetics, where the status quo grinds down the hard-working man and vat-grown clone alike. Whether you’re the redemption-seeking gangster, the one good cop in a corrupt system, or the gene-modded musician trying to make it big, you’ll be trying to get by in a city that just doesn’t care.

Epic fight scenes take centre stage in this game of stylised, high-octane bloodshed. Jump straight into the action with a unique ruleset designed to deliver a cinematic, neon-noir experience, as the spotlight focuses on the brutal showdowns that will define you – or leave you face-down in the dirt. So get ready to give them hell, as the sultry notes of the saxophone build into a crescendo of violence.


Crescendo of Violence is out now! Order your copy today. 


Crescendo of Violence footer banner with an illustration of a woman with a cybernetic arm firing two pistols while leaping mid-air, alongside the words: "An action-packed, high-octane, and improvisational gun-fu roleplaying experience set in a cybered-up retro-future dystopia"


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