You may have seen in the news last week that in a poll conducted on behalf of the United Kingdom National Defence Association [UKNDA] by ComRes Nelson was voted Britain\'s greatest ever military hero.

Now I have no problem with that, he demonstrated a physical disregard for danger and great mental bravery in leading his crews into battle at Cape St Vincent, The Nile, Copenhagen and Trafalgar. But when you go further down the list I start to struggle.

At number two is Montgomery who I think demonstrated the level of mental strength required for the list although an awful lot of the groundwork for El Alamein was laid by his predecessors and his record in Europe is not so clean.

At number three is the Duke of Wellington who I will have nothing said against. Physically brave, cool under fire, and with the mental strength to cope with distant political administrations, dodgy allies and over promoted underlings, the man should be second.

Fourth was Richard the Lionheart who despite being my favourite as a kid and physically brave was essentially a bloodthirsty maniac, so addicted to fighting that he left his country penniless.

Fifth on the list was Bomber Harris a controversial figure to say the least. You could debate the merits of his particular bombing strategy all day but could you call him a hero?

If you are to believe Shakespeare and Laurence Olivier then Henry V, the sixth on the list is heroic enough, personally I would have him a bit higher on the list.

At number seven is Lord Kitchener an excellent if ruthless soldier and administrator who will forever be associated with \'your country needs you\' and at number eight is the tragic Colonel \'H\' Jones who demonstrated extreme heroism if questionable military judgement.

All in all a mixed list notable for the military heroes it missed. Where is General Wolfe, Robert Clive, Duke of Marlborough, John Moore, Paddy Mayne, Boudicea, Leonard Cheshire or Edward III?

I would love to hear what YOU think about this - who do you think is Britain's greatest ever military hero? Do you agree with the list - is there someone we have forgotten? I have set up a forum post to collect all of your feedback - to comment visit here.