There was a time when “Pike and Shot” was one of the most popular periods in which to wargame. It\'s not surprising; The English Civil War was the last major war fought on English soil and its battlefields are littered about the country. And yet, over the last few decades “Pike and Shot” gaming has declined until it has become something of a rarity at shows and conventions.

However, I have a feeling that “Pike and Shot” is due for a renaissance! My first evidence for this comes from Renegade Miniatures. These guys produce the best-sculptured line of English Civil War Miniatures currently available. They are big, probably closer to 32mm than 28mm, but this extra height allows for a lot of really crisp detail. I've pasted a couple of photos below featuring Renegade ECW miniatures. And, although I wouldn\'t normally mention specific sales in the blog, the current Renegade offer on English Civil War is nothing short of amazing, 24 for figures less than £12!

For a lot of people a sale like that is enough to get them back into the period. However, a lot of new players are likely to join the “Pike and Shot” era later this year when Warlord Games releases their new plastic box sets which will allow players to assemble armies for either the English Civil War or the Thirty Years War.

Oh, and if you are looking for a rules set for all of that musketry, then you might be interested to know about Field of Glory: Renaissance Wars.