I can never resist reading random pages of our old newspapers as I bundle them up for recycling, because I always find something good that I missed. On the same day as my post went up about the story of Sgt Liepmann and his lovingly preserved letter from Aunt Pete, I came across its happy ending.

The story found its way to Sgt Liepmann\'s grandson Cecil in Houston, Texas and he has has revealed some great family history linking with the Pilgrim Fathers, the American Revolution, Vickers the great Victorian, Sheffield-based steel and armaments manufacturer, and Wrigley\'s gum - Morres Liepmann became a commercial artist between soldiering in World War I and serving in the USAF in World War II, and created the arrow that has featured ever since in Wrigley\'s product logos.


Congratulations to:

Stefan Witt in Germany, Ken Wilkinson, Tara McQuitty and Spencer Broadly in the UK and Eddy Robey in the USA who correctly answered the AEF question (John J Pershing) and will shortly be receiving their signed copies of BTO 6 The American Expeditionary Forces in World War I.