Hollywood is all about rebooting characters at the minute. Batman got a reboot. Then the reboot got a sequel which became one of the most successful films of all time. Bond has been rebooted - the humour and gadgets are gone and replaced by gritty punchy seat of your pants action. Which went on to spawn another film. Star Trek has been rebooted, even Wolverine has been rebooted in a way.

So, I feel myself asking "Is it time to reboot the war film?". Now I don't mean totally revamp the whole genre, but go back and look at stories / characters / battles that have been done in the past and bring them back to life (with the benefit of new special effects etc). A prime example of this would have to be Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series. With its limited budget, I think Sharpe did great things for the military history genre. And the fact that Sean Bean keeps on going back despite moving on to bigger and better things shows just how it is respected for what it has achieved. But, trying to stage the battle of Waterloo with 25 men and 5 horses just doesn't quite cut it.

Is it time for a big Sharpe Hollywood remake? Or, what about those classic war films - even the oldies, in black and white, all had great plots, but were let down by their special effects or lack there of, surely a remake of one of these, with the full digital treatment would make for a fantastic cinematical experience? My only worry is that, in general, when Hollywood goes back to try and remake a film it tends to... destroy it. So when Peter Jackson announces that he is going to remake the Dambusters I can't help but feel a little nervous. But assuming that Hollywood doesn't destroy them, here is my top ten films just begging to be re-made - let me know what you would like to see!

Top 10 films that ought to be remade
Battle of Britain
The Longest Day
We Dive at Dawn
All quiet on the Western Front
Tora! Tora! Tora!
The Charge of the Light Brigade
The Cruel Sea
The Dambusters

This is a list of films that I think would be awesome if redone with the benefit of special effects - but, I hasten to add that many of these films remain fantastic as they are...and Pearl Harbor proved that special effects don't always result in a good film - but I would love to know what you think - are there any war films out there that you think should be remade?