Avast you scurvy bilge rats. Well shiver me timbers me hearties, it be a fine morning and I am in the mood for a cup of grog! For it be Talk like a Pirate Day today see? Arrr ye can read about this here. Every 19th September, the ghostly voices of Blackbeard n\' Henry Morgan have been heard echoing from Davy Jones Locker and this year is not different. Join in you lazy dogs or feel the lick of the cat - if ye can't speak like me, click here for a guide on how to talk. If ye don\'t ye will walk the plank.

Ahoy me hearties, now ye be ready, have a gander at a great giant treasure of books on Pirates for all you landlubbers!

And for the sprogs out there, Pirates by John Matthews is a brilliant adventure book for any youngsters who have wanted to sail the high seas.

So get your eye patches, your pieces of eight, your wooden legs and Jolly Roger and join the gentlemen o' fortune!

Fifteen men on a dead man's chestYo ho ho and a bottle of rumDrink and the devil had done for the restYo ho ho and a bottle of rum!