Most Friday afternoons will see the editorial department struggling through our remaining tasks for the week whilst stuffing our faces with sugary treats. It's a bit of a tradition really, usually someone comes back from their lunch break and deposits a packet of biscuits or sweets on top of the bookcase in the middle of the department, and by the end of the day, it's all gone, and we all feel a little guilty, and like we need to go running... which got me thinking about biscuits through the ages, well the mind does easily wander at 3pm on a Friday. I remember as a child being taught about ships and sailors in the good old days, with their rickets and scurvy, and always being confused by the description of the ubiquitious sea biscuit, or hard tack. Biscuits have always been a nice treat, sweet-tasting, many varieties, the perfect accompaniment to tea, or squash; so giving the name 'biscuit' to such a horrid-sounding food-type was a bit beyond me, and that was even before the teacher explained weevils! Anyway for those of you wanting some inspiration for an afternoon snack, here's a sea biscuit recipe (sadly without the weevils) from the website of the Mariners' Museum. Personally I'm going to stick to the Hobnobs currently gracing the bookcase!