Simply put, it will be the rarest book that Osprey has ever produced. Bound in blue goatskin leather with pages trimmed in gold and protected in a slipcase, it will be the ultimate Osprey collectable.

The book is the Men-at-Arms: A Celebration Special Edition. Although the standard edition of the Celebration is a beautiful book in its own right, collecting over 200 of the best plates from the Men-At-Arms series in a huge hardback, we wanted to create something so special that it would be passed down through the generations.

These forty copies, each of which are signed by Martin Windrow and individually numbered, are currently being hand-bound in Trowbridge. One member of our production team recently went to check on them and brought back a few pictures.

Keep reading the blog to see how you can acquire this ultimate Osprey collectable.

Oh, and those little figures are silhouetted in 23 carat gold.

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