The quickest drive from Chicago north to Oshkosh, WI is the wide, straight state highway 41. It takes you past fields and farms, including an enormous wind farm--something I've never seen before. The EAA (Experimental Aviation Association) grounds are just past a bluff of trees across from the first car dealership you'll pass on your journey. The first thing you see on the grounds is a huge field filled with gigantic RVs and compact cars parked next to them. (In the US it is customary to tow a little Chevy or Jeep behind your RV since its difficult to drive to a restaurant in town in a 45 foot vehicle.) Past that is a little pond which fronts the road. In the distance is beyond this pond is a field where parked are dozens and dozens of colorful little private aircraft. Next to RVing, flying is the preferred means of transportation to the event. Beyond the plane parking lot is the lot for daytrippers like me in cars, trucks, and SUVs.

After you park your car, you walk your way up to the EAA Museum which has some fine examples of early planes, including a replica of the Wright Brothers Flyer. Then you pick up your ticket and get your map before being escorted onto a yellow school bus that winds its little way to the Emerald City beyond.

Here are the photos from my glorious day in Oshkosh.