Phew! It has been a busy month for our Production and Design team who have turned around not just one, but two sets of reprints this month. Admittedly this second batch of reprints is not as extensive as the last batch - but there are still some great titles in the mix, including a number of titles that have been requested on numerous occasions.

Personally I am most excited about the reprinting of Men-at-Arms 115: Flags of the Napoleonic Wars (3) - not because I am overly interested in Napoleonic flags, but because this book, first published in 1984, has the longest full title in the whole Osprey catalogue, and has to be up there as one of the longest titled books in the world. It's full title, in its entirety is the rather unassuming:

Men-at-Arms 115 Flags of the Napoleonic Wars (3) Colours, Standards and Guidons of Anhalt, Kleve-Berg, Brunswick, Denmark, Finland, Hanover, Hesse, The Netherlands, Mecklenburg, Nassau, Portugal, Reuss, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & Westphalia

That aside, there is a great range of books back in stock this month, hopefully you will find something that you have been looking for!

Combat Aircraft 56: US Marine and RAAF Hornet Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Elite 109: The British Home Front 1939-45

Men-at-Arms 76: Napoleons Hussars

Men-at-Arms 78: Flags of the Napoleonic Wars (2)

Men-at-Arms 100: Women at War 1939-45

Men-at-Arms 115: Flags of the Napoleonic Wars (3)

Men-at-Arms 142: Partizan Warfare 1941-45

Men-at-Arms 182: British Battle Insignia (1)

Men-at-Arms 187: British Battle Insignia (2)

Men-at-Arms 198:The British Army on Campaign (3) 1856-81

Men-at-Arms 300 French Foreign Legion

Men-at-Arms 388 Zulu War - Volunteers, Irregulars and Auxiliaries

New Vanguard 16 Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank 1965-95