I may have been a bit premature in my last post about the unpopularity of military history as it seems to have been popping up all over the place. This week a copy of the first all-new Battler Britton comic appeared on my desk fresh from Wildstorm. Written by the great Garth Ennis and illustrated by Colin Wilson it turned out to be a fantastic read combining the best traditions of British war comics with a modern story featuring as many battles between the American and British pilots as with the enemy in the North African campaigns of 1942.

Flying Beaufighters, P-40s and Hurricanes against the Luftwaffe the men of the RAF and US Army Air Corps are brilliantly brought to life. Ennis writes the traditional dialogue \'just keep your grubby mitts to yourself!!\' so well it does not appear contrived or old fashioned. And Wilson delivers the action in the skies and on the ground with fantastic attention to detail.

Now when are they going to do the same for Union Jack Jackson?