2008 is the 40th Anniversary of Osprey in the UK and to celebrate this and our belief that military history as a publishing genre is in rude health and as valid today as it ever was, we have launched a campaign culminating in a party at the National Army Museum in November.

To do this we are looking for the brightest and best of our Osprey readers, to help us spread the word and to join us in November along with authors, illustrators, editors and Osprey friends. So, to participate in this project and for the chance to come to the party please email here if you can claim the following:

  • Do you think you have the largest collection of Ospreys around, is your living room full or have you had to buy a spinner to fit them in?
  • Has being an Osprey reader or military history enthusiast done something for you or changed your life in a significant way?
  • There is a cliché about military history enthusiasts (for which I tick several boxes) but do you buck the trend? Do people look politely surprised when you reveal a life-long passion for tanks?
  • Are you well-known in your particular circle or indeed the wider world and if you \'came out\' as an enthusiast would people be surprised?

We would love to hear from you and will invite the best responses to join us at our party in November, so please tell us your stories and we'll put up the best as well.