Another year, another fantastic time at Historicon but this year I was a bit special for a number of reasons not least because it was the last year at the Lancaster Host before the move to Baltimore. I must confess a fondness for the Host with its long winding corridors, hidden rooms, terrible air conditioning in the dealers hall and great bar but I\'m looking forward to the sights of Baltimore.

This year was also the twenty-fifth anniversary of the show and much celebrating was done. We were very pleased to do our bit by commissioning an original piece of Osprey art from Peter Dennis that has never been in a book before. The piece depicting the breaking of the French square at Garcia Hernandez adorned the t shirts and catalogues for the show and Peter very kindly gave us the original to auction off for charity on the stand. The eventual winner of this was Devin McKenzie who was very happy with his prize

We had a busy time at our stand on the balcony with Armies of the Napoleonic Wars being the most popular book but great interest shown in all our titles particularly the August titles. Thank you to all of you who dropped by to chat, share your title suggestions or even in one case show us the pictures of his shot-up helicopter in Vietnam.

There were some great games going on some of which were entered into the Best Use of an Osprey Campaign award. This was won despite some stiff competition by Marvin and Jamie Veeder with their Battle of Bunker Hill, 17 June 1775 for a great looking game being run with tremendous enthusiasm and flair.

Was it just my imagination or was there a lot more kids around this year? Certainly there were a few having fun dressed as Cowboys and Indians in Peter Panzeri\'s Little Kids… Big Horn.

We were also very pleased to pick up an award at the show for Roman Battle Tactics by Ross Cowan which won Historical Reference Product of the Year at the show.

The show was finished off in fine style with a night in the bar Saturday where the Host was properly toasted goodbye!

present that prize

work that stand