Slitherine and Osprey are currently searching for good quality photographs of well-painted miniatures to be used along side the appropriate army lists in upcoming Field of Glory Companion books. If you've got the necessary painting and photography skills, why not send us a picture and have a chance to have your miniatures immortalized in print. You will of course be credited. The subjects for which we are currently seeking are listed below. Ideally, we are looking for a couple of picture for each subject, in either 28 or 15mm. Both individual miniatures and group shots will be considered.

Although there is no specific deadline for this, we will be filling up the spaces as soon as we find pictures we like, so get yours in soon.

Please send your submission here.

Please send pictures in 72dpi. If we would like to use your picture we will ask for a high-resolution version.

Army Lists for which we are currently seeking pictures:

Arab Conquest
Khurasanian Dynasties
Western Turkish
Early Bulgar
Early South Slav
Dailami Dynasties
Bedouin Dynasties
Later Bulgarian
Later Lithuanian
Later Polish
Catalan 1302 to 1388
Timarid/ Black sheep/ White Sheep