Thank you all for the comments and your appreciation of the post on Future Titles - it took a little while to put together!

I will do my best to answer your queries and comments as best I can. Here goes.

On future titles as you can imagine there are a wide range of opinions to take into account, not just within the company but also those of potential authors and illustrators. Imagine fifteen Osprey readers in a room. Do you think any would agree on a list of ten titles we should do? Well it is a bit like that. We debate, argue and sift over future titles from many different perspectives and preferences until we get agreement. And we all like to bring your feedback with us whether it be from shows, the forums, blog comments, book-sellers or TMP. I like to think that titles we should do somehow rise to the surface as they get mentioned again and again, hence my latest bugbear has become Fallen Timbers. It has been mentioned too many times to be ignored!

You are right. Fortress is not the biggest selling series we have but it does cover an important aspect of military history. Titles for 2010 include Ancient Israel, Strongholds of the Picts, the Forts on the Great Lakes, Spanish Forts in North America, Ottoman Forts, Colditz, Egypt and the defence of Japan. I hope that helps whet your appetites.

Napoleonics. As ever I\'m convinced they are on the way back. I think the success of Armies of the Napoleonic Wars has demonstrated that. I just need to convince a few more people…

Great idea Jo Jo Dog. To be honest we\'ve had a few people suggest it. There are plenty of plans out there for operations that never happened and covering what might have happened and the impact it might have had is fascinating. What would you like to see in that book? Primarily a concentration on the plans? Or a feasibility study? Or some speculation as to what might have happened if they had come off? Operation Sealion equals game over for the British etc.

And Deankal you are right to point out the proliferation of series. Unfortunately we keep thinking of new ones. In reality a lot of our older series are reaching the end of their lives, although we do keep finding new topics to do. Inevitably as we publish fewer books covering those we find new ways to cover military history. I think our newest series Duel, Raid, Command and Weapon will or have work very well as new treatments of the subjects we love but we are very aware that we don't want to end up 'jumping the shark'!