Need to mechanize your 1/72 or 20mm modern troops on the cheap? Try checking your local toy store. The problem with toy cars from a gaming perspective is that they lack scale. That is to say that all toy cars tend to be the same size, whether they depict a mini-cooper or an ambulance. However, in a lucky twist, when a humvee is done at toy car size, it is almost dead on 1/72 scale.

Hot Wheels currently produce a turtleback humvee that is almost exactly 1/72 scale (apart from the wheels which are a little large). Unfortunately, it is chrome so will need a paint job, but at £0.99 (not sure of U.S. prices, sorry) it is a great deal.

Matchbox currently has a “Hummer H2 SUV Concept,” which is a dead-ringer for a troop- carrying humvee. It is painted in snow-camo and also goes for £0.99.

Fast Lane, which is Toy R Us\'s own brand of toy cars includes a number of five-car military packs. One of these packs includes 2 humvees, one turtle back with a TOW missile-launcher, the other with some kind of ridiculously big triple rocket system. The rocket launcher can be removed to make it into a pick-up style humvee. These packs go for £4 each, but can often be found on sale 3-for-2. These humvees are slightly larger, but go well with 1/72 figures mounted on penny bases. They are painted a drab green. (See below for an example)

So far I've only 8 of them, but at this price, I'm bound to get more. If any of you guys have done the same thing, or know of similar wargaming bargains, I'd definitely be interested to hear about them. Might even put the best pics in a future post...