It is that time of the month again where I reveal to you the massive list of titles that we have reprinted and brought back into stock for you. And just to add a bit of flavour you will be pleased to see a bumper list of reprinted New Vanguard titles - just in time for our 30% off offer on all New Vanguards this month!

So here we go!

Aircraft of the Aces 16 Spitfire Mark V Aces 1941-45

Aircraft of the Aces 55 P-40 Warhawk Aces of the Pacific

Elite 39 The Ancient Assyrians

Elite 128 Samurai Commanders (2)

Elite 170 Special Operations Forces: Iraq

Essential Histories 058 The English Civil War (US ONLY)

Men-at-Arms 068 Napoleon's Line Chasseurs

Men-at-Arms 083 Napoleon's Guard Cavalry

Men-at-Arms 113 The Armies of Agincourt

Men-at-Arms 125 The Armies of Islam 7th-11th Centuries

Men-at-Arms 146 Napoleon's Light Infantry

Men-at-Arms 161 The Spanish Foreign Legion

Men-at-Arms 165 Armies in Lebanon 1982-1984

Men-at-Arms 169 Resistance Warfare 1940-45

Men-at-Arms 183 Modern African Wars (1) Rhodesia

Men-at-Arms 305 Russian Civil War (2) White Armies

Men-at-Arms 312 The Algerian War 1954-62

Men-at-Arms 318 The French Army 1939-45 (2)

Men-at-Arms 320 Armies of the Caliphates 862-1098

Men-at-Arms 367 Medieval Russian Armies 1250-1500

Men-at-Arms 382 Wellington's Peninsula Regiments (1) The Irish

Men-at-Arms 405 Napoleons Carabiniers

Men-at-Arms 430 The Confederate Army (3) Louisiana and Texas

Modelling 028 Modelling the Tiger Tank in 1/72 scale

New Vanguard 4 Churchill Infantry Tank

New Vanguard 23 Challenger Main Battle Tank 1982-1997

New Vanguard 25 SdKfz 251 Half-Track 1939-45

New Vanguard 28 Panzerkampfwagen IV Medium Tank

New Vanguard 66 Napoleon\'s Guns (1) 1792-1815

New Vanguard 69 Medieval Siege Weapons (2)

New Vanguard 77 M24 Chaffee Light Tank

New Vanguard 78 Greek & Roman Siege Machinery

New Vanguard 81 German Heavy Cruisers 1939-45

New Vanguard 82 V2 Ballistic Missile 1942-52

New Vanguard 83 Armoured Units of the Russian Civil War

New Vanguard 123 Swimming Shermans

Warrior 12 German Stormtrooper 1914-18

Warrior 14 Zulu 1816-1906

Warrior 22 Imperial Guardsman 1799-1815

Warrior 23 US Marine Rifleman in Vietnam

Warrior 102 The Hitler Youth 1933-45

Hope there is something in there for you! Until next time...