As mentioned in my profile, I am a bit of a film fan - particularly war films. Whilst Hollywood\'s output seems to move in cycles with some genres falling out of favour (Westerns - where did they go?) and others becoming popular (biopics…who needs two films about Trueman Capote in one year?) the war film never seems to go out of fashion.

Picking out the best war movie is a tough assignment, and over the last few years a number of people have tried with varying degrees of success.

But, whilst I love the war film genre, I do feel there have been a few utter stinkers out there. Films that just don\'t do justice to the subject matter, or whose historical inaccuracies make you want to shout at the screen, throw popcorn and promptly storm out muttering something about a 1900s rifle being used in a movie set in the 1800s. For every great film like Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now, there is a terrible film like K-19 or Flyboys. Or, my personal worst ever war film - the horror that is Pearl Harbor.

I think it would be cruel not to warn the world about these atrocities. Let me know your top 3 worst war films - and why they have found their way into your list, so that we can at least let other war film fans know which movies to avoid like the plague!