I had a massive response to my last post about what books had been reprinted and were now back in stock.l would like to say a big thank you to all the people who emailed me about the list, and I am sorry it has taken us so long to get this up and running on a regular basis.  It will now become a monthly feature, which we will also announce in our newsletters, so you will always be able to keep in touch with what is back in stock, as soon as it is back in stock.

Back in stock this month

Aircraft of the Aces 10: Hellcat Aces of World War 2

Aircraft of the Aces 33: Nieuport Aces of World War 1

Aircraft of the Aces 44: Gloster Gladiator Aces

Aircraft of the Aces 60: Israeli F-4 Phantom II Aces

Battle Orders 31: The Royal Navy 1793-1815

Campaign 16: Kursk 1943

Campaign 32: Antietam 1862

Campaign 67 Saratoga 1777

Campaign 90: Vimeiro 1808

Campaign 143: Caen 1944

Campaign 148: Operation Barbarossa 1941 (2)

Campaign 149: Falaise 1944

Duel 2: Sherman Firefly vs Tiger

Elite 164: British Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792-1815

Elite 84: World War I Trench Warfare (2)

Essential Histories 19: The Hundred Years\' War

Essential Histories 29: The Thirty Years' War 1618-1648

Essential Histories 38: The Vietnam War 1956-1975

Essential Histories 49: The Suez Crisis 1956

Fortress 9: English Civil War Fortifications 1642-51

Men-at-Arms 125: The Armies of Islam 7th-11th Centuries

Men-at-Arms 305: The Russian Civil War (2)

Men-at-Arms 421: The Sikh Army 1799-1849

Men-at-Arms 424: The Chinese Army 1937-49

Osprey Modelling 38: Modelling the Late Panzerkampfwagen IV

Warrior 2: Waffen-SS Soldier 1940-45

Warrior 91: Knight Templar 1120-1312

Warrior 123: Soviet Rifleman 1941-45

Back in stock (excluding USA and Canada)

Aviation Elite Units 6: Jagdgeschwader 54 'Grünherz'

New Vanguard 77: M24 Chaffee Light Tank 1943-85