Every now and then we like to try something a little different. Last year it was the hugely popular Men-at-Arms Celebration. This year our departure from our usual book publishing programme came in the form of Battle: The Osprey Postcard Collection.

I had the honour of choosing which battlescenes appeared on the 40 postcards in the collection - and it was great fun - but I was stunned to hear that a month before these officially go on sale, we only have 200 left in stock in the UK!

In between brisk pre-orders online and advance orders from bookstores, we have already nearly sold out of these, so if you are after a copy, you had better hurry - before these go out of stock!

We are already looking at rushing out a reprint of these to cope with the massive demand, and have been toying with the possibility of producing a sequel in the near future - but I will post more about that as soon as I know more!